Thursday, 12 December 2013

Love Beyond Borders..How Far will it Go?

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Hello my sweet caramel!!

A long time leaved and I miss this space again..=)
If you know this blog belong to who then I consider that you will know something about me too....uncluding my race..again...I'm a mixed-blood..however I'm still a muslim...not that telling this to bragging, no I swear to god..just to make it sounds related to the topic I'm going to write for the first time..and also this topic related too much and bring a huge impact towards my life...but I'm still malaysian though..that is why I wrote 'Love Without Borders'..because simply you know that Malaysia is a multiraces/multiculture country which is the people consist of Malay,Chinese, Indian (this three is the main), and the other of bumiputera ethnics especially in Sabah & Sarawak..which is uncountable.

I don't see any specialness being a mixed-blood except just for its name..especially when you're a Malaysian..people from different races do marry other races and the different-race-couple do exist too since a long time ago..however..the question they really go far in that relationship? Or how many of them can we count? Or maybe the one written in you mind, can they even do that? Oh yada yada yada...

And I would like to say that..yes my dear..they do exist and some can even go far without us believing how can they make it happen..this problem only exist between a muslim and non-muslim..because..lets normally well-known by Malaysian, they're all muslim and Chinese is buddhist as majority..maybe some of them is christian..and Indian is hindu as majority and some of them are christian as well...the problem never rise when it was Indian with Chinese and also if it was between non-muslim..however it happen if it was Malay with other non-muslim ethnic..why?

Malaysia is a Muslim country..all the law is ruled based on islam believing.. however if it must related to the was't just a law itself..its also related to islam believing..which is a non-muslim must marry only with if the person you going to marry was't a muslim..then they should convert to islam and be a muslim...this is what happen in Malaysia..

However some of the non-muslim do convert to islam and be a muslim to marry their muslim girl @ man. This is depend on each other..if the non-muslim don't want to be muslim..then this is what most happen in Malaysia..break up..

Islam believe teach us to only believe in only a god..from start to the end, and there should be only a god in this world. That's what us, muslim believe.

I know and understand the fact that it was't easy to change the path we believe and hold since our birthday. Either me myself, if I love somebody..lets say a non-muslim..and if I do love him deeply..and he ask me to change my path and believe same as was't easy..I know was't easy and honestly I can't and never do that. But I will keep him in my heart forever and wish for all the best in his life...

Loving a person of other races never easy however never be the sin..just look upon it and ask yourself are you really ready for anything? The cultures shock, different religious view and etc you're not used to.

And if a different races man or a non-muslim love me..I will never force him to change his path if he say he want to marry me...unless he do that sincerely without any force...this problem has rose since a long time ago in malaysia...this is the reason why so many non-muslim (non-Malay races) never really go after Malay or muslim...they can smell the upcoming problem and want to avoid it as they can....even I realized they do love each other...and I do realized some of the chinese guy going after malay girl then failed because of this reason..I do understand this feeling...

I really salute for the braveness of other races who trying to get malay and muslim girl..they're really a brave one and so man. Not all can do a cross-border love..not only a malay with other races but also between other else races as well. They do try to do that and I can say they're really brave...and I was once get into this problem..there's a lots of non-muslim especially chinese and other else non-Malay races,which is the nice one who going after me before, and they're serious..but I realized what will come and I don't want to hurt their feeling by telling them they have to convert to islam one day when they're getting serious and if they say they going to marry me...I know its hurt for them..either sad I have to say NO to them..I know they feel that way too...

May god leading to a bright future and fate..that is the only thing I able to say..if you do really love somebody..even from a different races and believe..just go for it..never regret it..because love power can beat anything..even different still can make it if you believe in god and if god make it..
As for myself, I never look for a muslim guy only when its come to a relationship...I accept any races as long as I love him and as long as I can accept is really just that way..we're all a human anyway...get to know first and never say NO like I did in the past..I regret I already can beat anything..just be brave and go for it! The important thing is 'Honesty' & 'Sincerity'...if you don't have this never go after will ruin everything including others feeling...

This issues is all related to Malaysian..if it was in Overseas..there's no problem like this believe me...
So I'm hoping you will know a bit of things in Malaysia...even if you're Malaysian yourself..hahaha..
and if you're asking How far will will it goes, like I said, love power can beat anything.....believe in yourself and go after it! Gud luck! =)

Are you still thinking over it?
Just leave a comment if there's something still on your mind!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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