Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hi, gorgeous fellow there! ^^

Two days ago I went to KL, as what I already told you guys in my previous post.
I take the bust at 11 PM on Sep 13th and arrive at 4 AM Sep 14th, but I just sit at TBS and wait till 6.30 AM. (because I want to take a train and its opened at 6.30)
And, after that I went straight to train station and take a KTM to Pasar Seni, because I'm already booked a hotel there.
Of course, alone made me a bit confuse with the train, firstly I did't make a stop at the station which is the one I should make a stop (wrong way) but then met up with the nice Auntie and she told me the direction and finally got there (Pasar Seni Station)..but once again have a wrong way while searching my hotel (I walk from Pasar Seni)....hahahaha...=P
But then, also managed to find my hotel. ^^

The hotel is just so-so btw.After I have a shower, I just wait till 3 PM, because my friend said, he want to sleep for a while, and I understand that he must be tired. But then, he overslept until 4.30 PM....hahaha. We made a promise to meet up at Pasar Seni Station. *and this is where I got lost again =P*

We already  have a contact no. of each other, we've exchanged it through FB, then after that he call me..this is so hilarious, I don't know if he saw and notice me already or what but he asked me on the phone "where are you? bla3..."..then I thought he have lost his way, then I want to go to where he is, but once I turn back..he already there behind me and smile......OK, I'm surprised and thats funny..*Lmao*
and I lmao on the spot at that time there.
(while searching and got lost, I'm all soaked in sweat, damn its really hot there ya know huh??)

Because He said he want to go to the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower, then I took him there, both of us went there by train.
He take a lot of Pics there and we share a lot of stories..he even try to learn Malaysian language and cultures, and I think he's very kind and have a good attitude, he understand muslims really well too, then that's what made me comfortable to befriend with him, he said, he also have a muslim friend. =)
Before we go to the next destination, we have a drink first at DOME cafe.

Next, we go to KL tower, and when its a dinner time, both of us together eat "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa" at Kampung Bharu, because he said he want to try a Malay food. I suggested "nasi lemak", as its a No.1 Malaysian most famous cuisine, and...he love it and he said "Oishi". =)

But I'm a bit aggrieved, I want to take him to more places of interest, but its already late, when we go to KLCC its already almost 5 PM, so it cannot be helped then.

He also gave me a gift he brought from Japan, and I really love and appreciated it. Actually, I'm also want to buy him something too, but I forgot it, but then when we walk at Petaling street, I saw a KLCC Twin Tower souvenir, and I bought it for him. From what I saw, he's a very kind man, he want to pay all things for me, which is I think I'm the one who should pay for him because he came as a tourist, while I'm the one who guide him to take a tour.

This is my friend, His name is Akitake Nobutada (I call him Nobu-san )
In this photo we're at Dome Cafe.

I really love the style of this cafe ^^

In front of the Suria KLCC

In front of the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower

This is at KL tower..We asked the taxi driver to take a photo of us,
but he did't snap the KL tower behind us a background (damn, its just behind us, hahaha), maybe its so high,
and we could't fit the picture from on top in the camera.

The gift from him, he brought it from Japan, He's so nice and I'm really appretiate this gift.
Doumo Arigatou ne! >.<
(But I wonder where did he know I love Shiseido?)
And for the Kit Kat one, this green tea flavored cannot be found in Malaysia ya, you only can found it in Japan.

Last but not least, its a first time ever I go out with a guy friend, and that day was a very enjoyable day ever! >.<

Before you leave, I have something for you guys,
Please scroll down and take a look,
Read and compare yourself,
If you interested and want to know more about it,
Just click on the link at the end of the info-graphic, ^^

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Have a nice day too, 
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hi, guys!

Today I felt so happy, actually, for the last semester, I've got a quite good CGPA for my final exam compared to my CGPA in semester 1, and my academic adviser(PA) gave a prize for those in our class who got an "AKJ"-a.k.a "Anugerah Ketua Jabatan".
I felt so honored to receive it, at least, I know my effort last semester have a value in our PA's heart. =D

Although it was a simple present, but I'll still appreciate it, Thanks for our PA
We Love U! ❤❤❤ XOXO (。◕‿◕。) 

Just a short entry as sharing my honored feeling,
Thanks for reading,
Enjoy your day,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

Hi, guys!

Long time no see huh? oh, I can't see you for sure, I'm even can not see your face, I'm just typing a word here and there...hehehe
I haven't been so busy, just...ya a bit la ok, but its still not so much..and what most exciting me is, this weekend, on Sep 14th & 15th, I'm going to see my friend at KL, he's Japanese.. >.<
Well, I hope that the meeting will be smooth and I've promised him to take him to look around.
We're not going on a "date" ok, I'm just his "tourist guide" time I'll visit him at Japan as a return..Sugoi
na? hehe ^^
I'll post again a new entry for sure after meeting him this weekend. ^^

Now, I'll proceed a review about this Tony Moly Finish Loose Powder, its also one of my favorite loose powder. It's very light in application, so easy to be spread over the face and oxidize quickly to skin tone, not like the others finish loose powder, which is really slow to oxidize and it will make the skin tone of the face and neck look different and bizarre, like a "too white" face for the actual skin tone. That's really freak if you use makeup too way white that can show a really different color of your neck and face. Eww!~

What so special about this Loose Powder is, it was mixed with a bit of micro highlighter which can give you an outstanding look, a smooth finish with a natural dewy effect.

In this picture, you can see that you can choose whether to apply on your face with the provided puff,
or apply the powder with the powder brush of your own. =)

It have a sticker on it when you open it for the first time, just pull the sticker away and you can tap the jar on the cover to make the powder out from the jar-it have a cap with a tiny holes.

In picture, the application will look so smooth and dewy (I'm sure you can see that dewy look ^^), such how my skin look.
and indeed, in reality its also really smooth in application and I just so in love with it! ^^

And today, I got a new sample again, here it is, Etude House CC cream (correct&care) and precious mineral BB cream cotton fit in W13 and N02 ^^

After I've try this one, I'll make a new post about it..=D
(Omg, there's still a lot of sample I got from the sponsorship and as a gift from the stuff I've bought recently,
and still did't try it yet, I wonder how can I finish it all to make a next review..hurm..>.<)

That's all for now,
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hii, fellow! >.<

I was't recover from my tanned skin yet! hahaha, I'd found that tanned skin is quite sexy somehow, just was't look that great on me btw, so wish to recover from it quickly..hahaha

Maybe this is just a short post from me, as its not much to tell about this thingy, but its my most favorite out of the others of my lip glosses and lip balms.

This is it, the above picture is obviously the cupcake lip gloss one, the brand is "Bloop".
You can find it at SOGO KL at only RM20 each.
The ice cream one is from Silkygirl, it's very affordable, only at RM9 and can be found at Watson@Guardian, Malaysia.

There's not much things to explain about lip glosses & lip balms actually, its all doing the same as other lip glosses and lip balms, which is moisturizing your lips. but only the color and design which is different, the Bloop cupcake lip glosses that I've bought is in strawberry and cherry flavor, the color also stated the flavor. The purplish one is cherry, and the pink one is strawberry. When you put it on your lips, both is the same, they looks like a clear lip gloss with a little hint of its color, but it's shimmering and smells so yummy!! >.<

The  Ice cream one is creamy, yet smells so yummy too! I love this! feels like wanna eat it whenever I wear it! but this is weird to be wore when you go out, it looks you're using ice cream on your lips? yes it does, maybe you can just wear it at night before sleep for moisturizing purpose, or if you do want to wear it when go out you still can, just wear it lightly and it will looks pinkish and nice, if you wear too much it will looks like "ice cream" lips. We may love it, but people will think its weird. Hahaha....

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hi, pretty!

I'm here once again, you know guys, few weeks ago I'd a rashes all over my face, and it did leaved a scars, and I've managed to reduce them a bit by bit using this Dermatix®  gel ^^

What is a scar?

Scar formation is a natural part of the healing process and occurs when the skin repairs wounds caused by accident, surgery or disease. The more the skin is damaged, the longer it takes to heal and the greater the chance of a noticeable scar.

The way a scar forms is affected by age, location and certain genetic factors. Younger skin is more susceptible to over-development when healing, resulting in larger, thicker scars. Initially, a scar can appear red and thick, and then may gradually fade over time.

The build-up of scar tissues do not only change the skin visually but also leads to limited functional movements.

If you or someone you know has a scar, you're probably aware how distressing and disfiguring they can be, and just how seriously they can undermine self-confidence.

Any scar, regardless of its size or location, can be perceived as a personal problem. Some may learn to accept their scar, but many never forget it. It is widely accepted by psychologists that proactively treating to reduce the visibility of a scar can actually help boost self esteem.

Most people are unaware that there are treatments available to improve the appearance of scars, making it virtually unnoticeable.

Problems with scars

Scars may take up to 18 months or longer to flatten and fade after injury. There are also bad, problematic scars that may have the following effects:
  • Grow bigger
  • Remain red/dark and elevated without fading
  • Cause discomfort, itching or pain
  • Restrict the movement of a joint
  • Cause distress because of appearance

What is Dermatix®?

Dermatix® is an advanced topical scar treatment used and recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and leading specialists worldwide, to effectively reduce scarring. It is clinically tested and proven to lighten, soften and flatten scars, and relieve the itching and discomfort associated with them.
Dermatix® is easily applied to most areas of the body, including the face, joints and other parts of the skin. It is available in 7g and 15 g tubes and can be obtained with or without a prescription.
Dermatix® has unique advantages over other scar treatments. It is effective for the management and prevention of elevated scars (hypertrophic and keloid) and has also been successfully used to manage scars resulting from trauma, burns and surgery.

The Benefits of Dermatix®:

* Cosmetics can be applied over Dermatix® when dry
* Suitable even for sensitive skin
* Safe for use in children
* Transparent, odourless
* Easy to apply - no pain
* Easy twice-daily application
* Direct continuous contact with skin provides improved scar management
* Ideal for irregular skin/scar surfaces and moving parts: joints, face
* No maceration

This is how this stuff looks like.

Its really small, even the tube is smaller than my nail polish size.
its only 7g in weight.
But it can last a months, because we only use in small amount on the scars, no need too much,
as the small amount is even worked more than you put much.
So, only put a small amount, do not put too much, this thingy is not cheap, you should not waste it. =)

This is before and after picture. NO EDIT.
So, judge yourself! ^^
(2 weeks of use)

For detail information, visit

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