Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hi, All! ^^

Yesterday, I'v just returned from Pulau Sibu, Mersing, Johor. got tanned and have seasick..ahaha I've vomited everything after the last ride on boat..the uncle whom drive the boat drive it so brutally, like flying until I felt like shirt also wet caused by the sea water that splashed a bit(not a bit but a lot!) towards me.
Btw, I felt so tired, exhausted and so on. haiz~

Oh ya, I have something I want to show to you guys today, its about this awesome facial sponge called Konjac (konnyaku in Japanese)

Konjac also known as konjak, konjaku, konnyaku potato, devil's tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm, or elephant yam, is a plant of the genus Amorphophallus. It is native to warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia, from Japan and China south to Indonesia.

Picture of Konjac

In Japan, Japanese use it in their cuisine at first, they use it to create a jelly and flour, but after that, they've discovered that this thingy can also be a material in facial sponge, as they are pure and have a goodness towards skin and environment.
This Konjac Sponge is designed to be used as an Cosmetic Tool for your skin. Made from 100% Konjac (Konnyaku) Plant root, this sponge can be used as a skin care product. It eliminates toxins, nourishes and moisturizes skin too. This Konjac Sponge can lasts up to 2 months and best of all, it is safe to use as it is manufactured through a natural process.It works even without using any detergent. If you don't believe me you can try it. ^^

The use of this stuff can delicates your skin and protect it by moisturizing it, most importantly its very convenient to use.

Nature Republic Konjac Sponge

The packaging (front)

The packaging (back)
All in Korean and I don't understand..hahaha

(front look)
Nowadays, there're already lotsa Konjac sponge's brands, but all is the same =)
Just up to you to choose which brand you like, I'm using Konjac sponge from Nature Republic,
if you can see in that picture, this sponge looks very moist and beautiful, hehe

(back look)

You just need to wet it with water before using it, and put a small amount of your facial foam,
and lather it on your face.
it'll feel so moisturize and delicate.

Remember, skin need to be wash with facial foam together with a facial sponge, as it will remove the dirt more efficiently better that just using a hand, when you create a big foam to wash over face, that's what make your skin more delicate and clean. Skin is very sensitive, so we need to clean it while protecting it. Using a facial sponge will more protecting the skin while, especially using this 100% natural facial sponge. All I can say, its good for skin and even can prevent acne and cure it.

I ordered this on Gmarket ( for only RM30.00. But it takes time to arrive to me, almost 4 weeks (direct from korea). I want it so much but I did't know that in Watson we can also find this. That's why I ordered online. After I ordered it, I go to Watson to find some beauty products and I saw one, but from Japanese brand. So, I think maybe many beauty online shop in Malaysia already sell this now, but the brands may vary. Some may from Japan and some from Korea. But all just the same thing. If you not willing to buy online, you can just find it in Watson, the price is about RM23.99 there, if I'm not mistaken. =)

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Hi, Darling!

Firstly, sorry for being away for almost 2 weeks, perhaps! >.<
During Raya, busy for its preparation and "rumah terbuka" stuff, and after that go visit my family of my dad at Yala, Thai. Then go back to KL and then take a bus to JB,...quite hectic huh?? Plus, after returned to my college, need to do this and that..woah, such a chairman already!..(hahaha, nah, kidding, but seriously I've been quite busy back then...)
Poor me ;-(

Anyway, all time-wasting talk aside, I've prepared something for you guys, maybe its quite cliche, but I think its not that cliche..hahaah, I mean I wasn't really outdated, just make review a bit late maybe..but its still a useful information, right? ^^

Few month ago, I've bought Etude House products, called as Princess Etoinette Series, which is a limited edition for Winter 2012, but I've bought it a bit late, it was on Jun 2013 (I ordered it on Jun, and got it arrived to me on July..urh..such a long period of waiting). First, I still don't have enough money on that time, this limited edition was really expensive, so I think I should collect some money first to buy it, but then I've managed it, but suddenly, I've found a place where I can have it directly from Korea with a really huge price difference, (its not fake eh, its genuine)..maybe they can give more reasonable price since it was directly from Korea, its manufacturing country, I guess so. It was called Gmarket, where I bought these Korean stuff.

Lets start reviewing now ^^

Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder

The logo of Etude, which is the one I admired the most! ^^

I really love its puff which is really soft and made of goat's wool, even its come with a pink ribbon and lace patterned..
So cute~ ^^

Just peel this sticker off to use it.

This powder is nice but not the best because I've tried many kinds of brands already, and there's still a lot
of powder which is better than this one, however I think I still love it just because of its attractive, pink, princessy look and packaging, This one cost RM50 (in Gmarket) and RM159.99 in Etude House store (its only can be found at a certain outlet on 2012 winter ago if I wasn't mistaken, but anyway its already cleared up now since its a limited edition, but you still can find it in Gmarket a.k.a
I don't find anything so special about it till it cost RM159.99..(well, maybe all the cost went for its packaging)

This powder is shimmery, which can give a dewy effect.
I'm not sure whether you can see that in this picture. But there's a hint of the shimmer in it.

Princess Etoinette Heart Blusher

The container and design is still the same as Crystal Powder one, just the color of its container, this one is pink and the powder is white in color.
And also its puff, this heart blusher come with a fluffy puff, and its not in lace design, but it still have that cute pink ribbon on. ^^
However, this heart shaped blusher is really fragile, If you shake it so hard (before open) it will break into a pieces, and it'll never looks like a heart shape anymore..I'm carefully put the heart shaped blusher into the container with full of "care and love"
just to make sure its not broken,..hahaha
This one is RM50 also in Gmraket and also RM159.99 in Etude House store (I'm just stating the price they sell in their outlets during winter 2012, doesn't mean its still available there, its already cleared up after they sold it out on winter 2012 ago)

The color I chose is  #PK001 Pink Petal Kiss, it comes in two colour, Pink (the one I have) and Orange (#OR201)

Princess Etoinette Heart Highlighter

This one is Heart shaped highlighter.
Its also similar to Heart Blusher, the container color, heart shaped and the fluffy puff.
Just the color of heart differentiate it, which is this one is white in color (a highlighter of course), and the heart blusher is pink in color.
I'm a bit upset with it btw, because its already broken a bit (look at the picture, before I place the heart into the container, there's a middle one which is broken, looks like a broken hearted..ahahaa)
but never mind, its only one out of all, so that's still fine.
Maybe during the journey it fall or shaken a bit.
Price is still the same, RM50 in Gmarket and RM159.99 in Etude House store.
However, even the mini tape is in Etude House logo (first picture on right)
cute right? ^^

I think, I just love the packaging of this series the most!
I don't care on what price will they put, I'll definitely buy it..if they're about to release a new product with such this cute,princessy design and packaging...
Oh Etude~ Take all my money please!! >.<

 From Left: Box of Heart blusher, Heart Highlighter and Crystal Powder.

From Left: Box of Heart blusher, Crystal shine lips, Heart Highlighter and Crystal Powder
Look at this! even the design of its box was this cute, I'll definitely never throw away this box! hahaha >.<

Comparison of Heart Blusher+Heart Highlighter vs Crystal powder..

Princess Etoinette Crustal Shine Lips

I chose color POR202
This crystal shine lips really moisturizing and the color is really cute, even the design of the packaging
is super cute too..
(Suddenly I thought I was a princess to use such cute makeup!..hahaah)
This one cost for RM40-RM50 in Gmarket. In Etude store...hurm..I don't go for survey that day..hahaha..sorry >.<

That Logo I admired the most again! ^^

Cute wasn't it?? >.<
With this kind of design, I think I could die for its overloaded cuteness!

The box, will never ever be threw away by me! hah!
Princess Etoinette Brush Collection

 The front of brush collection's box 

  The back of brush collection's box

What I love the  most about this brushes is, the bristle is soft (although at first a few bristles have fallen off, but after I clear the fallen off pieces, they worked really nice =)
They came in 3 brushes,  Fan brush, Blush brush and lip gradation (erk, this one is sponge and not considered as brush..heheeh, sorry)
This is what I love from Etude, they're creative enough to create a new applicator for lips, before, we only knew about lip brush, now we can also use this sponge to cater the lips on..
This one cost RM80 in Gmarket and about RM195 in Etude store..

I also love their brushes handle, which is the brush sealed is gold in color and the handle was in pink with the Etude Logo's on! Looks classy and princessy enough huh? ^^
 Even the material of its case also really good in quality, haih..I'm so amazed by this series!

This is the Lip gradation. Just work the same as lip brush actually, the only difference is its a sponge.

This is how it looks like.

This is how the Princess Etoinette Brush collection's case looks like, it was tied with a ribbon, with a pink and white lace design, made of goat's wool..*amazed*
(I'm truly feeling that I'm a angel princess which is fallen down from Angel Kingdom right now!)

Princess Etoinette Tear Eyeliner Set

I bought Set 02, which is brown eyeliner with pink tear liner,
Set 01 have black eyeliner and white tear liner.
This eyeliner is waterproof, so I can swim using this eyeliner..hahaha..(straight-to-the-point conclusion)
It only cost RM60 in Etude..hurmm not sure my dear.. 

This is the tear liner...and again, in love with its packaging over again..hahaha

This is Brown eyeliner~
Love the Logo so much3! cuteness overload! >.<

 I made a comparison, to show how much "brown" it was in color when applied on skin, the Maybelline Hypersharp Liner that I used is in black, so its slightly different as you can see, although it was similar in color (when you apply on your eye, it will give more natural look actually)..I bought set 02 because I never used a brown eyeliner before, I just think I just would love to try that's why I bought it. ^^

Princess Etoinette Comb + Mirror

Mirror, Mirror...who is the princess of the angel's kingdom?
*Aww faint!*

Hahaha..this is the comb and the mirror, I've already have many mirror and comb, but, since its included in this series, I think I should buy it..but the comb is really small, different from what I've imagined when I looked at the pictures, was about a finger long! but still love it as its really cute and pink in color. 

The mirror also cute, with Etude logo's on, and the gold+pink color with the princessy design..aww
Why etude made such a cute products??! can't even stand for their cuteness!
This one was RM40 in Gmarket.

Princess Etoinette Makeup Pouch

This is the makeup pouch, which is suitable for travel, its compact and small.
The design and material is also cute and high in quality, just like the brush collection case, which is its also have lace design,
made of wool and the inner part have the only small compartment for makeup brush.
This one only cost RM30 in Gmarket ^^

Since I bought so many stuff (I spent my money for about RM500 to buy all of these in Gmarket) 
Can you imagine if I buy it in Etude House store? maybe I'll spend over than that..such a really pricey stuffs, but I don't mind it, as long as I love it..hehehe did't I said, if it was for Etude, I'm giving all my money for it? hahahaha ..

The seller also nice for giving me so much sample (yalorh, I spent for RM500, at least give me some gift lah for sure, right.) 
Even this lovely Etude hair tie..OMG! XOXO! hahaha ^^

And Finally, the most loved by me, based on its Design~..these two pictures above..^^

However, I'm still sad, I can't buy their Rose Brush, because is already out of stock..haih..I'm a bit late..I though I would have sad..
BTW, they also have other stuff in this series, like candle, bath bar and also nail polish.

This is the picture of the Rose brush, bath bar, candle and the nail polish.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Hi darls!

We're now almost to Eid! Yeah!! I've already get home relieved..although yesterday something "burning" me happened, but manage to solve it with my friend  >.<

Anyway, puasa tak habis lagi tau, puasa jangan tak puasa...hahaha

Hey, do you know Panasonic? oops silly me, I think nobody never heard about Panasonic, well even a small kid know it, it was a brand of electronic stuff. They also sell beauty devices, like automatic eyebrow razor, hair shaver, and also including heated eyelash curler such the one that I have. ^^

This is how this stuff looks like, that pink thingy is the cap.

This heated eyelash curler only needs double A (AA) battery for it to turn it on. No cable ok.
You just need to put on mascara, leaved it to dry first, and use this eyelash curler, no need to clip it to curl the lashes like the typical one like this..
This one is really will mess up your mascara, and if you clip it before the mascara dried up, it will consequence to the damage lashes, as your lashes will fall off..and the result is not professional in look and only can last about half an hour before its getting back to its shape. That's why I'm highly recommend heated one. With the heat, it will do better, as hair (eyelashes) will follow the shape that we want, and last for even 10 hours long. This thing work as same as hair styler. When they produce heat, the heat will allow the hair to follow the shape as we wanted, it can shape the hair the best I can say.

If you can see, the parallel line is the one which work to shape the lashes, as the "mascara brush"
apply on your eyelashes like you're applying mascara.

when you turn it on, you should wait for a second until the light turned (purplish-pinkish)
This is the picture of the button to turn them on and off, and also the light port behind the head of the parallel line which is functioning to show you when its ready to use.

Turn On/Off button

Off-Purplish color

On-Pinkish color

This is where we insert the battery:

Battery port.

This stuff also included with mini brush for cleaning purpose, if you always use it, of course it will get dirtier because its always attached with mascara. This mini brush really helpful in cleaning it. 

This is how you can clean it.

I got this from my mum as a gift on my birthday, she knew I love beauty stuff and anything related, so she bought one for me for about RM50, because this beauty device is really small, but I heard the price is depend on what shop did you buy it from. But it's just around RM50-RM60..I'm pretty sure not over than quite affordable and not overly expensive. compare to manual one which can cost you over RM80 depending on what brand did you buy. My mum bought it in Parkson KL, (well, don't really sure where she bought but she told me in Parkson, and at that time we're in KL)

But you can definitely buy from any electronic shop, go for survey first for sure =P. This stuff not only can be found in Panasonic brand, there're lotsa them. However, I prefer to choose Panasonic for their quality. ^^

Hope you will find it helpful
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