Saturday, 27 July 2013

Japanese Silicone Facial Cleansing Pad: Reducing Blackheads

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Hi, pretty fellow there! ^^

I'm sorry its about a week I'm away..haha
I got a lot to do actually.. and terribly I've experienced a skin disorder (allergy) due to my diet, and of course I also have no idea what causing it to appear. Its even on face! I felt so terrible! 
Even every night I feel like scratching on the infected area like on chin and forehead, so damn itchy.
I think I'll recover after this Eid. uh, such a disaster. But I don't really remember what causing it to happen, is it caused by meat? or chicken? I don't have such allergy on that though. Urm, whatever, but it showing that its healing, that's great then.

Ok, now I'm going to write about this Japanese facial cleansing pad. Its made of silicone =)

Sorry, I don't know either the brand and the description of this product,
all was written in Japanese since I'm not a Japanese. 
I only acknowledged it as a facial cleansing pad  >.< 

This is really soft and comfortable to use when we cleanse the face.

How does it works? 

- Remove blackheads and whitehead on face
- Cleans dirt and cuticle effectively on the face
- Helps remove oil spots on your face with daily use
- Improves blood circulation with brushing lightly and gently
- Helps keep face smooth and tender

So, the question is, does it do a great job?
Yes! it does, this made my skin even more smoother, anyway for some reason, I don't think it can remove so much blackheads and whiteheads which is deeply embedded under skin, it only does greatly remove the ones which surfaced a bit.

However, I'm not really sure about the cuticles (dead skin cells) removing, I'm always using a Japanese Cure Aqua Natural exfoliater, so I cannot be sure that is it don't really remove dead skin cells or no, because I'm always exfoliate my skin so  maybe it'll not work in removing the dead skin cells on me since I don't have many I think, perhaps for other who haven't use any exfoliater will do better I think ^^

Its really great in removing the dirt on skin with its soft "thick fur-like" surface..hahah I really dont know what its really called, so I just named it like that ^^

This is how it looks like in front.

See? This is what the so called "thick fur-like" thingy..hahaha
well, this is the thing that will help in your cleansing process.

And this one is the handle of this stuff,
 which is make it easier for you to hold on it while cleansing the face.

Well, the best I can say this is one of the great stuff to me, I love it! ^^


Affordable for a really amazing product, if I'm not mistaken, RM23.99 and can be found in Watson, really effective and great.


can I say the Japanese description without translation? hahaha, just kidding.
The only cons that I've found is, the handle will gonna be slippery to grab onto while cleansing the face as the facial foam will fall around the handle and make it like spinning around and slippery while using it.

In essence, I really recommend this for those who want to cleanse the face properly without leaving a dirt on skin, as sometimes just cleansing the face by rubbing the hand on the skin would't do any better than using a sponge or this facial pad.

That's it,
Hope will help you guys,
With love,
Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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