Monday, 20 May 2013

SimplySiti Dermagic Beauty Moisturizer

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Hi, pretty and cute readers there!

Recently, I have a fever, want to know what fever it is?? "Hieber Fever"! hahah, actually, its "Ryan Higa" get what exactly I mean here, check his video here, and his youtube channel here ^^
He's not only cute, but he also can make jokes, he does have a sense of humor!
Aww, I love the way he laugh!! Its so DAMN cute and importantly, not fake!

*Slapmyself* (shut up already!)
Hahaha, if I started telling about him, I'll never stop okay. hehe, so better stop already.

Okay, back to the topic now, sometimes skin easily get dry, and from the dryness, it can create a minor wrinkle, especially around the eyes, called "crows feet" =)
Remember one thing, wrinkles really hard to get rid, so better preventing than treating them.
To prevent wrinkles, you MUST always moisturize your skin (in case if your skin easily to get dry)
However, my skin is not a dry skin type, and this is not the main topic today, but of course I assume it as an advice, as some of us might get or already have it as we age =)

By moisturizing our skin, it also can keep our skin healthy and maintain the youthfulness.
See, all baby have a moisturized skin, and it was beautifully supple.

Here is the one of most favorite product in SimpliSiti Dermagic range, Dermagic Beauty Moisturizer.

Dermagic Beauty Moisturiser
This is How it looks
The packaging really looks classy

Experience stress free beautiful skin transformation!

98% women agreed that Dermagic Beauty Moisturiser transformed their skin to be fairer, firmer and more relaxed in just 2 weeks! (Based on research done on 50 women and testimonials from Dermagic users).

This is the first ever magical cream with the power to virtually uplift your mood and unveil a more youthful, fairer and happier you. Formulated with Plant Endorphin, Korean Plant Stem Cell and Advanced Hydro-Collagen, this anti ageing and skin lightening cream not only can delay pre-mature ageing but also gives you that flawless complexion you’ve always wanted.
Indeed, this is the only moisturizer, the first moisturizer ever that using such a great ingredients! ^^

This moisturizer not only can be use as moisturizer itself, but also can be use before you applying BB cream like I do. It will give a more translucent finish.  photo 14_zps9256a16c.png

  • The packaging looks cute and classy to me. ^^
  • not sticky and very nice in texture
  • smell nice
  • make my BB cram application smooth and gives the glowing effect
  • make skin more supple next day when you wear it overnight 
  • Affordable (Only RM44) and if they're in promotion, you can get it around RM 38-RM44, its first price when it was launched is RM60, however now it cost for not more than RM50
  • The only cons that I found is, it does not include the spatula in the packaging, so there're some hygienic issue here
It was already my 3rd purchase of it, and of course I will continuing in buying them.
For day, I'll use this moisturizer before applying my BB cream, and for night before sleep, then I will apply a  Dermagic Eye Cream. Review soon. ^^
You can get it in any drugstores such as Watson and Guardian.

That's all
give it a try,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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