Friday, 10 January 2014

Speak My Mind About Favorite Face Powder!

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Hi Honey Bunny Creamy Chocolate Ice-cream Cake Corn Pudding!

Its January! =D
For the months, I've been searching for the right Face Powder which can make a nice evenly spreads onto face!
And today, Jeng! I want to speak my mind about it, Have you guys read my previous post about Tony Moly Face Mix Finish Loose Powder? If you haven't just check that out here! =D

For some reason that I did't really like about this Tony Moly loose powder is, it was a loose powder and not evenly spread when you require a really high coverage on your skin, as you want to cover up any imperfections. However, I really like the dewy and a smooth finish it gave but in the mean time it did't really cover up your blemishes. It will do the great job for those who already have a perfect skin and doesn't need to cover too much on their face.

Not only for this Tony Moly loose powder, but most of the loose powder will make your makeup looks cakey if you use it too much in case if you want to hide blemishes on face.

Not all loose powder was like this, but many of them out of the numbers is. If you want to have a perfect makeup, not cakey by using loose powder, find M.A.C, they will do better. But must consider with the price.

Revlon ColorStay is a bit translucent and when I want some coverage it does help me a lot in it. And this ColorStay helps a lot in holding your makeup for a bit longer, for 16hs.

In essence, from my experience in using both, I would like to say, If you have a nice flawless skin and you just want a light makeup that can give you a dewy finish, you can choose Tony Moly Finish Loose Powder. However if you have too many imperfections and want to seal all those thing on your face, Revlon ColorStay will do it better, in the same time your makeup will last longer. For those who want a face powder that can make makeup last longer also advisable to use Revlon ColorStay.
*Please noted that both are my fav, I'm just telling you their pros and cons.

And how will I rate them?

Tony Moly Mix Finish Loose Powder

Revlon ColorStay

Which one will be your pick up? =D

Hope this will do some help,
See you in my next post,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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