Friday, 10 January 2014

Festive Holiday-Dec'13 to Jan'14 Favorite!

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Hi my sweet suga honey caramel cotton candy!

Gah! already 2014? new year in the house~~

I know in the new year you all will have dreamed and set a millions of
dream and resolution , want a new house, want a new car, want the all best ...and also want a new wife .. eh? hahaha just kidding! do not take it so seriously haha.

and for me, of course  my wish for this 2014 year is to have back my healthy, clean and blemishes-free skin!

So I've changed my face care routine, to be exact I have used a new products. Some was added into the list of my face care routine, before Christmas day I went to SaSa beauty stores, a huge of products bought by me, not only for face care, even some cosmetics into my basket! =D

So lets start the haul! >.<

The story is, before, I've been using my mom stuff..the one that she use on face..and kinda got smitten a bit with it..well not a bit but a lot..hahaha how can't I? She used such a incredible face products and no wonder she have a nice skin! =P

Sneaky peek for the highlighted festive holiday favorite!..perhaps a December and January favorite! Hehe~

This is the most luxurious brand in Japan, what makes it a very special is that it comes in liquidy form, some beauty products do come in the form of a thick cream. Please note that for some people who have very sensitive skin like me (or maybe having a skin problem such clogging pores), no matter how luxurious or how good the facial products is, they still will give you a clogged pores, in the same time they do give a benefits to your skin. As example, you use a moisturizer on your face, the form of the product is a cream with a thick concentration, I may say using it surely you will get a well moisturized face but in the same time, a clogged pores is in the way . On top of our skin, there's a millions of pores which enabled our skin to breath and get the oxygen, and therefore for any kind of things you put on you skin like a cream, makeup or anything, they do clog you pores. (that's why you should clean your face well after wearing makeup, and after you wake up from sleep with some cream you used on your face on last night~)

On the other hand, I did't feel like I'm having a pores problem this product because of its liquidy form and therefore will make a fast absorbent, its was SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (or people call it as a Miracle Water). I bought the Festive Pitera Essence which is you can tell from the photo it came along with a Facial Treatment Mask and Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. If you would like to know more just sneak peak into the SK-II's website.

I never use the mask and I would like to try, hopefully it was an incredible one! =D

Second thing was, from a Japanese brand, KOJI.
What I love about Koji is they offer a various line of cosmetics and their falsies eyelashes is incredibly unbeaten. Seriously the one that I really love from Koji is, Dollywink from Tsubasa Masuwaka or often called as Tsu-chan, she is a Popteen Model and also a singer. Because I love Gyaru image portrayed by her, I do love her nice Gyaru makeup especially the eye makeup. She created Dollywink paralleled with a Gyaru image, and once you tried Dollywink falsies eyelashes, I swear you will never find the other brand. The quality is extremely great, and the lashes was so light that you won't feeling like you're really wearing a falsies

they have a lot of series for the falsies, from upper to lower, but currently This month's favorite is for the no. 3, I chose it because it has a clear band, and really really light, I don't feel like wearing it at all seriously.

The second one is also from Koji, Koji Spring Heart false eyelashes. This one is also light and cute!

What's in your bag after this?
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Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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