Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hi my honey bunny cutie readers! 

Actually, I'm feeling really unpleasant to talk about this topic, however, I think everyone should know all the facts of body art, especially on how they can affect your life.

Personally, I'm a girl who is practicing a body art as well (I'm not wearing a tattoos btw, I just have my body pierced) I hate to talk about this too..ahaha, but just consider it as a reminder for all of use who is practicing this body art.

I do had my ears pierced, I have 4 on my right ear and 3 on my left ear, and I do ever tried a tongue piercing but I already removed it due to the severe swelling and now the punctured site was healed. See? Now that's why I want all of you get ready to know the facts of body art. It can be seen as a style and fashion of today's lifestyle, however sometimes can be hazardous. Keep that in your mind my cuties.

I also ever wished to have my navel pierced, but I still haven't any time to go for it. I never think that piercing is too painful, maybe others will but not me. However I will never try tattooing, ever. Body piercing is still acceptable for me btw.

To be honest, I never have any problem with my piercing so far, no infection at all. However we still should look down to this practices seriously, as many people already experienced many infection from it.

Read this before you head out to get a tattoo or body piercing just to look 'cool'

Although getting a tattoo or body piercing can be painful, these forms of body art have become increasingly popular, especially among adolescents, young adults and celebrities.

Tattoo come in all shapes, designs and colours, and can be done on just anywhere on the body - the chest, arms, belly, buttocks, ankles, etc. On the other hand, body piercings accessorised with dangling jewellery are more commonly seen on the nose, eyebrow, jaw, lips, upper ear, arm, leg or belly button.

Sporting body art suggests a variety of things, from personal insecurity to the desire to be noticed, to wanting to 'belong', to being seen as adventurous, 'fashionable' or simply different. Some wear body art as an artwork or in defiance of authority, parental or otherwise. For others, it imparts a sense of power, like looking more 'macho' for men or feeling sexier for women.

Whatever your reason, know the health risks associated with permanent tattooing or body piercing are real and significant, especially if it's done under unsanitary conditions.

How prevalent is body art?

A survey in a US university involving 454 students (236 females and 218 males), or 14% of the total enrolment, revealed that 23% of those surveyed had 1-3 tattoos.
Among women, the most popular tattoo sites were the back and arms, and among men, the hands. About 51% of those surveyed had a least one body piercing. About 90% of the men had their ears pierced, while the women who had pierced navels comprised 54%, pierced ears 49% and pierced tongues 27%. Some members of both sexes had pierced nipples, eyebrows and genitalia.

What complications can arise from body art?

Allergic reaction. In people who are sensitive to the tattoo dye, an allergic reaction can occur after they are exposed to the sun, leading to severe itching, redness and swelling.

Keloids and scars. Your body may develop areas of raised, excessive scarring if you are keloid-prone.

Infection. Minor or severe infection may ensue - Including necrotising fasciitis, a painful, flesh-destroying condition - if the needles and instruments used are not medically sterile.

Hepatitis B and C and HIV. If the instruments are contaminated with the blood of an infected person, they can transmit serious blood-related illness, eg, hepatitis, tetanus, and even HIV.

How is an infected pierced body part treated?

Infection of the affected body part is managed by removing the foreign irritant, eg, jewellery, from the pierced area. Washing the part well with water and perhaps, disinfectant and applying antibiotic ointment to the puncture site. For severe infection, wound debridement removal of the rotting tissue - and oral or intravenous antibiotics may be needed.

How is an infected tattoo treated?

Completely removing the tattoo dye pigments is the treatment of choice, either by surgical excision of the infected area or subjecting it to carbon dioxide laser for skin resurfacing.

Are 'stick-on' tattoos safer?

Most definitely. Stick-on tattoos are works of art in themselves. They are colourful, beautifully designed and fairly inexpensive. For those who want to wear tattoos for special occasions because of peer pressure or simply to impress someone, stick-on body art is a safer and healthier choice. Besides, you can wash and peel it off any time you wish.

Are you still wish to go for body art? Its depends on you and the consequences is beyond our expectation actually, however do be cautious with those possibility, just to ensure that you will never regret it later on. 

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hi gorgeous peeps! 

Recently, I read a beauty magazine and found an interesting article, which is the one I'm going to share with you guys today.

I'm always longing to have one, its not that I'm not grateful for what I already have, nor that I want to be someone else, in bracket **(Plastic)**...truly I don't really have a pretty face, I did not envy with other pretty faced girls, I just want to have what I'm longing for, although if I do change my features in future (if), myself will still lie down in me. If you guys wanna know, I really want to have a "chin fillers", "BTA" or something else like that, that can make my chin look sharper..because my face is not beautifully symmetry, by having a more oval face I will be more confident to myself.

Most people (I'm talking about asian as I'm an asian) may want to have "Rhinoplasty"- (Nose job) or maybe "Eye job", but I don't think I need that, well my nose isn't look the best too but I still can accept it as my least I only don't like my chin, I don't want to add another more in my "list"..hahahaha, and I think the only features I satisfied on my face is my eyes, because I have a big and wide eyes, I can say that I have an "Asian wider eyes"..=)

I ever once told my mum to do this injections, she did said, do whatever can make me happy and confident but don't change my face, and also my dad, he said he already like my face, his daughter I'm kinda thinking twice now whether to get it done or not

Btw, do you know what is Cosmetic injections?? I may not have a deep knowledge on it, but I do know certain, maybe the some of quite famous one of these cosmetic injections.

I will write about both of this Non-Surgical Aesthethic Procedures, which is a "Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers" and "Botulinum Toxin Injections".

They have been the feature of numerous talk shows. Celebrities swear by them. But what do you really know about fillers and botulinum toxin injections? Find out about these non-surgical options to the classic 'nip-and-tuck' from an expert.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers 

What are they?

Fillers are substances that are used to replace last skin volume due to disease or ageing. Consultant dermatologist Dr Melinda Tong says hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are the most popular filler substances today as they are similar to one of the component that make up skin. Collagen was once widely used as a filler, but its use has declined because its bovine origins may increase the risk of allergic reactions.

How do they work?

Baby fat, commonly located in the cheeks, is a normal features of youthfulness. As we age, this baby fat slowly starts to disappear. 'When a person is young, the cheeks are plump and they serve as scaffolding to keep the skin taut and 'lifted'.
"Many patients come to see me for fillers because their face has 'dropped', resulting in saggy jowls, hollowing of the lower eyelids and deepening of the lines running from the sides of their nose to the corners of their mouth (nasolabial folds)," says Dr tong. Fillers can be used just about anywhere in the face and body where there is a volume defect, including depressed scars.

How long do they last?

The life-span of a filler depends on the type used. This generally ranges from several months to several years.

Will you experience side-effects?

"it is important to note that fillers that last longer are at higher of causing side-effects." These include lumping, infection and allergic reactions that appear like angry red patches on the skin.

The vast majority of patients who have HA fillers do not have side-effects, apart from occasional mild bruising at the needle site. 
"The ideal filler is one that feels natural and does not cause any reactions."

Botulinum Toxin Injections (BTA)

What is it?

The botulinum toxin is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. In large amounts, this toxin causes botulism, of which there are three types - food-borne, infant and wound botulism - all of which are deadly if untreated. However, small, injected amount can provide controlled weakening of certain muscles to improve skin tone.

How does it work? 

Botulinum toxin (BTA) works on the receptors in the muscles to cause relaxation. Many wrinkles in the upper half of the face are due to the movement of the facial muscles of expression.
"Over the years, due to the repeated contraction of the muscles, the over-lying skin gets pulled into a permanent crease and a wrinkle results," says Dr Tong. Examples of these include crow's feet or smile lines beside the eyes, frown lines in between the eyebrows and surprise lines on the forehead.

"BTA can also be used to create a more oval-shaped face. Some people have square jaws due to prominent masseter muscles (these are powerful muscles that move the jaws). By injecting BTA, the muscles can be reduced in size."

How long does it last?

The effects of BTA can last 3-6 months.

Will you experience side-effects?

Side effect are rare. Mild bruising may occur, which is normal with any procedure that involves needles. In extremely rare circumstanses, eyelid droop or asymmetry of the face may result if the injections are not administered correctly. However, these side-effects will disappear within a few months as the BTA wears off..

If you are considering botulinum toxin injections, speak to your doctor first as it is contra-indicated in some individuals. For example, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or suffer from a neurological condition, you should NOT take BTA injections.

Tips from a dermatologist
Wrinkles and pigmentation both signs of ageing are largely caused by sun damage. Therefore, it is in your best interest to protect your skin from sun damage early on. A good skincare regime is extremely important.

So, do you now feel like having one too? hehehe..anyways, I just write this entry for sharing, so its depend on you whether to undergo it or not, not that I'm influencing you guys to have it..=)

Have a beautiful day anyway!
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hey, beautiful!

Whats up?

On October 17th ago, I've joined a half day trip which is sponsored fully by my institution (only for tourism's student okayy~) hahaha..isn't it fun to be in Tourism Industry huh??

As all of you may already know, I'm studying at Ibrahim Sultan Polytechnic at Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia. So of course on this half day trip we will be just within this region (Johor Bahru). First of all, if you want to know more about Johor just check it out on here.
Btw, this is only a limited knowledge that I have and get from this half day trip. Although its not that many, just accept it as my 2 cents, its still an information and knowledge by the way. Every inches of knowledge does teach you something new, I hope this will be helpful, especially for those who're not from Johor (Malaysian) and also for foreigner who eager to know more on this special State.

Today, we started our trip on 8.00AM and already gathered around on that time, in front of my campus of course. The first place we went was, Kota Iskandar. its a Johor State Administrative center of Malaysia. If I'm about to just give an explanation about it, better you get ready to meditating alone here, because so much to tell about it and it might take over an hours to read them all (because there're might be something else like crap added in..hahaha) . So, for more compact yet simple-to-understand details and information, I will prepare a lot of pictures and link to their websites, both the brochures and all pictures about the places that I have visited on that day (I hope it will really help you guys who interested in tourism). So check that all if you like.

First place should be the:

Kota Iskandar

This wonderful features of building does catch my eyes on it, with its "Moorish-Andalusian" built design. The floor of the front entry also influenced by the Islamic architecture which is in "Tulip" design.

The Above pictures is in front of Kota Iskandar, and all of the below pictures is in the Kota Iskandar's Gallery.


All of my friends enthusiastically listen to the tourist guide explanations.

The view in this gallery is really cool, and the right picture is me, in front of shelves of ancient stamps.

That thing in the shelves is a sword, maybe a Johor royal sword.

This is a conference minutes, the royal Clerk will write whatever is being said at the conference, there will be no single word that will be missed, if three times "OK", then three times is to be written, if you understand the Malay language, you will laugh reading this text of conference minutes. Very funny.

Amazed by this Quran, its really large, and look at the uniform of royal bodyguard.., and please ignore the last picture in this row, its my friend, she's fooling around that time while I'm capturing the pictures..hehehe =)

Again, all of my friends come to this Quran all of sudden and read it, they even fooling around while said, whoever muslim that can't read this is surely the blind one, its really large that all of the contents is clearly can be seen. Hahaha..

With my friend, she have a same name with me..=)
After the tourist guide take us to the Gallery of Kota Iskandar, we're brought upstairs, which is for the usual day, only Sultan can pass by through it, even the royal staff like prime minister also cannot pass by. So, I can say that we're lucky because granted a permission to pass by, not only we can pass by, we're even brought into the conference hall, only specific person can enter this hall for your kind information, and whenever anyone want to enter,  they should put on a formal attire. All the architecture based on the state of Johor, like the pineapple pole, its based on the economy of Johor which is one of the sources is Pineapple.

look at the rooftop, its even a Pineapple-designed one, and if you look at the right picture, you can see, the Al quran with "Allah" word and coat of arms emblazoned on the upper wall.

This is the carpet, the carpet design also based on Islamic-Morish Andalusian design.

FYKI, this is my lecturer, and the blue seat is a Sultan seat, and only sultan can sit on it, so there's a belt of warning "Do Not Enter" around the Sultan seat area.

The Door of the entrance of this hall, its really looks like a Doors of Royal Palace. Look at the right picture, while walking downstairs, I saw a little garden under the stairs. Its like a magical Royal Palace like in the movie, ahaha. ^_^
Below is the pictures when all of us already outside the building.

The design outside the building also not defeated by the inner design. Ignore the fish picture btw hehehe, I just feel like capturing it all of sudden. Below is the pictures in front of the Kota Iskandar, before we leave, I've captured it alot! 

there's a cannon on both side of the front of this Kota Iskandar, its reflecting the symbol of strength.

And..together with my friends taking a picture in front of this 'Kota'.
Below is the brochures of the Kota Iskandar, check that out for more information, click on the picture to enlarge it.

Second place is, "Sanrio Hello Kitty Town", This theme park located next to "Puteri Harbour".

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

This is the first ever Hello Kitty theme park in Asia's which is outside of Japan. This theme park is great for family amusement.


This is in in front of the ticket counter, and the right picture in front of the "Red Bow Cafe" , this cafe is just next to the ticket counter.

That day, we did't enter the theme park, we just been in the hello kitty gift shop, because its already late, we spent for many hours in Kota Iskandar, so we did't go in, the tourist guide just brought us here and tell us about this place, but again, we did't go in.

And suddenly, I saw my favorite place, ToysRus!! hahaha, I'm an adult already but still love this kind of place..and me in front of toy machine, in the right picture..=)

Snap a picture with friends! >.<


Suddenly saw this "Pingu" cute~ I'm always love Pingu cartoon!

This is the Photo booth..1 pcs of picture cost you RM30 and 4 pcs for RM100..wanna buy? hehehe..

In front of the entrance..the cartoon characters is so the left picture..the guy in red shirt is our tourist guide, En. Firdaus..^_^

Picture with friends again, acting like a models..hahaha..and in the right picture is me with my lecturer, she teach me a tourist guiding technique subject in my course.

In front of the gift shop, there's a fountain, just next to the fountain is a view of "Puteri Harbour"..its just next to each other..and please ignore the right picture, its just a picture in the toilet..right after I washed my face, coz I'm wearing a quite heavy makeup, and the afternoon turn out to be too sunny and its damn hot..I feel like my face can't breath anymore and my makeup is already comes I just wash it off already..luckily I always bring my makeup remover and face wash foam in my bag..=)

Not far away from the gift shop, I've found my favorite japanese restaurant!! Sushi King!!..with the replica outside the restaurant, I'm already drowned in my own saliva..*Drooling*..hehehe
This is the floor map for this place, click enlarge for a better reading.


This is the floor map of the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. Below is the pictures of another brochures.

Puteri Harbour

Located in Nusajaya, Johor, Just next to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. For more just check that out here. I've also provided some pictures and brochure about it.

And also, some pictures of it.

After that, we go to Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque, this mosque is like a legend to Johor, its very famous once in a while back then. I love the architecture..looks kinda unique and FYKI, you can see Singapore clearly next to this mosque =)

Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque

The girl in the right picture is my friend..=)


Look at the design and architecture..Its British-like..and its beautiful...=)

And..Beyond the words! I can see Singapore clearly by standing next to Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque! 
Actualy, I've been in Singapore for quite long time ago..and planning to go once again there! =)

The next destination should be....

Danga International Convention Centre

First of all, its just next to Danga Bay, and for your kind information, everyone in Johor is very familiar with this place. Even if you just trying to said "Da~".. they already answered "Danga Bay!"..hahaha...Magic? nah, its one of the famous places in Johor btw. How can a Johorian did't know it kan?

This is the site that introduce us about "Iskandar's Projects" including the plan for future building and sites, its all based in "Iskandar's Projects" of Johor, I'm kinda amazed by it, in the same time I'm also amazed by this unique and high technology featured convention centre.

This is the floor, it was a touch screen and covered with glass, and we can walk on it as well (on glass)..I was like *owhh! bloody hell, its moving!* >.< Quite surprised becaused normally we did't walk on something like this..its not that I'm too outdated and not modernized okayyy~ >.<

This is what they have in this convention centre. Sorry, the light in that space is kinda like too "romantic"..its like a tungsten light, so hard to take a picture in that kind of lighting with my phone's camera..

Alright then, next gonna be the last place we have in this entry. Its a...


 First of all, this is not from my camera, I take it somewhere like Johortourism website..becasue first, we can't take picture in the art gallery, cameras is absolutely not allowed and second, my phone is ran out of battery thats it..>.<

This is all the places that I've been for that day, I hope it will help a lot..
If there'is something you want to know more or you don't understand or don't get in this entry, you can leave a comment below, I'll get to you ASAP..=)

That's all in this entry,
Hope this will give you some information related to tourism,
See ya in my next entry,
Much love,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

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