Friday, 2 August 2013

Review: Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler

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Hi darls!

We're now almost to Eid! Yeah!! I've already get home relieved..although yesterday something "burning" me happened, but manage to solve it with my friend  >.<

Anyway, puasa tak habis lagi tau, puasa jangan tak puasa...hahaha

Hey, do you know Panasonic? oops silly me, I think nobody never heard about Panasonic, well even a small kid know it, it was a brand of electronic stuff. They also sell beauty devices, like automatic eyebrow razor, hair shaver, and also including heated eyelash curler such the one that I have. ^^

This is how this stuff looks like, that pink thingy is the cap.

This heated eyelash curler only needs double A (AA) battery for it to turn it on. No cable ok.
You just need to put on mascara, leaved it to dry first, and use this eyelash curler, no need to clip it to curl the lashes like the typical one like this..
This one is really will mess up your mascara, and if you clip it before the mascara dried up, it will consequence to the damage lashes, as your lashes will fall off..and the result is not professional in look and only can last about half an hour before its getting back to its shape. That's why I'm highly recommend heated one. With the heat, it will do better, as hair (eyelashes) will follow the shape that we want, and last for even 10 hours long. This thing work as same as hair styler. When they produce heat, the heat will allow the hair to follow the shape as we wanted, it can shape the hair the best I can say.

If you can see, the parallel line is the one which work to shape the lashes, as the "mascara brush"
apply on your eyelashes like you're applying mascara.

when you turn it on, you should wait for a second until the light turned (purplish-pinkish)
This is the picture of the button to turn them on and off, and also the light port behind the head of the parallel line which is functioning to show you when its ready to use.

Turn On/Off button

Off-Purplish color

On-Pinkish color

This is where we insert the battery:

Battery port.

This stuff also included with mini brush for cleaning purpose, if you always use it, of course it will get dirtier because its always attached with mascara. This mini brush really helpful in cleaning it. 

This is how you can clean it.

I got this from my mum as a gift on my birthday, she knew I love beauty stuff and anything related, so she bought one for me for about RM50, because this beauty device is really small, but I heard the price is depend on what shop did you buy it from. But it's just around RM50-RM60..I'm pretty sure not over than quite affordable and not overly expensive. compare to manual one which can cost you over RM80 depending on what brand did you buy. My mum bought it in Parkson KL, (well, don't really sure where she bought but she told me in Parkson, and at that time we're in KL)

But you can definitely buy from any electronic shop, go for survey first for sure =P. This stuff not only can be found in Panasonic brand, there're lotsa them. However, I prefer to choose Panasonic for their quality. ^^

Hope you will find it helpful
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