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Managing Your Travel Trip For The First Time (part 1)

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Hi there! =D

As usual..the weekend is a right time to update a new the way, ni hou? wo xi wang yi qie dou hou leh..=)

Today my post will be vary compared to the older ones that have been updated by i am a student of Tourism management under Tourism & Hospitality Department of institutions of higher education in i have decided to write on "How to Manage Your Travel Trip For The First Time"..

People may have their own hobbies to do in the spare time, but for is impossible to say travelling is one of my hobby because here, everybody knew it well, hobby is about the activity we might frequently do when we do have a free time, instead of is not a hobby but it is about the thing that you loved to do once you have a chance to do so..for instance, let say if you said travelling is your hobby..but do you travel everyday when you have a free time?..absolutely a big "NO" dear =)

Travel is a thing that you loved to do only when you got the chance to do it, example: you have an extra money from your salary/earnings..and you have a leisure time,plus you have also longed for travelling, so there you go because you have a space to do it, money is clear, time is clear (free) there you go..=)

So, here is some tips on how to manage your travel trip when you have a spare time and a chance to do so, especially for the first time, alright, first of all lets evaluate yourself first, from following questions, i just want you to identify what types of traveller you are..

<<What Kind Of Traveller You Are?>>
  1. Prefer an adventurous travel and motivated to travel and discover a new destinations, and rarely return to the familiar places (known as "Wanderers"), prefer unspoilt & undiscovered destination, tendency: upper income.
  2. Self-centred, tend to be conservative in travel patterns, prefer safe destination, taking many return trips (known as "Repeaters"), desire comfort and well developed destination  & tendency: lower income.

How about it? already chose one?
Alright, if you do choose no.1, that is mean you are a allocentric type, and if no.2, you are a psychocentric type =)....applause to yourself, as today you have discovered your travel trait!

First of all, you must understand that your personalities will determine your travel plan.
i am myself an allocentric now my goal is to guide you all to enjoy your first travel trip by managing it well no matter you are an allocentric type or a psychocentric type.

Allocentric Type

I will emphasises on Abroad travelling under this title, because i am so sure this kind of traveller inherently prefer outbound than travelling within their home country. How to get started?
  1. Make sure you are in a final decision of the country for your journey abroad, for beginners, it will be better if you choose a neighbouring countries, for instance, us, as a Malaysian, should try set a travel trip to Laos, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, & Cambodia. I can't tell you which one is the best country worth visiting because everyone have their own choices based on their travel traits. But if you still confused and eager to to find out what country suit your choice, better ask a professionals opinions. However, you still can plan a trip to other countries instead of the listed above, just need a little bit more knowledge to avoid any unpredictable matters. For more info about outbound travel, please refer here.
  2. Make sure you really have a desires to travel abroad, and one more...please make sure you are 100% have a leisure time, (we do not want to waste our flight ticket in case if you already reserved, then it turn out to be that suddenly you have a unpredictable problems comes to you such as, a family departure?)-Just a simple example to make sure you understand the circumstance..a pre-planning does help you..=)
  3. Please do not travel alone, you must having someone else to travel with, it is really important..if not, you will be a little bit nervous, and it will drag you into a huge problem..instead, if you have a "familiar face" around you, you will feel more better..and at least you will feel safe i can say, lets say if you get lost in finding a right path of the place you want to reach at, at least being with friend will get you out from problem because first, you will feel relieves as your partner keep accompanying you, second, it will make the things clear up by finding the right path you want to go together, and third, remember when you feel anxious, that is dangerous, not only you will get lost even further, but the country you have just arrived is not yet well understood by you about the ins and the out , so if your friends are around with you, and if you get lost, at least both of you will get lost together, at least not alone the best i can describe.. bwahahaha
  4. Make friends with foreigner/local residents. Example, in my life i am so wish i could reach Japan at least once in my life,so all i need to do to make the travel smooth before i go Japan is, make friend! =)...Nowadays, a social networking really lotsa like a Malaysian always say, like a troop of mushrooms grew up after the rain. It is mean an uncountable number of things increased. So just be active in social relationship and try to make friend, lets say i am interested to fly abroad to Japan, so i can make friend with Japanese people, being close to them and build a friendship..believe me, once you really reach there, it will be a big help if the person willing to help you to show around. =)
  5. Set a "GOAL", by preparing some money for the travel costs. It will includes the flight (Go, return), an emergency cases ( in case if you have pass the amount limit offered for your luggage, so you have to pay the extra fees)-every flight offer a different baggage allowance when you buy a ticket, for more info, click here . Then, the most important part is, save the money for some "Shopping!"...hahaha...this is the significant experience, no travel trip is enjoyable without any money contribution! keep it as a piece of mind..=)...sometimes people not travel because there is no money in that pockets!..this is a primary matter of priorities. So to increase the income, do some side-business. Maybe try this one can help? who knows. Trust me dear, when you worked so hard to collect a money for a trip, and when you reach it, it is something that is priceless for you to kept as a memory. It is a worthwhile you know =)
  6. Once you are complete the above requirements, book a flight...this is one of example site to reserve/book a flight tickets online. There are others such like THIS, THIS, and THIS...Just based on which one you prefer for your chosen yourself in Internet is the best, there are lotsa more...=)
  7. Don't forget to complete the necessities such us winter wear ( in case you have chose to have a trip in winter season and etc), informal clothes to wear daily, the long-lasting food as a supply  in your baggage...or whatever else.
  8. Annnnnnd~~~~~~~~ there you go! Happy travelling! =)...have a joyful and fantastic experiences of your travel trip!
See you in part 2,
Thanks for your visit,
i appreciated it more than anythings,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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