Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Hey watermelons!
(lol it's kinda hot these days my head keep thinking about sucking watermelon to cool down the body XD )

Finally, I get to try this awesome CC cream from Kosé Sekkisei that I always wanted to! If you missed anything about this brand here, a brief info on previous post regarding this fave beauty brand of mine!

Big shout out to Kosé for sending these babies to me, I'm so over the moon! Besides loving how oriental and classy the packagings are, I always love the scents they are formulated with. It's very Johnson baby powder-like to me! lol

Before I miss this out, the Kosé Sekkisei Emulsion that I received along wears a LE packaging with my fave sakura flowers on! Hearts everywhere!

I used to be a hardcore fan of BB creams (am still do) before the cushion trend hit all over beauty markets, making me stick to cushion-typed makeup most of the time because they're very convenient. Yet CC creams (I mean the "not so cushion" ones lel) never lost their places to my preference, I love them as well. They're very lightweight and gives me the most natural look when I'm not feeling like going out looking like a fab bitch (LOL)

While BB means "Blemish Balm" (I'm sure almost all girls know this) CC means "Color Correct". The name itself is self-explanatory, it corrects the skin tone by evening them out and it helps with the redness. CC cream is not for a full coveraged makeup, just enough for a very quick light and natural look. I prefer to use foundation better if I'm going for that "bitch I'm fab" look (LOL again)

Kosé Sekkisei brand was invented to bring women's dream of having a snow white's fair skin into reality so you can relate it to their White CC cream, it's here to help you achieving that glowing fair and healthy looking skin, in the most natural way without looking heavy.

Comes in a fairly moderate sized tube with a pump so rest assured hygiene freaks haha, it make it easy to control the amount of usage. Another thing that I love about this CC cream is it has SPF50+/PA++++, pls find yourself in an amazement now lol
It contains UV filter(s) like Titanium Dioxide, Octinoxate, Tinosorb M, Uvinul A Plus & Tinosorbs. How protective do you think a CC cream can be against the damaging UV rays?! //rubs eyes.

I don't really have that many flaws I wanna hide on my skin, just combating with some redness that I hate to see on so this CC cream is perfect for it. My skin is rather thin that almost all veins under my epidermis layer are slightly visible to sight, and it's not something freaky to see my face getting flushed most of the time.

All I need on the day I'm not wearing any makeup is something light with a "no-makeup finish" with an ability to cover up discoloration my skin have a.k.a flush & redness on the go.

Talking about skin pampering while giving that soft-focus effect that blurs out imperfections, this brightening Japanese CC cream has all 5 goodness (oriental herbs) combined together namely Job's Tears Seed Ferment Filtrate, Angelica Acutiloba Root Extract, Melothria Heterophylla Root Extract, Rose (Rosa Multiflora) Extract & Rehmannia Root Extract. According to my concern with my dry skin, I don't fancy matte finish much and not only this brightens up the complexion, it also helps with the moisture. My skin looks dewy whenever I wear this on.

Comes with 2 shades, 01 & 02, mine is the latter (Ochre) and the shade is the standard shade for Japanese/Asian women.

I used a very thin layer of Kosé Sekkisei White CC Cream here equal to one pump only and look at the result! Noticed the difference rite? My bare skin is slightly reddish. 

For even more perfect and bright complexion, use Kosé Sekkisei in the following order Lotion (refreshing toner) > Emulsion > White CC Cream. You can find out more about their star product, Kosé Sekkisei Lotion and Kosé Sekkisei Emulsion on my previous post about them.

Products mentioned in this post:

  • Kosé Sekkisei White CC Cream 26mL/30g - RM120 (±)
  • Kosé Sekkisei Emulsion 70mL - RM70 (±)

Thank you so much again Kosé Malaysia for the gifts! //flying kisses. For more info, kindly visit KOSÉ MALAYSIA or seek them straight at their counters (available in Parkson, Metrojaya and almost all over Malaysia)

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 22 July 2016

Hey guys! 

Too many things going on in my life currently, so I didn't update my blog so often like before, when too many things happening and you don't have too much time for blogging and hobby anymore lol

Gomene~ >____<

That aside, you must have heard about Althea rite coz I always write about them here, it's my favourite website to shop for Asian branded cosmetics (Korean obviously)! I love the website because all things are sent out directly from Korea, and the prices are unbeatable!

It has been a year since I first introduced to Althea, and I can't believe that Althea has grew this big in just A YEAR! So happy for them, and you should be happy too coz I'm gonna tell something that can make you girls love and scream for Althea even more! Just keep reading! 

That happy face receiving my beauty stuff from Althea tgt with their super cute bithday party kits! it took 6 days only to get to me and that kinda fast, coz I used to wait so much longer than that before depending on what area I'm staying at, but so far not longer than 2 weeks for sure. 

I love everything! Gosh you know when you're too damn excited and you can't describe it using words, that's what going on inside of me rite now lol! 

Here come the best birthday shout out when you splurge from Althea on their birthday month starting from now on until 31st July 2016! 

Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit
 Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers (Full size beauty products)
Birthday Giveaway
Stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea by joining the "#AltheaTurns1" Instagram Contest (20th July - 15th August, 2016) Shop and receive Althea party kits and wish Althea a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 hashtag! 

Do check out @altheakr on Instagram for more amazing birthday specials! 

Birthday special...beginsss!! Forget not your #AltheaTurns1 beauty battle lol! and 생일 축하합니다 Althea! ^____^

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hi fellow friends! omg!

*blowing away all dust* 

How long has it been? Since I first started my studies again for my degree, I left this blog for almost 4 months! *cries* I'm so sorry, I wanna write a lot of things but my time and schedules did't allow me anymore...*sobss hard* what a pity, I kinda regret taking art and design now but oh well.

Anyway to appreciate this special come-back-from-the-dead, I decided to do one blog post for Raya 2016 makeup. First thought was to make a video but wow, that's kinda too professional for the rookie me coz I never made one before. I shall learn how to do that later, slowly haha.

If you haven't checked Althea Glam Eid Collection 2016 on their website yet (, go now!
A lot of good gems to choose from and goshhh, I'm swooning over the Witch's Pouch brand!

Makeup that I bought are:

W.Lab Blossom White Cushion in 21 Blossom Light
Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher in 04 Indi Violet
Witch's Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment in 01 Like That
Witch's Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick in 03 Soft Coral & Red
Blingsome Dual Eyebrow Tint in Dark Brown
Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in 01

Alright shall we start now?
And be prepared with a full and fast internet data, this post gonna load a lot of photos lol,
later you don't fly kick me for not telling haha!

First of all, excuse my ugly naked face (lol). Tell me about it, I'm always impressed with how cushion works, easy to use and one or two light layers can already achieve what you want namely flawless skin. Forget about concealers, sometimes cushion can do better!

Got mine in shade 21, which is not too ghostly white irl and not too dark for my skin. It's a wee bit matte but still good for my dry skin, anyway, LOVE IT!

Move on to the eyes.

1. Stick a selefon tape at the outer corner of your eyes so when you draw an eyeliner later it'll make a triangle to create a half fishtail.

For the fishtail-like line, I used this, brown pencil liner from Dolly Wink.

2. That's how you make it looks like a fishtail. Just fill in the blank of the triangle shape I drew on photo no. 1 after you put on a selefon tape.

3. Forget not your eye puffs. It'll not considered as a cute eye makeup without puffy eyes okay haha, this one I used the Bling Bling Eyestick in 01 from Etude House.

4. This is the important part that plays a big role for this eye makeup. Look at photo below, I used this.

The Witch's Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment. This is not an eyeshadow but rather a sparkle flakes. You can use this on your eyelids or as a highlighter or luminizer, it works wonder and yes the flakes is really pigmented! Just as you can see, I skipped eyeshadow for this look and just use this instead and damn head over heels love it!

Tap your eyeshadow brush over the flakes and using the brush smudge it all over your eyelids, make the fishtail line you made earlier as a borderline.

5. Don't forget your eyebrow, cute makeup needs a straight and slightly thick eyebrow for the innocent look! 

This is what I used, first make a few stroke using the brow tattoo pen (the one in a brush) following the shape of your eyebrow but make it a bit straight which means filling in the blank of your brow arch is needed before moving on and use the brow mascara next. You don't need a lot of layers, just make it smooth and brush off a lil bit using a different clean eyebrow brush to smoothen the look.

And tada~
Now you're safe to go on the next step!

*Swipe off the excess of the sparkle flakes that fall over the cheeks or your face using a big fluffy brush before applying blush*

 Remember, cute makeup doesn't need too much blusher, and that's the reason I chose this shade from Witch's Pouch Love Me Blusher, in 04 Indi Violet. The point of the blush effect is on the apples of your cheeks.

Don't skip the light contouring for your nose girls, the use of Etude Bling Bling Eyestick is two in one! you can also use it as a highlighter to create a taller nose bridge!

Featuring this baby below for the contouring on both sides of your nose

I lined both sides of my nose using KATE Tokyo Dual Liner and blend it to the side, and afterwards apply one stroke of the Bling Bling Eyestick on the nose bridge. Don't forget to apply it above your lips too to give a little bit more definition to your face and lips.

Next step is to put on the eyeliner and mascara (I skipped the falsies to make it simple). The eyeliner and mascara are both from Dolly Wink. Now can you see the fishtail effect at the corner of the eyes? Isn't it simple to achieve this look?

 Last but not least, the lips! Oh gosh!! I love this Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick from Witch's Pouch! It's creamy and moisturizing and the effect it gives is awesome! If you love the gradient lips you often seen on K-pop girls, you gotta love this I kid you not! It's too pretty and sooo easy to apply!

 Now I present you my simple but cute sparkle fishtail eye makeup look for Raya 2016, it's indeed very simple and easy to achieve but the look is splendid irl! Feel free to follow this simple tutorial from me if you love the look!

And don't forget to visit Althea Malaysia ( for their special Eid 2016 Glam Collection!

I guess I'm saying goodbye, got a tonnes of assignment to face for now!
It's not everyday I give some gedik wink, so abaikan if you feel like puking the feast from your buka puasa anw (Hahahahaha!)

Talk to you guys again on my next post!
Happy Ramadhan and Happy Eid in advance!

-Jia Jia-

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Hello fellow Cinderellas!

Cinderella?? well because you decided to read this, it means that you're ready to toss away your dream on being a Cinderella with a fair skin, because the real Cinderella is actually lies within you!

First all all let me shout out my huge gratitude to KOSÉ because they sent me this giant and lovely box containing KOSÉ SEKKISEI trial kit and an overflowing numbers of pink and white balloons! I was swooning over the beautiful and kawaii presented surprise the moment I opened it! Thank you so much KOSÉ for being so romantic, if only I have a boyfriend this romantic wtf hahaha! #foreveralonesobss *slap self////*

Aside, I've uploaded an unboxing video on both my Instagram and FB, bet you guys already seen that so I don't think I'll put it here again (plus the video was filmed unplanned and unready so it seems kinda pathetic lel) anyway this is how it looks like inside :

Oh goshhh hold me breathh! *swoon~~*

Isn't this toooo lovely to comprehend? *swoon again~~*

The trial kit that was sent out to us bloggers comes in 2 designs, Kimono Setsuko and City Chick Setsuko. Yeah I know, who the hell is Setsuko rite? Setsuko is actually a cartoon icon owned by this brand, a fun loving and bubbly character which is loved by Japanese SEKKISEI fans. Her name means "Little Snow" in Japanese and this is what the brand's pointing up, to bring a snow-white skin to women all around!

As you can see I got the Kimono Setsuko and I'm so darn love it! She's so cute isn't she! Plus I love Kimono and Sakura because it's a mirror of a pure Japanese culture, so KOSÉ made a right decision of sending me the trial kit in this design, it's literally win me all over!

1. Kimono Setsuko Trial Kit

2. City Chick Setsuko Trial Kit

It's been for over 30 years that KOSÉ SEKKISEI bestowing translucency to women's skin. To be well established in such long period and still held strong up to this point, there's no way that KOSÉ SEKKISEI's effectiveness is a joke. The strongest commitment of this brand is to give a bright, translucent and glowing skin. This brand harness the power of Oriental Herb extracts, which are carefully-selected from about 100 different plants, a trio of oriental plants included Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica creates a harmonious and skin-loving formula that gives women brighter, even-toned and moisturized skin.  

This year KOSÉ SEKKISEI's paying off your love by releasing a trial set (which is a steal for only RM99 - of course GST included!) that consists of their top raved about star products which includes the following :

  • Exclusive Setsuko pouch (Kimono | City Chic)
  • Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (20ml)
  • Sekkisei Lotion (100ml)
  • Sekkisei Emulsion (70ml)
  • Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask (10ml)
  • Included with 3pcs of Bihadagoyomi Mask

Exactly like this

I spent the whole night owl-ing just to make this cute and slacker-friendly "How To" pictorial on SEKKISEI products that came in the trial kit for a quick brief, just in case if you hate scrolling down on some boring plain words this might catch your eyes and a bit entertaining I guess? So please don't make this effort of mine go waste and scroll down to have a good view on them.


1. SEKKISEI White Liquid Wash (140ml, RM131.40)

Formulated with Taurine which makes an efficient and delicate cleansing agents that leaves skin clean and well hydrated, together with Rubus Suavissmus Extract which enhances skin dullness and soothes UV damage. The consistency is super runny and liquidy, yet it forms a fine foam that cleanses pores thoroughly. I personally love its subtle and baby products-like scent. Reminds me of Johnson Baby Powder for some reason lol! It doesn't strip away the moisture, so as much as retaining it. Their packaging are also one of the most classiest one I've ever seen, truly fell for their glass-like blue bottle with a white kanji writting "雪肌精" and it's romanization "SEKKISEI" on each of them which carry the meaning of "Bright & Translucent" in Japanese. 

2. SEKKISEI Lotion (200ml, RM180.20 | 360ml, RM275.60) 

SEKKISEI Lotion can either be used as a mask or toner. If you're using it as a toner, just pour an adequate amount on cotton pad and pat all over face avoiding eye area. Frankly I love to use it as a mask because it gives a 10x better hydration. This is one of the SEKKISEI bestseller and that awards it as a Star Product! The star ingredients are extracts of Chinese Pearl Barley, Melothria Heterophylla, Angelica and Licorice as well as Germ Oil and Vitamin E acetate. This lotion balance out skin's moisture level, prevent dullness and soothes away redness and skin discomfort.

KOS‎É Beauty Tips : Pour the lotion in the cap to the fullest level, and drop the tablet into it. Let it absorb the lotion and puffs up and place it on the face between 5-10 minutes for a 10x quick hydration boost.

Extra Note : It carries alcohol content, not sure about you guys but tbh I don't fancy much its alcoholic scent when I use it on my skin, tho I love the result so much. Even alcohol has a pros and cons, alcohol is said to be drying out and damaging the skin cells (based on their concentration) albeit it's an actually a reliable agent to kill acne and bacteria forming in your skin. I did not find that this stripping away my skin moisture although I'm a dry skin typed, in fact it's very moisturizing and made my skin look brighter especially when I use it as a mask (boggles my mind on how did they do that while containing alcohol). Looking at its status as a Star Product and its stellar performance, I will overlook its alcohol content and carry on. After all this is not the only product I've used that contains alcohol, we've plenty of them including in some of our makeups and etc. Up to your preferences but I'm ok with it as long as it doesn't treat my skin harsh, so yeah I'll just love it for what it did on my skin!

3. SEKKISEI Emulsion (140ml, RM191.80)

This moisturizer delves quickly and deep into the skin preventing freckles, dark spots and dryness. Contains Inula Britanica Flower, Chinese Pearl Barley, Paeonia Albiflora Root, Melothria Heterophylla and Angelica to bless you with a more translucent complexion. Pump 1-2 drops on a cotton pad and sweep over skin. Initially, I used it in a wrong way (lol shame on me), I pumped it onto my palm and tapped all over my face because the emulsion looks milky in texture and I thought that it's not suitable to be applied using cotton pad but this is not the accurate way that SEKKISEI designed for this emulsion. You need to apply it on your skin using a cotton pad, which gives far better absorption to the skin. 

Extra Note : Contains alcohol as well however the scent is a little bit subtle and mild compared to SEKKISEI Lotion. It moisturizes my skin very well. Hence, though it contains alcohol it's not really a pull back for me and again I'll leave it up to your preferences whether to go for it or not but I'm ok with this, it does not dry out my skin, makes my complexion looks dewy and brighter and I love it for that.

4. SEKKISEI Clear Whitening Mask (80g, RM94.30)

One of the gentlest peel-off mask I ever tried, it removes dullness and dead skin cells, along with the blackheads! Surprisingly it even brightened up my skin at the same time! The ingredients are Chinese Quince extract that works by inhibits sebum production and control excessive oil, while a blend of oriental plant extracts deliver supreme whitening benefits. Specially formulated with Nano-sized black powder to allow the mask to spread effortlessly. I love scent and the feeling of its cooling sensation once applied on skin. I don't use it for my entire face though, only on my T-zone area where is the most stubborn area with more sebum secretion (saving the amount because this trial tube is really tiny so I need to at least make it worth for several applications). It's sticky but It'll become stretchy once it dries up and that's a time to peel it off and look at how much blackheads it can catch!

I've tried KOSÉ SEKKISEI before like 2 years back, and never restocked after they were all finished. More and more new and multitude skincare brands raining down our market and that eventually made me forget about KOSÉ with a pile of other brands to try in my hands. I'm glad KOSÉ sent me this trial kit. Bringing back the memories I had with them and the fact that they are one of my favorite Japanese skincare brands. It's been only two weeks, yet my complexion is even more brighter than before (I did't really notice it but my hairdresser told me so yeah) - Take note that it does not "whiten" but only "brighten" up complexion by diminishing dark spots & pigmentation and gives a translucency to your skin. Get your hands on this cute trial kit packed with 4 most loved SEKKISEI products, together with 3pcs of Bihadagoyomi Mask as a complimentary at KOSÉ counters with only RM99! Exclusively in 2 designs (Kimono Setsuko & City Chick Setsuko) to choose from.

If you ask me to pick between an "ikemen" (good-looking) boyfriend or this KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion, I'll choose KOSÉ SEKKISEI Lotion first harharhar! (wtf lol)!

Kindly visit them for more :


"Forget about your dream on being a Cinderella, Because you can be the one with KOSÉ"

Forever Radiant, Forever You - By KOSÉ

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 26 February 2016

Hey my kawaii peepers!

So the story goes like this. I was chosen as one of the finalists for the 3Bskin Brand Ambassador Search after entering this search with some other fellow bloggers. There are only 25 of us in total and because of that us, the finalists and the other official bloggers chosen for the review campaign were sent out with 3Bskin products in a full sized to try out. Thanks 3Bskin for the experience and opportunity given, it was such a golden one for the plain me!

Countless hearts thrown at this Water Splash Hydrating Jelly Mask! Because I'm a super dry skin holder this is like a godsent savior! Scroll down because I'll be showing you guys the details of this and the rest!

I think the packagings are quite simple yet they attracts. Simple and adorable in their own way!


I love the scent so much! (so like me rite haha), to describe it in detail would be tricky because I'm simply just sucks at shedding a light on things lol. But it's a pleasant one, not hurting my nose with a prickly smell like some other toners would and does not dry up my skin! Normally toner's made for people with an oily or combination skin but this is suitable for all types of skin because of its moisturizing effect. It's also helps in balancing the oil and pores minimizing. You oughta use this each time after facial cleansing, spray or dampen on a piece of cotton pad or wool and gently pat on face.

Contain no alcohol (that's explains why it doesn't prick your nose!) and rich in moisturizing properties such as Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract to repair the skin for the better skincare absorption on products that follows. I normally use this for my night skincare routine and after wake up in the morning the skin feel so fresh and good!


Seldom use serum in my skincare regime tbh, but this is somehow come in handy to replace my moisturizer in quick, plus the size is really travel-friendly. 1-2 drops on palm, rub both your hands together and pat all over the face and done. Comes in a ampoule styled glass bottle and it looks gel-ish in consistency once you drop the product onto your palm but it will turn into a watery form once you rub it with the other palm. This feel light on skin and it doesn't clog your pores. Almost scentless and it contains HA, Olive Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to stock the moisture in your skin, while providing an enough moisture your skin need, it also works by minimizing the pores and curbing acne.


Among all of the 3 products sent to me this is my fave! This Jelly Mask is reminiscent of Annie's Way Jelly Mask in the way it's packaged as well as the product itself, I'm also still using the mask sometimes. Anyhow this one is a little bit on the other way around as it yields a cooling minty kind of sensation and it also goes to the scent too. I really like how it feels on skin every time I slap it on. Besides, it's also very moisturizing, I normally will leave it on my face for the whole night. Otherwise you can also rinse it off after 20 minutes if you don't think it's going to be comfortable for you to leave it overnight, but personally I prefer to pack it on before going straight to the bed, leave it on the whole night and snug as a bug in a rug while sleeping. Immediately upon rinse off in the next morning my skin couldn't feel any better and fresher than this!

This is a water based jelly mask that contains Aloe Barbadensis, Chamomile Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Lecithin, Natural Bearberry Leave extract and Tocopheryl Acetate to give a boost, repair and retain the water in your skin keeping it moist and well hydrated after using them.

Visit here if you want to know more about this brand. It's just hit our market since the early of Feb this year, formulated in France and manufactured in Malaysia. For more, you can also kindly refer to their page below.

Thank you so much guys for the support and thanks 3Bskin for having me as one of the media partners and for the opportunity given in 3Bskin Brand Ambassador Search. Don't forget to check them out later okay!

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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