Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Phantasee Colour Contact Lens Review

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Hola senorita!

Aww, feeling away so loooong from be honest I'm already started my practical training for this semester..I'm kinda a bit busy with this and that and just have no time to lay down on bed and blogging like before.
But that's okay, as long as I have some time, I will write on this blog again =)

The entry this time is about this soft contact lenses, I'm not going to write very long like 1000km long in this entry because, in bases, I believe every one already knew what is contact lens and how to use it and on and on, however the things what made them special and different is the quality. I must say that a good contact lenses wasn't wearable for too long in time, probably just about 3-6 month disposable. Before, I'm always use contact lens from Freshlook. They're quite expensive but not really that pricey, I mean a bit pricey than other those crap ones and they also a 3 month disposable. The low quality contact lenses are wearable up to a year. The high quality and branded contacts are often comes in a packaging like this, rather than a small glass jar.

This Phantasee colour contact lens is in #Be beautiful blue colour, its not really pretty for the first time I look at it..ahahaha..however when I wear it, its really look stunning on me and I really love the effect it gives.

First time I look at this lens, I'm thinking, how do will I look if I put this on.
However the effect is really pretty and its totally different from what you see once you put on your eyes!

This is How it looks like. I love the dark blue dramatic looks it gives to my eye! >.<

I'm just having fun painting my face using a black gel liner to create a lace masquerade.
This lace mask was inspired by a famous beauty blogger and youtuber, Bubbi from Bubzbeauty (her real name is Lindy Tsang) and I love all of her makeup videos, a big fan of her! ^^
 However I just love to call this look as a "Juliet Look" =)

What can I say is, this contact lens is 3 months disposable, which is nice, because the contact lens that last for a year can give you a consequences as wearing contact lenses too long can cause bacteria accumulating on the lens and ultimately give an adverse effect on the eye. The lens is also super soft, and so far I really love it.

This stuff is given by, they're so nice for giving me this. =)
Check their website out to find more, they sell a lot of beautiful yet high in quality and branded eyewear including sunglasses and contact lenses.

Thank you so much guys for visiting,
I'll talk to you guys soon in my next entry,

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