Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hi, handsome and pretty readers!

How was the part 1? did it helped you? Oh, you are a Psychocentric type?
Nevermind, in this post i will reveal everything about this psychocentric travel traits with the tips.

Psychocentric Type

This type of travel trait really is not an adventurous traveller, they are more tend to travel by returning to the same place they have ever visit. Even it was for a hundreds of time, they will still prefer same destination to travel. A psychocentric tourists also best described as "Repeaters". It is because they enjoy the destination that familiar to them, that is why they keep returning to the same place.It was because, when they ever come to a destination, and after that when they keep returning for a hundreds of time, for sure i can say they will be very familiar with that place and feel of it as a safe destination to visit because of the familiarity they felt. They are less likely to travel away from existing locations and are likely to only stay for a short period of time. Basically, they do not like to leave their country. This kind of travel trait usually use a lower cost compared to Allocentric traveller. This sort of tourist needs nothing complicated to accomplish their travel plan because it is only within the home country.

  1. As usual, destination must be chosen first before you plan further because with the selected destination, you will be able to determine your budget, for instance you chose to go to Langkawi and Penang, the cost to be allocated between these two destinations is different because it is determined by the destinations itself (for example if you want to go to Langkawi, the overall cost is RM700, but, for Penang maybe the cost is RM950 in total), so the destinations selection is very instrumental in planning the next things in travelling.
  2. Allocate the cost. Whether you go alone, with friends or family, financial provision should be made ​​so that your travel will go smoothly without any financial problems. As a reminder, the financial provision should include the cost of travel (if using a vehicle; petrol); (if by flight; fare), the cost of meals, lodging houses and shopping. Remember, if you are travelling without any shopping things,not fun at all you know that =)
  3. pack your things that suit your planning activities. Better bring all your everyday needs so you are not difficult to buy a new one once you arrived there, for example: clothes, toiletries, etc.

For more information about Tourism Malaysia, just click here. Sorry to Oversea readers, because i was a Malaysian, so i give more example on how to travel within Malaysia under this topic, but you still can use this tips but just switch the destinations you want to go (select within your home country). =D

Finally, i have finished my Travelling tips for you..have a wonderful experience of travelling! THUMBS UP! =D

Have a nice and beautiful day
Zai Jian ^^

Friday, 22 February 2013

Hi there! =D

As usual..the weekend is a right time to update a new post..by the way, ni hou? wo xi wang yi qie dou hou leh..=)

Today my post will be vary compared to the older ones that have been updated by me..as i am a student of Tourism management under Tourism & Hospitality Department of institutions of higher education in Malaysia..so i have decided to write on "How to Manage Your Travel Trip For The First Time"..

People may have their own hobbies to do in the spare time, but for me..it is impossible to say travelling is one of my hobby because here, everybody knew it well, hobby is about the activity we might frequently do when we do have a free time, instead of that..travel is not a hobby but it is about the thing that you loved to do once you have a chance to do so..for instance, let say if you said travelling is your hobby..but do you travel everyday when you have a free time?..absolutely a big "NO" dear =)

Travel is a thing that you loved to do only when you got the chance to do it, example: you have an extra money from your salary/earnings..and you have a leisure time,plus you have also longed for travelling, so there you go because you have a space to do it, money is clear, time is clear (free)..so there you go..=)

So, here is some tips on how to manage your travel trip when you have a spare time and a chance to do so, especially for the first time, alright, first of all lets evaluate yourself first, from following questions, i just want you to identify what types of traveller you are..

<<What Kind Of Traveller You Are?>>
  1. Prefer an adventurous travel and motivated to travel and discover a new destinations, and rarely return to the familiar places (known as "Wanderers"), prefer unspoilt & undiscovered destination, tendency: upper income.
  2. Self-centred, tend to be conservative in travel patterns, prefer safe destination, taking many return trips (known as "Repeaters"), desire comfort and well developed destination  & tendency: lower income.

How about it? already chose one?
Alright, if you do choose no.1, that is mean you are a allocentric type, and if no.2, you are a psychocentric type =)....applause to yourself, as today you have discovered your travel trait!

First of all, you must understand that your personalities will determine your travel plan.
i am myself an allocentric type...so now my goal is to guide you all to enjoy your first travel trip by managing it well no matter you are an allocentric type or a psychocentric type.

Allocentric Type

I will emphasises on Abroad travelling under this title, because i am so sure this kind of traveller inherently prefer outbound than travelling within their home country. How to get started?
  1. Make sure you are in a final decision of the country for your journey abroad, for beginners, it will be better if you choose a neighbouring countries, for instance, us, as a Malaysian, should try set a travel trip to Laos, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, & Cambodia. I can't tell you which one is the best country worth visiting because everyone have their own choices based on their travel traits. But if you still confused and eager to to find out what country suit your choice, better ask a professionals opinions. However, you still can plan a trip to other countries instead of the listed above, just need a little bit more knowledge to avoid any unpredictable matters. For more info about outbound travel, please refer here.
  2. Make sure you really have a desires to travel abroad, and one more...please make sure you are 100% have a leisure time, (we do not want to waste our flight ticket in case if you already reserved, then it turn out to be that suddenly you have a unpredictable problems comes to you such as, a family departure?)-Just a simple example to make sure you understand the circumstance..a pre-planning does help you..=)
  3. Please do not travel alone, you must having someone else to travel with, it is really important..if not, you will be a little bit nervous, and it will drag you into a huge problem..instead, if you have a "familiar face" around you, you will feel more better..and at least you will feel safe i can say, lets say if you get lost in finding a right path of the place you want to reach at, at least being with friend will get you out from problem because first, you will feel relieves as your partner keep accompanying you, second, it will make the things clear up by finding the right path you want to go together, and third, remember when you feel anxious, that is dangerous, not only you will get lost even further, but the country you have just arrived is not yet well understood by you about the ins and the out , so if your friends are around with you, and if you get lost, at least both of you will get lost together, at least not alone the best i can describe.. bwahahaha
  4. Make friends with foreigner/local residents. Example, in my life i am so wish i could reach Japan at least once in my life,so all i need to do to make the travel smooth before i go Japan is, make friend! =)...Nowadays, a social networking really lotsa like a Malaysian always say, like a troop of mushrooms grew up after the rain. It is mean an uncountable number of things increased. So just be active in social relationship and try to make friend, lets say i am interested to fly abroad to Japan, so i can make friend with Japanese people, being close to them and build a friendship..believe me, once you really reach there, it will be a big help if the person willing to help you to show around. =)
  5. Set a "GOAL", by preparing some money for the travel costs. It will includes the flight (Go, return), an emergency cases ( in case if you have pass the amount limit offered for your luggage, so you have to pay the extra fees)-every flight offer a different baggage allowance when you buy a ticket, for more info, click here . Then, the most important part is, save the money for some "Shopping!"...hahaha...this is the significant experience, no travel trip is enjoyable without any money contribution! keep it as a piece of mind..=)...sometimes people not travel because there is no money in that pockets!..this is a primary matter of priorities. So to increase the income, do some side-business. Maybe try this one can help? who knows. Trust me dear, when you worked so hard to collect a money for a trip, and when you reach it, it is something that is priceless for you to kept as a memory. It is a worthwhile you know =)
  6. Once you are complete the above requirements, book a flight...this is one of example site to reserve/book a flight tickets online. There are others such like THIS, THIS, and THIS...Just based on which one you prefer for your chosen destination...surf yourself in Internet is the best, there are lotsa more...=)
  7. Don't forget to complete the necessities such us winter wear ( in case you have chose to have a trip in winter season and etc), informal clothes to wear daily, the long-lasting food as a supply  in your baggage...or whatever else.
  8. Annnnnnd~~~~~~~~ there you go! Happy travelling! =)...have a joyful and fantastic experiences of your travel trip!
See you in part 2,
Thanks for your visit,
i appreciated it more than anythings,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

Friday, 15 February 2013

Hi pretty readers!

Arrgghh!..tension, i've got so many & many & many many assignments to do..IPTA now love to pushing students..hahaha..(talk to what im pleased, oh gosh, hehe)..anyway, if u have any assignments need to be done, please finish it 1st before u read my post..well it'll make u enjoy more if nothing rushing in ur head while reading..ngeee! ^^

Are u ever heard shiseido aqua label brand?..ok..it was under shiseido brand lahh~....Aqua label is a sub-brand of Shiseido maa....for more information for Aqua Label's products, please refer here

FYI, before, i've used Shiseido Aqualabel White Clear Foam cleanser (in blue tube),..but after 3 month of application, i felt my skin soooo............dehydrated and i can see my skin peeled of on my nose to show how dry it was, euhhh, so horrible!..this product is a japanese brand..guess what? it's not caused by this brand actually, japanese product is really is gentle to my skin, but me is wrong in choosing the product that suit my skin condition, ahax! (& served myself right..hahaha)..

Shiseido Aqua Label White Clear Foam (known as "Blue Aqua Label"/ "Blue" range)

My skin is normal, not oily, dry, nor combination ...it's just normal, with no uneven skin tone problem, clogged pores, nor pimples,...just normal (hey, how much should i repeat this "normal" word???..hahahaha)...but it's really is..my skin is normal (again~) and have no problem...just need to maintain its condition to prevent it from any skin problem...so the SAL( Shiseido Aqua Label) that i've chose, which is "White Clear Foam" is absolutely not suitable for my skin, causing my skin to get through this problem, until one day i come back to the Watson outlet which is oso the same outlet that i've bought this cleanser (actually i've returned to repurchase the cleanser coz the one with me is ran out)..(o,O)

Without knowing and wondering why my skin felt so so so so so dry and peeled of (especially on my nose), i've thinking to repurchased again ( me completely have no idea of what changing my skin condition, so that's why i returned to buy again)...when i came to SAL shelf and just took the SAL White clear foam (known as "Blue" range), suddenly a SAL salesgirl came near me and told me, "Miss, that one was for oily skin, but if u intend to have a white skin u still can use it as its oso have whitening function in it"...me suddenly....Ting!, oh my...skin!..that is why my skin dehydrated so horribly, it was caused by the cleanser! it was manufactured to prevent oily skin, but me with already in normal skin, so that's the answer of my problem!.....(T.T)

See? that is one of my bad behavior, i just grab anything, any products that seem nice in packaging to me..haha...but back to the story, me already read lah the function in the back of the tube, its said it can promote a flawless bare face(of course lah coz it's to treat a pimpled and oily face to make 'em flawless n clearer...aigoo~)..so me really longed to have a confident, pretty bare face..(my skin is clear already, but i want more than it..hahaha, greedy me!)..ok, ok, this time really back to the story...ok, back then, the salesgirl suggest me, she said..read carefully ok, ehemxx2!..(=,=) "Miss, u already have a clear and fair skin, so how about using this one?" this is really what she said..no lie lie arr..ehemx!..hahaha (malaysian called it "badget" ok..hahaha..no lar,..just kiddin..(= ).....so she showed me the "Red" cleanser, from the "Red" range, it was SAL Milky Mousse Foam..here's

see? even the product description in japanese..gosh, this is really originally from japan
(only the outer clear packaging written in eng..but already threw away in the dustbin..hehe (=)

After a month in usage (of this "Red" one)..i gain my previous skin again, even better i can say..my skin felt so hydrate..especially when i woke up in the morning..it's felt so so so..Ummphh!..hahaha..because in my skincare regime, i cleanse my face twice a day..morning and before i sleep..so after cleansed my face i go straight to bed and sleep..that's why i feel so "ummphh!" when i woke up early in the morning..=3

the texture of this product is very milky and creamy, yet smooth and gentle....even the smell is Aum Aum!..haha..(sorry i cant show the swatch, i dont wanna waste my precious..hehehe..smile~)..but still you can see the swatch here...this blog's owner just like me...me oso never fail in recommending a products to people (im not a talented person nor gifted, but this is my special, so i should proud of it! ^^)..soo...just trust me! (~,^)

  • packaging is really nice, plain yet luxurious..
  • never leave a taut feel on skin after usage.
  • smell like milky soy to me..=)
  • affordable..yaYy!! ^^

  • im never find its cons till now, that's mean its satisfying me! =)

That's it, hope you find it helpful,
Enjoy ur day,
Zai jian ❤ ^^

Thursday, 14 February 2013

hi, ni hou! ^^

how're u all doin? wo xi wang yi qie dou hou ^^

As u know, today i'll proceed to the 3rd part of TFS product review,
now me gonna introduce u to...Lovely me:ex crayon eyeliner in 03 shiny purple & lovey me:ex auto eyebrow in 02 grey brown! Lets check it out...

The packaging is so lovely, just suit with its name..=)..seriously, this is not a compliment, but it's fact!..haha

1. Lovely me:ex crayon eyeliner in 03 shiny purple.
2. Lovely me:ex auto eyebrow in 02 grey brown.

This is the swatches of both of these products ^^

actually, my camera was stolen, so im sorry if u think this pic look blurry to u, coz i've used youcam, hope u dont mind, i promise once i've buy a new camera, i'll write a great review post to u all, so, please wait ^^

so, as conclusion, i've got 4 TFS products which is it was divided by two range, Lovely Me:ex & Phytogenic =3, so,that was great, Thanks Berita Publishing Sdn Bhd for this awesome gift!

So, that's all for TFS products review,
hope u enjoy & love it,
Zai jian❤ ^^

hi again, beauty readers!

As promised right?.......but what i've already promised?..hahaha..(pretended to forgot, this is going overboard right?..hahaha^^)...
ok now the second products of TFS that i received already, today is..........Lovely Me:ex Eyeshadow in black! ^^

the packaging is really cute, small and compact, i love it to death! =3

this is the swatch of lovely me:ex eyeshadow in black, although it seems too dark when i opened its case, but when i apply it on my skin its just so nice in color, just nice and great! =3

the conclusion is, this is gonna be a great color for smokey look makeup.
if you buy, it'll worth RM19.90 because it's really small =)

Wish u all a beautiful & nice day,
and....thanks for ur visit,
Zai jian❤ ^^

hi, pretty! ^^ how are you today?...

You know, lately im so happy..thanks to Berita Publishing for the Mini TheFACEshop hamper..this gift was delivered in front of my house door in the morning..and i was like..WOW..although it was a mini hamper but im very appreciated it!, Thanks Berita Publishing SDN BHD...im reaaally love it!

The parcel included with 4 Popular products that i longed for..it was Phytogenic Infinite Makeup Base SPF 15 PA+ in 02 purple, Lovely ME:EX Eyes (eyeshadow in black), Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown and Lovely ME:EX Crayon Eyeliner in 03 Shiny Purple...and i was told, these products worth RM150 in total.  Awesome isn't it?? ^^

1st of all, FYI, The Face Shop is a korean beauty and cosmetic products brand....& me always such a horrendous fan of Korean & Japanese brand of beauty & cosmetical products! ~wink^^wink~

#P.S#im not affected by "korean wave" or what, but from earlier,me, myself already addicted to korean beauty brand because it easily suit my skin conditions. While, the japanese products known for their gentleness towards asian skin, as myself is made with 100% sensitive skin & its really hard to find a products that did't harsh on my skin like Korean and japanese beauty brand does...ahh what am i blabbering about? out of topic, hehehe, sorry..ok ok..continue~

(from the left) TFS lovely me:ex crayon eyeliner, lovely me:ex auto eyebrow,lovely me:ex eyeshadow
& phytogenic infinite makeup base.

i've already tried it all to write the post about the products review..ok, now lets start introducing the product first..Now i will introducing you to Phytogenic infinite makeup base in the first place..

The color of this makeup base is purple, i love the smell, it's so yummy(green tea smell)..but the shade is a lil bit light to my skin as my skin is yellowish pale in tone. but its ok, just pump it in a really small amount on your skin and apply evenly, and it'll look pretty and match with ur skin tone..^^

TFS Phytogenic infinite makeup base. The packaging is too pretty to me..Aww! ^^

see the swatch in no.1 pic, but tis day oso a lil bit sunny, so u absolutely cant see the purple hint of the cream(but the color is really light, me oso saw it as purplish-white cream^^)
      see the no.2 pic, and im sure u can see the difference after
 and before the cream applied ^^.

Phytogenic Infinite Makeup Base with SPF 15 PA+ is a skin tone correcting makeup base with green tea extract. tis creamy makeup base dresses skin with a veil of sheer color to even out skin tone & create an ideal canvas for application. It was Formulated with green tea extract and sebum controlling powder, so it helps ur foundation stay fresh and look natural even after hours of wear.

Directions: apply evenly over skincare products &/or sunscreen.

FYI, TFS phytogenic infinite makeup base come from the Phytogenic range (that's mean there're others products in this range such as makeup powder n etc ^^)

That is it, today i just write for this, next time i'll post a review on the rest of the TFS products that i received (one by one, ok? (~,^) ).....
Thanks for your visit,
i hope it'll help you,
Zai Jian❤ ^^

Monday, 4 February 2013

Hi pretties!

Today im posting again...Wo xi wang yi qie dou hou~ ^^

Girls, dont ya sometimes thinks it was difficult to find a foundation or bb cream things to ur products range?
ya, it does! me too sometimes!...but currently i found this product, i can say it is not bad....its great and most importantly it was affordable, so i thinks its better to share this review to others coz who know it'll help u guys...

Sooo...this is it, Elianto BB Cream Hydra Rich!

Elianto bb cream hydra rich with hydration,sebum control, and nutrients calming functions.
It calms your skin, remove excess oil and reduce the appearance of blemishes with its uniquely light texture, without leaving skin heavy or greasy.

This product origin and manufacturer is Korea.
It comes with 45ml/1.5fl.oz with the SPF 35 PA++..
i bought it for RM75 in Elianto Tebrau city AEON outlet..you can also find it in any of their outlets arround Malaysia.

Sorry i cant write down its ingredients because it was on the packaging cover and i threw it away already, but if i not mistaken, it was made with 7 types of different flowers around the world.

This is the swatch of it..i can say the cream is watery and that is why it can promote a hydrate skin, it's also very light in texture and doesn't clog up ur pore because it have a sebum control function.

the circled one with the pink color shows that there's a little amount of water particles produced when you rub the cream or pat it on your skin.

1. see how the skin looks when this bb cream is put on, it really does blend out very well with any skin tones   and made my skin looks fresher.
2.the left one with the bb cream on, and left without..but sorry, i understand if you cant differentiate it, coz today is very sunny, but i can say there's a hint of the bb cream on the left one if u observe carefully.
#note#-this small tube can last for a year, because a small amount is enough to cover the entire face, ^^

there's 3 shades to choose & me using no 1.

and as well, no products is a products if there's no pros and cons..


  • most recomended for dry skin
  • blend out very well into all skin tones (bcoz it comes with 3 shades) and skin types even for oily skin
  • hydrate the skin
  • the packaging is nice to me..=)
  • quite pricey for certain people, but still affordable
  • if not blend out quickly on skin, the water in it will evaporated and the cream will become a lil bit thick and it'll look suck on the skin if we rub it.
  • only can be purchase at their store (cant find it in watson and guardian stores) 

That's it..hope you find it helpful..
and thanks for dropping by!
Zai jian  ^^

Sunday, 3 February 2013

hi beauties!

you shall know that our skin will produce a dead skin cell, which is not good for our skin, so to reveal a smooth and clear skin you should scrub them away

anyway, scrubbing sometimes does not work to remove it, and it only leaves itchiness to our skin,..
FYI, our skin will produce new skin cells for every 29 days, and it will push up the dead ones to the outer skin surface making it you to look dull if you do not remove it.

So now I will introduce you to this.
Comes all the way from Japan..Natural Aqua Gel Exfoliator.

The ingredients of this product are:

Made of 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts of aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. Contains no preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings and alcohol. the texture of this gel is watery clear-liked.

With the use of CURE Natural Aqua Gel, it stimulates skin renewal growth. It acts like a gentle facial scrub or exfoliator. You will feel that your face is smoother and rejuvenated after every usage.

I've used it for a three months now
and I can say that my skin looks clearer and smoother in texture!
I love this product a lot!..>.<

How to use Cure:

With just 4 simple steps, you can achieve the effect of a facial in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Wash your face with your facial cleanser and pat your face dry well.
Step 2: Pump a small amount of Cure to be applied on the desired area (I use it on the whole face lol).
Leave it on the skin for few seconds for it to react with the dead skin cells.
Step 3: Gently massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The gel will
turn into a milky runny liquid and white particles of dead skins can be seen as they are rubbed off the skin.
Step 4: Rinse well with water. Your skin feels smoother and is ready for moisturizers.
* Cure can also be used on other parts of the body such as elbow, neck or knee.


  • Not harsh on skin and thin out the skin like other exfoliators
  • No preservatives, no alcohol, fragrance and artificial colorants neither.
  • Makes your skin feels smooth ( If you keep using it consistently for more than three months you can tell that your skin will looks more dewy and clearer)


  • Pricy!
  • Cant be found sold in anywhere in Malaysia, unless you go to Singapore or buy online from the seller who import them here (here's the link to buy online http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1040287/all or you can buy it directly at Singapore's Watsons)

* UPDATE : Now sold in Sasa Malaysia nationwide for RM150 each bottle!

Thanks for dropping by! i hope you find it helpful ,
Wish you all a beautiful and nice day

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