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Japan Origin Bifesta Cleansing Gel For Makeup Cleansing

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You know, since I'm became "older", I have a problem with my skin whenever I used heavy makeup *especially for foundation/makeup base*
I don't have acne though, but I have a little bit problem with whiteheads, this only happen after I used heavy makeup..*soemtimes, if wearing light makeup this problem still appear* Whenever they appear on my skin,  just so hate it and trying to extract them myself by poking onto it with a needle and extract them, but unfortunately it turn out to be really worst as the skin is irritated and this will create a lesion and redness.

Since whiteheads is known as a closed comedone (because it can't be extracted easily as blackhead, its under the skin, to know more read my previous entry about them here)

Whitehead is a bit stubborn to get rid of, compared to blackhead, although you are using a product to make them disappear (it just prevent the new one from appearing, but it won't treat the existing)
Makeup, especially fuondation, BB cream, or any cream or powder..they will completely block the pores, especially if you have a large pores or if you don't splash a cold water to close up the pores before put on makeup. Once the pores is blocked, they will forming into blackheads and whiteheads. The only option to clear the pores is to wash you face with cleansing oil or something greasy first to loose up the dirt in the pores before you cleanse with facial cleanser.

Just cleansing with facial cleanser will never do better than cleansing with cleansing oil at first.
So, here's the Japanese product that have been my favorite all the time, I think after I used this gel cleansing, my skin performance is better, *less whitehead* and its about to vanish ^^

Bifesta/Mandom's Cleansing Gel

Bifesta cleansing gel cleanses powerfully yet remains non-oily, moisturizing and gentle to skin. 8*ontains Mascara & Sebum dissolving agent*, therefore its very superior in cleansing the makeup on skin ^^

This is the description about the product:

This cleansing gel looks like a rice cake when you squeeze them on your palm or when you move the tube up and down and you will see its definitely just like a rice cake, *its not sticky, just looks like a rice cake indeed*

The picture cannot reveal its "rice cake" look, but in reality it does.

The thing that I love the most about this product is, its hypoallergenic, which is suitable even for the most sensitive skin like mine, as a teenagers, plus, if we have sensitive skin, finding the hypoallergenic products is the best way! ^^
I must advice you, please be stronger when you put on this on your face, especially around the nose, the smell is really WTF. hahaha, well I think this is the only cons its has. =)

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