Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Deco Puri ♪ ★ Photo Sticker

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Hey guys! ^^

I've been loving Japanese Purikura since I've started to know them a couple years ago, however unfortunately I haven't go to Japan yet, so there's a zero chance for me to try Purikura now! ;-(

Anyway, besides the Purikura there at Japan, now, here we also can edit our pictures into a cute stuff with this android app, Deco Puri Photo Sticker! *yatttaaa~~!!*

(Click on this picture)

DECO PURIho☆photo sticker
This is the App Screenshot ^^

This is one of the example of DecoPuri Photo Sticker's photo that have been edited! ^^

In conclusion, it has a whitening skin effect which is for sure, every japanese girls love it. It also has a blusher! oh soo kawaii! You can edit your pics as well in this App! ^^

I can't explain more, just try yourself and you'll know why japanese people love Purikura (even me love it too, aww..), this one is really resembled to Japanese Purikura photo machine btw! ^^

With Love, 
Bye, Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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