Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Korean Elianto Pretty Doll Mascara XXL Volume

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Hi hunny bunny lovelies! ^^

Today is almost completing a week of Fasting for muslim! Happy fasting! =D
Ok, such recently I promise want to make a review for this Mascara. and sorry as always I am, quite busy la..hehe

So, this is it: Korean brand, Elianto Pretty Doll Mascara XXL Volume!

If you can see clearly, the packaging is quite cute although it doesn't looks that glamorous though, the handle is gold in color and it have a cute lace design on the tube and its box, *gosh, the box is too cute to be thrown away..*

To be honest, this mascara kinda really slow to dry, it takes about minute, I can say.
The things that I really love about this mascara is its super slim and short brush which can make the application smooth. However, other than that nothing really special about it.

It does give a full coverage for your eyelashes, it also can make your eyelashes stands out *almost like a false eyelashes ^^*
But the cons that I've found is only its take a minute to dry. Therefore, after application, please don't blink your eyes too much, just let them dry first, unless you want that "emo-like" eyes. hehe

I got this with RM16.9 after discounted *don't really remember leh, but just around the price la*
Actual price is almost RM40, like RM 37.9..*I got this a month ago, I don't really remember the exact price of it, but just around RM40 for sure*

The result is quite satisfying, yet giving that "natural false eyelash-like"...this is the picture of it. ^^

(This is the light application)
As always, I only love to apply any makeup slightly light except when attending any event/function ^^
But if you apply more than I am, I'm convinced that it will make your eyelashes 100% like a false eyelashes.

You can get this at any Elianto stores, of course.

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With Love,
Bye, Zai Jian ❤ ^^

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