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How To Dye Your Hair at Home (DIY)

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Hi, again...ahahaha!

Hey, its been a year that I did't dye my own hair, I mean the last time I get it in color is in the last year, well, I think this time I should let the hair grow a bit longer and just let it be with my original hair color, black! ^^
You all know, its been a decades I did't have the black hair color because I'll continuously dye them once they grow a bit longer and once the color is fading away, and also, its like a decade I did't have a long hair, since at my 16 age. (wah, how many decades there're???) Hahaha

It was all because I feel so bored to have only "Long hair style", I'm a girl that love to experimenting with beauty, fashion and style, so I just went to salon and cut it out (just want to test how it will looks like on me, but not bad with my face I think), hahaha, "Melayang rambut panjang wa!"
Till I reached 18, I just enjoying my short hair style (it was not a girly short hairstyle, I cut it like a Korean boyish hairstyle, well don't really adores Korean but their hairstyles kinda looks cool!), it kinda comforting me.

However, these days, indeed I'm missing my old long and black hair again, aih!
So now in process to wait 'em to grow a bit longer, at least pass my shoulder, and I'll just let them in black colour (Original~, thumbs up!), people said it was a "truly asian symbol", despite those slanted eyes hahahaha (I don't have slanted eyes though, just saying)  =P
So now it only grew at my shoulder level, so I think maybe it does takes a few month to wait it passing my shoulder, and I will take care of them everyday to make them shines! ^,<
Okay, what a rambling story, okay lets follow some tips from me on how to DIY hair dye at home!

Well, obviously I will get the hair dye service at salon, but I ever do it at home for a twice times because that time I have no time to go to salon.

REMEMBER, the hair colors sometimes play an important role in highlighting your hairstyles, sometime hairstyles need this and that colors to make them looks great on you and make them looks outstanding.
So here is some tips from me:

1. When you're trying to choose a new hair color, make sure you are choosing in the room with a good lighting, so it will help you choose the right colors.

There're lotsa colors that you can pick, but my favorite hair dye color, of course red, blonde color, and turquoise color.

2. Better please do not choose a color that have more than two-tone color, like this :

(This is only as an example)
unless you want to be such a "punk", ahahaa
be feminine okay, we're a cute girls (uiks! =P)

3. For gray hair, use a darker color to cover defects. If you use bright colors, let say if you did not dye them overall on your hair, it will seems so freak, flawed and ugly!

4. DO NOT EVER AND EVER dye your hair if you ever colored it with henna @ metallic hair dye before, let it grow and cut it first. Henna is a hair color which is based on organic sources, it does not mix very well with chemical substances in hair dye color.

5. Avoid from continuous swimming in swimming pool @ at the beach, especially after you've just dyed the hair, the reason is, chlorine in the sea water or swimming pool water will react to the chemical substances in your hair color and will consequence to the "mossy hair". In some cases, they can make the hair color looks greenish like the moss, Eww!

6. Still confuse the right color that can satisfy you? well, do some test, cut a few strands of hair, and dye the color on it. This method also will show you if there're any damages on hair caused by the hair dye.

7. If you prefer to just do it at home, make sure always prepare the hair dye kits at your home.

9. Start dying the hair from the center of your head followed by the behind the neck hair.

10. MAKE SURE, use the special shampoo for colored hair to maintain the color. Shampoo for colored hair might be more pricey than the regular shampoo, but if you want to save budget you can use the shampoo for normal hair, but just make sure to choose the gentle shampoo. Always use hair conditioner to prevent from hair damage after you dyed the hair.

Should you want to choose the right hair color based on your skin tone, you can just check it out here.

P/S- If you want to buy the Shiseido Blackmask from me with a affordable price, you can check it out here.

Thanks for you visit,
I love you everyday for those who just visit this blog,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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