Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Have a Scaly Feet? Want a Solution??

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Last Week I went to shopping mall and I've drop by at Watson.
Suddenly I saw this stuff, it was a foot file ya know.

Well, lately my feet feel a bit dry and the skin is peeled off and it looks like a scale on feet..hahah *Eww gross!*-all because my new dorm still did't have a mat, so we're all walking on a cement floor. That's the cause.

This product is good yet affordable as well, so here it is:

This is how it's look like when its still in packaging

This is how it looks like on both front and back sides

Just Soak your feet into the water to soften the peeled-off-like skin, after that just rub the surface of this foot file on your feet. See how much the dead skin cells coming out. I want to show you guys how much the dead skin cells that came out, but I think it might be gross, so I just forget the intention..ahahaha =P

You can find it at Watson with RM10 *if I'm not mistaken* ^^

With Love,
Zai Jian  ❤ ^^

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