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Korean Stuff: Tony Moly Finish Loose Powder


Hi, guys!

Long time no see huh? oh, I can't see you for sure, I'm even can not see your face, I'm just typing a word here and there...hehehe
I haven't been so busy, just...ya a bit la ok, but its still not so much..and what most exciting me is, this weekend, on Sep 14th & 15th, I'm going to see my friend at KL, he's Japanese.. >.<
Well, I hope that the meeting will be smooth and I've promised him to take him to look around.
We're not going on a "date" ok, I'm just his "tourist guide" time I'll visit him at Japan as a return..Sugoi
na? hehe ^^
I'll post again a new entry for sure after meeting him this weekend. ^^

Now, I'll proceed a review about this Tony Moly Finish Loose Powder, its also one of my favorite loose powder. It's very light in application, so easy to be spread over the face and oxidize quickly to skin tone, not like the others finish loose powder, which is really slow to oxidize and it will make the skin tone of the face and neck look different and bizarre, like a "too white" face for the actual skin tone. That's really freak if you use makeup too way white that can show a really different color of your neck and face. Eww!~

What so special about this Loose Powder is, it was mixed with a bit of micro highlighter which can give you an outstanding look, a smooth finish with a natural dewy effect.

In this picture, you can see that you can choose whether to apply on your face with the provided puff,
or apply the powder with the powder brush of your own. =)

It have a sticker on it when you open it for the first time, just pull the sticker away and you can tap the jar on the cover to make the powder out from the jar-it have a cap with a tiny holes.

In picture, the application will look so smooth and dewy (I'm sure you can see that dewy look ^^), such how my skin look.
and indeed, in reality its also really smooth in application and I just so in love with it! ^^

And today, I got a new sample again, here it is, Etude House CC cream (correct&care) and precious mineral BB cream cotton fit in W13 and N02 ^^

After I've try this one, I'll make a new post about it..=D
(Omg, there's still a lot of sample I got from the sponsorship and as a gift from the stuff I've bought recently,
and still did't try it yet, I wonder how can I finish it all to make a next review..hurm..>.<)

That's all for now,
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  1. Hi,
    Do you know the source where the hydrolyzed collagen in the face mix loose powder come from? I have recently bought it and realize there is collagen in it but i dont know whether its frm animals like pig or plants or marines. :( tried emailing them but no reply. From the photos that u posted it looks sooo nice! Hope you can help me if you have any idea about it. Thank you. :)

    1. Hi there! thanks for reading my blog, really appreaciate that! XOXO ^^
      From what I know, collagen are normally produced from plants and marines, mostly marines i must say, especially a beauty product from korea, because the most collagen was imported from japan, which is I believe Japanese use marines collagen the most because they have the most marines sources. If they use a collagen from animal, they normally stated it on the product description and packaging, but dont worry my dear, If they use anything from animal, they will write it down already on the description. But if you want to make sure about it, you can contact the lab for a confirmation. Thank you =)


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