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SimplySiti Dermagic Complete Eye Cream

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Hi, lovelies!

I've just back to my home 2 days ago at morning, and yesterday me straightly done my household chores, well we've leaved the house for 2 weeks straight! (and for 2 weeks I haven't blogging, "dui bu qi"..)
Damn I feel like dying doing these chores, like cleaning my garage, around the house and also the toilet!
and after that I've passed out till this morning. Hahaha, exhausted.

Guys, do you still remember?
I'm promised you that I'll make a review on this SimplySiti Dermagic Complete Eye Cream, but recently, yeah you know that I have not much time because of the rushing in time to complete so many stuff that need to be done. I have a business to handle and work and etc, and now the new Semester is going to start soon, I only have 2 weeks more for that. Sorry yaw guys! >.<

I bought this product about 3 months ago, and I think its doing a great job, you know, I have a bad insomnia, so sometimes I did't sleep for a 2-3 days straightly (I don't know how came I have this)
After 2-3 days passed, sometimes I felt so tired and exhausted like hell, and sometimes dying, my head also felt so dizzy and its hurt, so I will go to bed and sleep (hehe just to refill the energy that have been lost)
and sometimes this consequence to give me a swollen-like puffy eyes, I also have a dark circles under both of my eyes.

I think this product is doing well in treating my problem. I hope this review will help you guys too.

SimplySiti Dermagic Complete Eye Cream
(This is Malaysian Star product produced by Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and all this SimplySiti products was made in Korea)

This eye cream really soothing the skin around my eyes, it also give a youthful, fair and stress-free skin, This unique water-based cream reduces the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines at eye contour. Specially formulated with Plant Endorphin, This cream gives exhilarating effect and promotes stress-free skin from within to achieved Balanced Beauty. Stress-free skin is well hydrated, supple and soft. It allows the eye area to appear more open. Can be used as a base for eye make-up.

With Combination of Korean Plant Stem Cells Technology and Advanced Hydra-Collagen, this eye cream provides long lasting hydration, increase suppleness and skin tissues around the eyes.

All these multi-benefit in 1 eye cream:

  • moisturises
  • stress-free skin
  • reduce appearance of dark circles
  • reduce puffiness (puffiness used to be really cute on Asian faces, but only if it naturally under you eyes, but the puffiness due to the lack of sleep is ugly somehow ^^)
  • Reduce eye contour fine line
  • lift eye contour
  • gives more suppleness
  • radiant glow
 The 3 main active ingredient is:

Plant Endorphin
Specially extracted from plants to induce the production of natural endorphin also known as happy molecules in your skin to promote stress-free skin.

Korean Plant Stem Cells 
Containing over 30 times the antioxidants of normal plants, this wonderful Korean Plant Stem Cells help to regenerate new cells for less wrinkles, fairer, firmer skin and less skin imperfections.

Advanced Hydro Collagen
Extracted from marine fish in the most soluble form for easy absorbtion into your skin to help repair collagen.

it's actually in a whitish creamy texture

It was also absorbed quite fast

This eye cream is not greasy at all, it absorb really fast and really soothing

You can find this at any Drugstores in Malaysia like Watson and Guardian, it only cost for about RM50-RM60 ( I dont really remember the correct price of it, but its just around 50-60 =))
Hope this will help you guys, =)


In this segment I will share with you guys about something that I knew about teenagers skins.
Teenagers skin is really sensitive yet does not having a deep problem, so as the skin is still so young and sensitive (I mean if we did't take care of it, the result will showing faster when we're aging), we (as a teenagers) are recommended to use a mild and Hypoallergenic product. Do you know?
Sometimes a pricey products does give us a skin problem, I know everyone expect that all pricey skin care products will do better, however as a teenagers skin is still too young and mostly hyper sensitive, the pricey products maybe too nutritious for our skin. (In fact, pricey products will do better for aging skin)
We just need to maintain the moisture and the healthiness of the skin, that's why, use MILD products, sometimes a moderate in price products will do better than pricey, the QUALITY is wasn't about the price but the INGREDIENTS, check the ingredients for any product that you are going to buy. (I have this information from the Korean Beauty Expert in Get It Beauty shows, thanks to the TV show ^^)

P/S- Should you want to buy Shiseido Blackmask to cure your blackheads and clogged pores problem, you can buy it for only RM10/5pcs. To know more please click here.
And, I will sell a contact lenses in the near future, I'll write an entry about it soon. ^^

Have a nice day ahead!
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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