Saturday, 2 March 2013

Anime: B Gata H Kei

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Hi, pretty & handsome..Happy Saturday! (~,^)

How are you guys doing?

First of all, i must remind you that i am not the kind of itchy itchy, even if this Anime that i will introduce you may contain some elements of ecchism, but it is not so much though, it is more like a joke, a funny stupid jokes for adults aged over 18 years.

Me, myself start to watching this Anime because my close friend have suggested it to me, she said this Anime's stupid jokes will make you rolling in laugh on the floor..hahaha, she already know i am not an ecchism type, but still suggest it to me. At first, i have said, i will never watch this although i love Anime, but in the end, i have watched it, and me quite love it because of its ecchism jokes..hahaha

B Gata H Kei

This is it! B Gata H Kei! =D
The means is "B type ecchism ".....You will never understand this unless you watch it!


A 15 years old girl named Yamada is a pretty and charming, yet loved by all the boys in her school, her charms even made her called as "queen".

However, the funny thing is Yamada is never ever have a boyfriend even she had so many boy fans that loved her, all because of her aggressiveness. Therefore, Yamada is trying to fall in love, because she was so sure, when people know that she has never been in love and still a virgin, surely all her friends will laugh at her. So to make sure she is not humiliated, Yamada seeks for love and try get rid of her virginity by having an intent to have a sex with 100 sex partners to get rid of her virginity and keep called as a "queen", so that she will never be humiliated.

Yamada dreamed for a man that is hot, handsome yet still virgin for her first time (just like her).

Kosuda & Yamada

One day while out with her ​​best friend, Takeshita, they both had bumped into a male student who also was one of their classmates, Kosuda. Yamada inadvertently been dropped on him. That was their first time to see each other. Initially, Yamada just wanted to make Kosuda as her sex partner only, as she knew that Kosuda is still a virgin just like her (although he was plain in looking). However, eventually Yamada has fallen in love with him. What happens when they try to know each other? Does Yamada successfully get rid of her virginity? Or she will still be a virgin until the end of this story? If you want to know more, watch B Gata H Kei .. you will never regret it and laugh incessantly! = D

That is it, Give a try to watch it ok?,
Have a Nice and Laughter day,
Zai Jian  ❤ ^^

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