Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Managing Your Travel Trip For The First Time (part 2-last one)

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Hi, handsome and pretty readers!

How was the part 1? did it helped you? Oh, you are a Psychocentric type?
Nevermind, in this post i will reveal everything about this psychocentric travel traits with the tips.

Psychocentric Type

This type of travel trait really is not an adventurous traveller, they are more tend to travel by returning to the same place they have ever visit. Even it was for a hundreds of time, they will still prefer same destination to travel. A psychocentric tourists also best described as "Repeaters". It is because they enjoy the destination that familiar to them, that is why they keep returning to the same place.It was because, when they ever come to a destination, and after that when they keep returning for a hundreds of time, for sure i can say they will be very familiar with that place and feel of it as a safe destination to visit because of the familiarity they felt. They are less likely to travel away from existing locations and are likely to only stay for a short period of time. Basically, they do not like to leave their country. This kind of travel trait usually use a lower cost compared to Allocentric traveller. This sort of tourist needs nothing complicated to accomplish their travel plan because it is only within the home country.

  1. As usual, destination must be chosen first before you plan further because with the selected destination, you will be able to determine your budget, for instance you chose to go to Langkawi and Penang, the cost to be allocated between these two destinations is different because it is determined by the destinations itself (for example if you want to go to Langkawi, the overall cost is RM700, but, for Penang maybe the cost is RM950 in total), so the destinations selection is very instrumental in planning the next things in travelling.
  2. Allocate the cost. Whether you go alone, with friends or family, financial provision should be made ​​so that your travel will go smoothly without any financial problems. As a reminder, the financial provision should include the cost of travel (if using a vehicle; petrol); (if by flight; fare), the cost of meals, lodging houses and shopping. Remember, if you are travelling without any shopping things,not fun at all you know that =)
  3. pack your things that suit your planning activities. Better bring all your everyday needs so you are not difficult to buy a new one once you arrived there, for example: clothes, toiletries, etc.

For more information about Tourism Malaysia, just click here. Sorry to Oversea readers, because i was a Malaysian, so i give more example on how to travel within Malaysia under this topic, but you still can use this tips but just switch the destinations you want to go (select within your home country). =D

Finally, i have finished my Travelling tips for you..have a wonderful experience of travelling! THUMBS UP! =D

Have a nice and beautiful day
Zai Jian ^^

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