Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Meet Up With Japanese Friend

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Hi, gorgeous fellow there! ^^

Two days ago I went to KL, as what I already told you guys in my previous post.
I take the bust at 11 PM on Sep 13th and arrive at 4 AM Sep 14th, but I just sit at TBS and wait till 6.30 AM. (because I want to take a train and its opened at 6.30)
And, after that I went straight to train station and take a KTM to Pasar Seni, because I'm already booked a hotel there.
Of course, alone made me a bit confuse with the train, firstly I did't make a stop at the station which is the one I should make a stop (wrong way) but then met up with the nice Auntie and she told me the direction and finally got there (Pasar Seni Station)..but once again have a wrong way while searching my hotel (I walk from Pasar Seni)....hahahaha...=P
But then, also managed to find my hotel. ^^

The hotel is just so-so btw.After I have a shower, I just wait till 3 PM, because my friend said, he want to sleep for a while, and I understand that he must be tired. But then, he overslept until 4.30 PM....hahaha. We made a promise to meet up at Pasar Seni Station. *and this is where I got lost again =P*

We already  have a contact no. of each other, we've exchanged it through FB, then after that he call me..this is so hilarious, I don't know if he saw and notice me already or what but he asked me on the phone "where are you? bla3..."..then I thought he have lost his way, then I want to go to where he is, but once I turn back..he already there behind me and smile......OK, I'm surprised and thats funny..*Lmao*
and I lmao on the spot at that time there.
(while searching and got lost, I'm all soaked in sweat, damn its really hot there ya know huh??)

Because He said he want to go to the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower, then I took him there, both of us went there by train.
He take a lot of Pics there and we share a lot of stories..he even try to learn Malaysian language and cultures, and I think he's very kind and have a good attitude, he understand muslims really well too, then that's what made me comfortable to befriend with him, he said, he also have a muslim friend. =)
Before we go to the next destination, we have a drink first at DOME cafe.

Next, we go to KL tower, and when its a dinner time, both of us together eat "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa" at Kampung Bharu, because he said he want to try a Malay food. I suggested "nasi lemak", as its a No.1 Malaysian most famous cuisine, and...he love it and he said "Oishi". =)

But I'm a bit aggrieved, I want to take him to more places of interest, but its already late, when we go to KLCC its already almost 5 PM, so it cannot be helped then.

He also gave me a gift he brought from Japan, and I really love and appreciated it. Actually, I'm also want to buy him something too, but I forgot it, but then when we walk at Petaling street, I saw a KLCC Twin Tower souvenir, and I bought it for him. From what I saw, he's a very kind man, he want to pay all things for me, which is I think I'm the one who should pay for him because he came as a tourist, while I'm the one who guide him to take a tour.

This is my friend, His name is Akitake Nobutada (I call him Nobu-san )
In this photo we're at Dome Cafe.

I really love the style of this cafe ^^

In front of the Suria KLCC

In front of the KLCC Petronas Twin Tower

This is at KL tower..We asked the taxi driver to take a photo of us,
but he did't snap the KL tower behind us a background (damn, its just behind us, hahaha), maybe its so high,
and we could't fit the picture from on top in the camera.

The gift from him, he brought it from Japan, He's so nice and I'm really appretiate this gift.
Doumo Arigatou ne! >.<
(But I wonder where did he know I love Shiseido?)
And for the Kit Kat one, this green tea flavored cannot be found in Malaysia ya, you only can found it in Japan.

Last but not least, its a first time ever I go out with a guy friend, and that day was a very enjoyable day ever! >.<

Before you leave, I have something for you guys,
Please scroll down and take a look,
Read and compare yourself,
If you interested and want to know more about it,
Just click on the link at the end of the info-graphic, ^^

Thanks for reading,
Much love from me,
Have a nice day too, 
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

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