Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hada Labo AHA BHA Foaming Wash

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Hi, Tuesday Love! ^^

Only god knows how I miss you all! >.<

Now I'm already almost to the end of this semester, as for university students,... so I hope you all with a good health care, be sure to get enough sleep, if not, all of you will be sick.

I'm sorry I leaved you guys for an almost a month..the hectic life bind me from blogging, I've also need to sit this and that test..makes me tired already and almost have an insanity..hahaha >.<

Whatever, I hope you will manage your time better and please do not be like myself.

Whateva again, I've prepared something to blogging for now, this is about this famous beauty brand.

as you all know I love the range of Shiseido skin care brand from Japan , but due to my skin problems which gets worsen lately, I had to switch to another cleanser. This ( skin problems ) may be due to extremely hot weather in this state of Malaysia 's southern region (Johor)

I must emphasize that I am not facing the problem of acne ( I mean vulgaris acne) , Its just whiteheads (Whiteheads & Blackheads is still an acne but its not a pus filled acne as for your Information, and most people differentiate it from acne) and I have some rashes on here and there on my face (due to the over-sweating face that always getting wet) and it is quite worse, maybe worsen at the certain of time (sometimes my problem is not so serious , but I still looked seriously about my skin care and skin performance, because I'm a beauty blogger, I need a clear face, even if I'm not that beautiful enough, clear face is still important for me) . I prefer "prevent" than "treating" .

As usual, I'm still trying to continuing the usage of the product from the brand of Shiseido aqua label, but the cleanser ingredients is very mild, its worked very fine but its not showing to much changes lately. I'm facing a reality which forcing me to use AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) and BHA ( Salicylic acid) now..as an active ingredients that really effective in dealing with whiteheads and blackheads (I don't have blackheads btw, just whiteheads). Remember, when they said whiteheads and blackheads, please remember AHA and BHA . These two ingredients help to peel off the dead skin cells on skin surface gently to prevent pores from clogging, which is normally caused by a lump of dead skin cells that were not removed and clogging the pores.

Shiseido aqualabel  cleanser's ingredients is too mild, and it was more to protect the already existing skin with blemish-free from getting it to any skin problems. If you read my previous post here, you'd know Shiseido aqua label is of two kinds, "blue" and "red", "Red" tend to be a protectionist to retain moisture, while "Blue" had a scrub in it and it is more suitable for the oily skin, if you are classified in the terms of skin which is "Normal to Dry" .. Please DO NOT try to use the facial cleanser from the "Blue" label, a range of "Blue" that you can absolutely is the others as "White up" and Emulsion cream, but not the cleanser , because it can dry up your skin to become excessively dry, I have tried it before, my skin is also in terms of normal to dry skin.

I'm originally have a blemish-free and very smooth skin without any bumps before, but as I said, the problem of weather totally change my skin texture, my face often sweating because the weather is too hot, and as a result I started to get clogged pores. Although that I'm always following my skin care regime accordingly.

My sisters also use Hada Labo AHA and BHA face wash (not the type of foaming wash which is the one I will show the next but they used the cream type which is in tube) and now it turns their skin to blemish-free. I'm not saying Shiseido is not good, it is always great and still be the number 1 that win my heart, but as my skin texture has changed now, it can not accept the usage of Shiseido aqua label brand anymore. That's it. For your information, I have been using Shiseido for almost 3 years.

Over the past two weeks, I tried to change to Hada Labo's, and what can I say it shows a significant change. I'm quite liking it.

This is the self-foaming type, if I'm not mistaken this is only sold in limited quantity and it's hard to find it
compared to...

This one~ and FYI, this is the one that my Sisters using. =)
This is the cream type, you need to lather it yourself with water to form that bubble, rich foam.

The packaging is really nice and cute, well I love this mini-like shaped with that pump.
(of course they do have pump, its self-foaming wash btw~)

Front & Back

This is the self-foaming bubble, its very rich and cleanse your face thoroughly,
Just push the pump and it will emit this rich foam.

With an intent for you guys to read it clearly, I've zoomed in this picture.

This foaming cleanser have a soda bicarbonate smell. The smell quite sting, but not really that sting. A bit maybe.

Tips from me: do not wash near eyes area, and near the nostril, it sting. if you want to do so, close you eyes closely and make sure it doesn't go into your eyes. its very sting as it does contain AHA & BHA.

This cleanser just gently remove the dirt, however the only matter is, the smell and its sting when it gets into your eyes and nose. But it's working nicely on skin and doesn't dry it up.

Thanks for visiting and do leave a comment if you like it,
Hoping you guys have an enjoyable day,
With Love, 
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

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