Saturday, 25 January 2014

First Time Meet Up With Malaysian Ex-Playboy Model

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Hello my sweet pumpkin soup! =)

I was so happy that yesterday, I was given a chance ever to meet with my favorite Malaysian model, Felixia Yeap.

Yesterday , Neng Geulis Hijab Boutique hold an event which is featuring Felixia as their Ambassador & Model.

The actual thing is, she was an Ex-Playboy Model, that's the only thing that I know about herself, (formerly she was usually seen in lingerie & sexy dressing for photoshoot, and if you guys want to know, there's only some inches of cloth covering her figure every time I saw her in magazines)  however, I think it's started the early of this year, she was wearing hijab. She said (in her FB fan page), she saw a beauty behind wearing hijab and therefore she's changing her appearance by wearing a covering dress & hijab.

I think since then (well not really sure), she get a contract with Neng Geulis Boutique which is the one that sell hijab.

The things that I love by knowing her (both on her FB fan page & after meeting her), she was such a captivating & nice women. She's very humble, and I do respect her very much by the way she respect the religion of islam, she wasn't a muslim yet but she like to dress up like one.

Therefore, I built a fan feeling towards her, and I do really amazed by her beauty and her humbleness.
This thing catch me in tears on how does the non-muslim saw a beauty side of islam and I was born muslim but less-likely to cover up?

Yes, I've been trying to change the way I dress up, but I felt that it's really complicated. However by thinking the way Felixia chose to cover up, even she wasn't a real muslim. I got my eyes wet in tears. I wish Felixia will succeed in anything she did. That was not an easy thing to accomplish, especially when she's non muslim, she should consider on how her family perspective and feeling on it, but she managed to do it.

Yesterday, I saw everything through my heart and I want to take a chance to be like her, Allah opened up my heart to the deepest on yesterday, and alhamdulillah I did took a decision to make a move from where I'm standing, trying to be a good women which is the people will look at you with the most modesty & pride.

So, yesterday meant a lot to me. Attending Neng Geulis event was never be a regretful things to remember. =)

From the Invitation card above, you can see what's the activities through the day, and I think Neng Geulis Hijab was a very stylish boutique with the most beautiful, stylish & high end ever for the quality, it should be my favorite boutique ever to find shawl & any hijabs after this! 

I did managed to meet & capture a moments with her,

She's so beautiful and I look completely out to compare with her, a women with humbleness and captivating face, I love her. =)

Beautiful!! The only word I can say to her captivating face, she looks pretty even in candid! 

I bought a lot of Hijabs too! My first shopping at Neng Geulis, I guess >.<

And I met with this cute & nice "Akak" at Neng Geulis, She's also a Travel Reporter (If I wasn't mistaken..hehe)-This photo was from her! ^^
Click this photo to go to her FB account! ^_^

Meeting such a nice people around is a good thing to remember, I'm so touched! =)

Hope to see you again in my next post,
Have a wonderful day and...
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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