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Anime: High School Of The Dead (HOTD)

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Hi, my precious readers! =D
Firstly, thanks to the readers who still follow up a new updates in my blog, your visit really are precious to me,(touched!) >,<

I am really busy recently, so there is only a little time spent by me to write a new post, but it will be ok, as long as my blog have a readers, i will try my best to fulfil your wish. I should tell you, why i am so happy when there are a people following my updates in this blog, it was not because i am after the popularity, nor to be glamour, but i want to satisfying myself. Even there are so least of people who following me, i'll be gratefully.

At least my post was read by someone you know. You should understand, when i wrote a post, and if it was read by all, it was a big success for me, that is what i felt. For example if a Novelist write a novel, and the novel become so popular and well known, don't you think this novelist will felt the same as me? =)

Ok, now i should stop blabbering about this nonsense. Will you still mind to proceed? ok..lets read! >.<

Have not you heard about HOTD?
High School Of The Dead?
Actually i have watched this anime before (a long time ago..haha), but it was just now i feel to write about it because i am sure, perhaps still not all are following this Anime series.

-"Gakuen Mokushiroku"/ High School Of the Dead-

This anime is also called "Gakuen Mokushiroku" and "HOTD"
This anime tells us about a world, set in the present day of 2010 Japan that is experiencing a devastating pandemic and potentially fatal infections in which all human beings turned into the creatures called "zombie"

The story involves a group of high school students of Fujimi, a high school nurse and a young girl.

This story began in a morning, when Takashi Komura (main character, who is a 17 years old student of Fujimi High School) is daydreaming while reminisce back when he met his first love, Rei Miyamoto for the first time.

Then he suddenly noticed someone that looked weird was standing outside the school gate and trying to break in.

Then a group of teachers come and urged him to go. When one of the teacher is trying to touch the person to ask him to go away, he suddenly bite the hands of that teacher, causing him to fell and convulsed. Infectious situation start when the teacher turn into a weird behaviour and bite the other teachers who were also there. Feared of that, Takashi rushed back to class, but he still imagined about the incident happened a while ago and wondered himself about what is going on.

Atmosphere suddenly turned chaotic and horrible when the other students were also turned into a zombies and start to eat each other. This situation has happened in the blink of an eye. (unbelievable right?)

In a chaotic situation, they have been fighting against the zombies in order to save themselves out of that school.

Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, Saeko Busujima, Saya Takagi, Kohta Hirano and Shizuka Marikawa (the nurse) ... Are they the only ones who survived from the school instead of the others? Have they managed to get out of that horrible situation? Have they succeed to save themselves? Is Takashi had killed his own friend whom has turned into a zombie in order to save himself?

To find out what happened at the end of this horror genred Anime, please watch this anime to the end! = D

Release date: July 5 2010 (season 1)-season 2 not available yet.
Written: Daisuki Satou
Illustrated by: Shouji Satou (manga)
Written by: Yosuke Kuroda (Anime)
Directed by: Tetsuro Araki
Total episodes now (season 1): 12 episodes + OVA (episodes still ongoing)-in conclusion, there are season 2 which will available in future( the release date still unconfirmed, but there a some rumors said it will be release on spring 2013-just wait with me ok? =P)
Genre: Horror, Ecchi.

The main cast of Highschool of the Dead (front to rear): Takashi Komuro (Front), Saeko Busujima (Middle left), Kohta Hirano (Middle right), Rei Miyamoto (Rear left), Saya Takagi (Rear), and Shizuka Marikawa (Rear right).

Alice Maresato (Added character whom saved by Kohta Hirano). 

HOTD scenes.

Have a nice and pleasure day,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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