Thursday, 14 February 2013

TheFACEshop's Gift for me ^^(part 1)

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hi, pretty! ^^ how are you today?...

You know, lately im so happy..thanks to Berita Publishing for the Mini TheFACEshop hamper..this gift was delivered in front of my house door in the morning..and i was like..WOW..although it was a mini hamper but im very appreciated it!, Thanks Berita Publishing SDN reaaally love it!

The parcel included with 4 Popular products that i longed was Phytogenic Infinite Makeup Base SPF 15 PA+ in 02 purple, Lovely ME:EX Eyes (eyeshadow in black), Lovely ME:EX Auto Eyebrow in 02 Grey Brown and Lovely ME:EX Crayon Eyeliner in 03 Shiny Purple...and i was told, these products worth RM150 in total.  Awesome isn't it?? ^^

1st of all, FYI, The Face Shop is a korean beauty and cosmetic products brand....& me always such a horrendous fan of Korean & Japanese brand of beauty & cosmetical products! ~wink^^wink~

#P.S#im not affected by "korean wave" or what, but from earlier,me, myself already addicted to korean beauty brand because it easily suit my skin conditions. While, the japanese products known for their gentleness towards asian skin, as myself is made with 100% sensitive skin & its really hard to find a products that did't harsh on my skin like Korean and japanese beauty brand does...ahh what am i blabbering about? out of topic, hehehe, sorry..ok ok..continue~

(from the left) TFS lovely me:ex crayon eyeliner, lovely me:ex auto eyebrow,lovely me:ex eyeshadow
& phytogenic infinite makeup base.

i've already tried it all to write the post about the products review..ok, now lets start introducing the product first..Now i will introducing you to Phytogenic infinite makeup base in the first place..

The color of this makeup base is purple, i love the smell, it's so yummy(green tea smell)..but the shade is a lil bit light to my skin as my skin is yellowish pale in tone. but its ok, just pump it in a really small amount on your skin and apply evenly, and it'll look pretty and match with ur skin tone..^^

TFS Phytogenic infinite makeup base. The packaging is too pretty to me..Aww! ^^

see the swatch in no.1 pic, but tis day oso a lil bit sunny, so u absolutely cant see the purple hint of the cream(but the color is really light, me oso saw it as purplish-white cream^^)
      see the no.2 pic, and im sure u can see the difference after
 and before the cream applied ^^.

Phytogenic Infinite Makeup Base with SPF 15 PA+ is a skin tone correcting makeup base with green tea extract. tis creamy makeup base dresses skin with a veil of sheer color to even out skin tone & create an ideal canvas for application. It was Formulated with green tea extract and sebum controlling powder, so it helps ur foundation stay fresh and look natural even after hours of wear.

Directions: apply evenly over skincare products &/or sunscreen.

FYI, TFS phytogenic infinite makeup base come from the Phytogenic range (that's mean there're others products in this range such as makeup powder n etc ^^)

That is it, today i just write for this, next time i'll post a review on the rest of the TFS products that i received (one by one, ok? (~,^) ).....
Thanks for your visit,
i hope it'll help you,
Zai Jian❤ ^^

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