Friday, 15 February 2013

Shiseido Aqua Label Cleanser

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Hi pretty readers!

Arrgghh!..tension, i've got so many & many & many many assignments to do..IPTA now love to pushing students..hahaha..(talk to what im pleased, oh gosh, hehe)..anyway, if u have any assignments need to be done, please finish it 1st before u read my post..well it'll make u enjoy more if nothing rushing in ur head while reading..ngeee! ^^

Are u ever heard shiseido aqua label brand? was under shiseido brand lahh~....Aqua label is a sub-brand of Shiseido maa....for more information for Aqua Label's products, please refer here

FYI, before, i've used Shiseido Aqualabel White Clear Foam cleanser (in blue tube),..but after 3 month of application, i felt my skin soooo............dehydrated and i can see my skin peeled of on my nose to show how dry it was, euhhh, so horrible!..this product is a japanese brand..guess what? it's not caused by this brand actually, japanese product is really is gentle to my skin, but me is wrong in choosing the product that suit my skin condition, ahax! (& served myself right..hahaha)..

Shiseido Aqua Label White Clear Foam (known as "Blue Aqua Label"/ "Blue" range)

My skin is normal, not oily, dry, nor combination's just normal, with no uneven skin tone problem, clogged pores, nor pimples,...just normal (hey, how much should i repeat this "normal" word???..hahahaha)...but it's really skin is normal (again~) and have no problem...just need to maintain its condition to prevent it from any skin the SAL( Shiseido Aqua Label) that i've chose, which is "White Clear Foam" is absolutely not suitable for my skin, causing my skin to get through this problem, until one day i come back to the Watson outlet which is oso the same outlet that i've bought this cleanser (actually i've returned to repurchase the cleanser coz the one with me is ran out)..(o,O)

Without knowing and wondering why my skin felt so so so so so dry and peeled of (especially on my nose), i've thinking to repurchased again ( me completely have no idea of what changing my skin condition, so that's why i returned to buy again)...when i came to SAL shelf and just took the SAL White clear foam (known as "Blue" range), suddenly a SAL salesgirl came near me and told me, "Miss, that one was for oily skin, but if u intend to have a white skin u still can use it as its oso have whitening function in it" suddenly....Ting!, oh!..that is why my skin dehydrated so horribly, it was caused by the cleanser! it was manufactured to prevent oily skin, but me with already in normal skin, so that's the answer of my problem!.....(T.T)

See? that is one of my bad behavior, i just grab anything, any products that seem nice in packaging to me..haha...but back to the story, me already read lah the function in the back of the tube, its said it can promote a flawless bare face(of course lah coz it's to treat a pimpled and oily face to make 'em flawless n clearer...aigoo~) me really longed to have a confident, pretty bare face..(my skin is clear already, but i want more than it..hahaha, greedy me!)..ok, ok, this time really back to the story...ok, back then, the salesgirl suggest me, she carefully ok, ehemxx2!..(=,=) "Miss, u already have a clear and fair skin, so how about using this one?" this is really what she lie lie arr..ehemx!..hahaha (malaysian called it "badget" lar,..just kiddin..(= ) she showed me the "Red" cleanser, from the "Red" range, it was SAL Milky Mousse's

see? even the product description in japanese..gosh, this is really originally from japan
(only the outer clear packaging written in eng..but already threw away in the dustbin..hehe (=)

After a month in usage (of this "Red" one)..i gain my previous skin again, even better i can skin felt so hydrate..especially when i woke up in the's felt so so so..Ummphh!..hahaha..because in my skincare regime, i cleanse my face twice a day..morning and before i after cleansed my face i go straight to bed and sleep..that's why i feel so "ummphh!" when i woke up early in the morning..=3

the texture of this product is very milky and creamy, yet smooth and gentle....even the smell is Aum Aum!..haha..(sorry i cant show the swatch, i dont wanna waste my still you can see the swatch here...this blog's owner just like oso never fail in recommending a products to people (im not a talented person nor gifted, but this is my special, so i should proud of it! ^^)..soo...just trust me! (~,^)

  • packaging is really nice, plain yet luxurious..
  • never leave a taut feel on skin after usage.
  • smell like milky soy to me..=)
  • affordable..yaYy!! ^^

  • im never find its cons till now, that's mean its satisfying me! =)

That's it, hope you find it helpful,
Enjoy ur day,
Zai jian ❤ ^^

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