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Tony Moly Miniature Lip Tint (Cherry Pink)

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Hello guys! >.<

Sorry for long never make a new update, I hope all is fine. =)

As usual, but this time I feel more busy, the final exam is around the corner, and my work is added up a day by day, until it can not be calculated. Hahaha

And the newest, I had just returned from camping on last week, that is why last week I did not write the post. Not only that, after returning home, I have catch a cold, my face has also turned tan because of sunburn. I am also facing a rashes all over the body (but mostly on my face). Probably due to allergy to the camping place, and perhaps also from an allergic reaction to insect bites. Uh, that is why I just so hate to go camping. Hahaha

Ok, back to the topic, do you love lip tint, girls?? ^^
You do? me either! so, what can this tint do for you, in your opinion??
Turn you into a cute darls of course! =D
Introducing...Tony Moly Miniature Lip Tint in Cherry Pink! >,<

Tony Moly Miniature Lip Tint

"Tony Moly" is a famous brand of Korea, and of course it was a Korean product, even it was also a competitor of Korean most popular brand, "Etude House".
Actually I have bought this so long before, but suddenly now I feel to share it with you all, guys.
When I bought this for the first time, I was so surprised to see it bottle size, it only small as a 50 cents coin. So cute. =)

For the one who love Korean movies/dramas, perhaps sometimes you are wondering why the actresses lips looks very fresh and healthy in pink. Hehe, Im already knew it, they wear something called "lip tint" like the one I introduced to you.
For example like this :

Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) in Boys Over Flower

For sure, everyone who's fan her will try to imitate the looks, me as well. >,<
This is the swatch of the lip tint :

Lip Tint Swatch

When smudged, it will turn like this

This is the result for heavy and light apply

How to wear it correctly to leave a "Korean Lip" effect?
Follow this tutorial :

Steps to wear

Done! Now you are cute as Korean chicks! =D
As a reminder, the lip stain dry so quickly after you put it on, so make sure you quickly smudge it when you apply it on your lip before it dry to make sure it can give a satisfied effect.

The Tony Moly Miniature Lip Tint are available in two shades, "Cherry Pink" & "Red Apple"...
However, the stock for "Red Apple" are discontinued in Miniature size and no one know why and now only "Cherry Pink" shade left. But still, if they have "Red Apple" shade in stock, myself will still choose a "Cherry Pink" because it looks more natural on Asian lips, better than "Red Apple", well in my opinion. 

They are also come in a big size, (now the packaging for big size also renewed to a "Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint" packaging, which is much more adorable ^^)

In big size (Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint), they are available in, "Cherry Pink" , "Red Apple" & "Orange ChaCha" shades.
But seriously the Miniature size of bottle can last a year, though. So I think I don't need to buy the bigger one. But you can have it if you pleased.
So for now, I only have Tony Moly Miniature Lip Tint with me. ^^

Main Ingredients is :
  • Jojoba oil
  • Stevia
It have a Stevia, that is why when you lick it, you can tell you taste a sweet taste from it.

  • The bottle is so cute, small as 50 cents coin. =)
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • The liquid keeps spilled out when you try to close the bottle after using it, it was because its bottle design
  • If applied without a lip gloss, it can dry out the lips
  • The lip tint stain are stubborn to erase, so be careful not to spill it on cloth
Overall, I still love this tint!
Will i repurchase?? Definitely "YES"!!

You can buy it at any Tony Moly outlets in shopping mall, but if you prefer to buy online, you can buy it with this lovely Sis in here at only RM10. Affordable? of course it is! You can also buy Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint from her, she's very kind and lovely you know. ^^

That's all for today,
Have a beautiful & nice day ahead,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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