Monday, 4 February 2013

Elianto BB Cream Hydra Rich Review

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Hi pretties!

Today im posting again...Wo xi wang yi qie dou hou~ ^^

Girls, dont ya sometimes thinks it was difficult to find a foundation or bb cream things to ur products range?
ya, it does! me too sometimes!...but currently i found this product, i can say it is not bad....its great and most importantly it was affordable, so i thinks its better to share this review to others coz who know it'll help u guys...

Sooo...this is it, Elianto BB Cream Hydra Rich!

Elianto bb cream hydra rich with hydration,sebum control, and nutrients calming functions.
It calms your skin, remove excess oil and reduce the appearance of blemishes with its uniquely light texture, without leaving skin heavy or greasy.

This product origin and manufacturer is Korea.
It comes with 45ml/1.5fl.oz with the SPF 35 PA++..
i bought it for RM75 in Elianto Tebrau city AEON can also find it in any of their outlets arround Malaysia.

Sorry i cant write down its ingredients because it was on the packaging cover and i threw it away already, but if i not mistaken, it was made with 7 types of different flowers around the world.

This is the swatch of it..i can say the cream is watery and that is why it can promote a hydrate skin, it's also very light in texture and doesn't clog up ur pore because it have a sebum control function.

the circled one with the pink color shows that there's a little amount of water particles produced when you rub the cream or pat it on your skin.

1. see how the skin looks when this bb cream is put on, it really does blend out very well with any skin tones   and made my skin looks fresher.
2.the left one with the bb cream on, and left without..but sorry, i understand if you cant differentiate it, coz today is very sunny, but i can say there's a hint of the bb cream on the left one if u observe carefully.
#note#-this small tube can last for a year, because a small amount is enough to cover the entire face, ^^

there's 3 shades to choose & me using no 1.

and as well, no products is a products if there's no pros and cons..


  • most recomended for dry skin
  • blend out very well into all skin tones (bcoz it comes with 3 shades) and skin types even for oily skin
  • hydrate the skin
  • the packaging is nice to me..=)
  • quite pricey for certain people, but still affordable
  • if not blend out quickly on skin, the water in it will evaporated and the cream will become a lil bit thick and it'll look suck on the skin if we rub it.
  • only can be purchase at their store (cant find it in watson and guardian stores) 

That's it..hope you find it helpful..
and thanks for dropping by!
Zai jian  ^^

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