Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bloop Cupcake Lip Gloss & Silkygirl In-Pot Ice Cream Lip Balm

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Hii, fellow! >.<

I was't recover from my tanned skin yet! hahaha, I'd found that tanned skin is quite sexy somehow, just was't look that great on me btw, so wish to recover from it quickly..hahaha

Maybe this is just a short post from me, as its not much to tell about this thingy, but its my most favorite out of the others of my lip glosses and lip balms.

This is it, the above picture is obviously the cupcake lip gloss one, the brand is "Bloop".
You can find it at SOGO KL at only RM20 each.
The ice cream one is from Silkygirl, it's very affordable, only at RM9 and can be found at Watson@Guardian, Malaysia.

There's not much things to explain about lip glosses & lip balms actually, its all doing the same as other lip glosses and lip balms, which is moisturizing your lips. but only the color and design which is different, the Bloop cupcake lip glosses that I've bought is in strawberry and cherry flavor, the color also stated the flavor. The purplish one is cherry, and the pink one is strawberry. When you put it on your lips, both is the same, they looks like a clear lip gloss with a little hint of its color, but it's shimmering and smells so yummy!! >.<

The  Ice cream one is creamy, yet smells so yummy too! I love this! feels like wanna eat it whenever I wear it! but this is weird to be wore when you go out, it looks you're using ice cream on your lips? yes it does, maybe you can just wear it at night before sleep for moisturizing purpose, or if you do want to wear it when go out you still can, just wear it lightly and it will looks pinkish and nice, if you wear too much it will looks like "ice cream" lips. We may love it, but people will think its weird. Hahaha....

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