Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hello my lovely berry berry sundae! ❤ 

Do you have a "must-do" thing in your routine before the bed time? You do?
Me too! ❤ 

Well, I like to call it as a "Face Rituals" where before you go to bed and close you eyes for a sweet dream, you will put on something like face cream, essence and mask and on and on and on whatever it is *wooh that's mouthful hahaha*..So mine is, after cleansing, I will put on a toner, following by essence/ or moisturizer and then the facial mask and eye mask, (I need an eye mask because I have huge under eye dark circle because I don't sleep much as always)

So here, I'll be showing you guys one of my favorite face mask, it's a deep hydrating mask from Neutrogena!

I love this mask as it was't feel sticky and creamy like some others facial mask, it was't gellish nor greasy too, it was real good like a water. As it was like a watery essence you don't have to worry about the comedone problem anymore, this is a non-comedogenic type and won't clog your pores forever, that's the reason why I love it! ^_^ ❤ 

It's penetrates fastly into the skin too, after using it you will feel like the skin is breathing, comfortable and well moisturized, I do highly recommend it to people who have a bad dry skin.

Besides My Beauty Diary, Bio Essence and any others facial mask, I stick to this one more often for it's watery properties, this mask works really great on my dry skin. 

I have a normal skin actually , but sometimes it can be too dry depends on the weather and places that I go, such as working 8-10 hours in an air conditioned room and such. This really will strip away all the moisture from your skin. So in order to replenish the skin moisture back, I use a facial mask with the most watery content every night or every two night while sleeping or before sleeping.

So, what is your favorite facial mask? I hope you enjoy using a facial mask as I'm!....because now I've found a skin solution for me, which is an everyday using of a facial mask! ❤ 

Before seeing you again in my next post, please take a look on the information below, Japan Beauty Week will hold an event from 27th Feb (tomorrow!! ) to 2nd March! Do come to join in as they will give away a huge samples of the Japanese brands that participated in and there's also a lucky draw there. Emily Quak, one my favorite beauty blogger and youtuber also will be there to share her makeup tips! You better join if you're a Japanese beauty brands holic! =D ❤ 

Photo: Do you like Japanese cosmetics? If you do, Astalift Malaysia, KOSÉ, Panasonic Beauty 【パナソニック ビューティ】美容部, MY Hada Labo, and so many more Japanese brands have goodie bags and prizes to give away at Japan Beauty Week this coming Thursday to Sunday (27/2 - 2/3)!

I'll be speaking at the event as well, sharing my Gwiyomi eyes and skin makeup tips, and I really hope to see you there! Please come and join in the fun!

Date of grand draw : 2nd March 2014 (Sunday) at 3.45pm
(Winners need to be present to receive the prizes)

Grand Draw Prizes
1st prize - Beauty Hamper worth RM4,000 sponsored by Suzuki
2nd - 6th prize - Astalift hamper worth RM500 each
7th - 11th prize - KOSE hamper worth RM324 each
12th - 16th prize - Liese beauty hamper worth RM300 each
17th - 21st prize - Tsubaki & Za beauty hamper worth RM220 each
22nd - 26th prize - Menard beauty hamper worth RM160 each

Don't forget to come pay a visit!
Love you guys to the max!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hello my sweet pinky pinky macaroons!

In my recent post, (Well if you read the previous post about Wonderbox, I mean), I probably saying that I will try all the stuff that coming in the box and make a review about that, and now this is it! (BTW, sorry for being late, I got a tons of stuff to do for my practical internship such as report etc..ehehe 

If you stumbled on this post without reading the previous one, I think it is not great at all, because you might asking what the heck did I blabber here hahaha. So here is where you can get to my previous post about the Wonderbox. Just to note you if you want to know exactly what is the product's name here, you can check that out on the previous post as well. It'll be more detailed.

First of all, I would like to tell you about this one.
Well, have you ever heard about Yves Rocher before? 
It was a France's brand.
The left picture showing on how does the cleanser looks like. It has some tiny beads (the orange thingy if you can see), however the beads isn't harsh on skin at all like many other products that I have used before. Actually my skin is pretty sensitive, normally I would't use any products that has a beads in it. But this one is amazing and super different, the small beads really feels soft and not rough at all-that's why you can use it everyday! It does work so great on oily skin and can unclog the pores, plus removing the dead skin cells! I'm highly recommend it to you guys who's having a problem with the pores. However if you're having a dry skin, DO NOT try this. It's not recommended at all. But if you choose to use it like once a day or thrice a week then there you go. You don't have to use anything everyday if it doesn't suit you skin, adjustment to your daily skin care really is the matter that you must concern.

For instance, you're having a super dirty skin, as you keep sweating every time you step out from your house, you might want to scrubs your skin thrice a week, but those who have a normal skin might just having it like 2 times a week. Make an adjustment based on your skin condition. Remember it very well. You know your skin the best! =) 

The Right one is a toner, doesn't really seems like a real toner huh? it was more to lotion because the consistency was't in a liquidy form like most of the toners does, you can see from the picture above that the consistency was like a bit gellish and it has a greenish color,  Well, not all toners in a liquidy form to be actual, but most of them is yes out of all. The toner working to reduce the appearance of pores. I don't have a problem with a visible pores-I have quite fine pores, I just have a problem with a clogged pore, it was like when you squeeze all the gunk out, then you'll see how much it was-but you did't see anything if you did't squeeze that out. That's more like my skin. So, both of these stuff is absolutely suitable for oily skin, these stuff is really skin friendly too, it did't harsh at all on skin for your kind information.

This healthy drink is actually a supplement to keep your skin at the youthful level, well at least it will slower the time of aging. I tried this and I've been really liking it as it have a great taste, however if you burp after drinking it, too bad the smell is yuckk! Because it has a salmon essential in it, so it smelled a bit fishy I must say (fishy??)
When you drink it in one shot, it taste real good because the apple taste and smell cover it very well, but when you start to burp, the smell was like OH-MY-GAWD.
However, something that I found about this drink is, you will go to toilet often.
I think it does kick out all the bad stuff out from the body, so that's why you will go to toilet often. I was like running to toilet about 3 times a day for each bottle that I drank. The secret to the youthful skin=Toxin free
So don't drink if you're not ready to run to reach the toilet. Harharhar 

This a cleansing water from Dr. Nano, I'm just so in love with this quite a while, with its awesome ingredients, and the cleansing style was way different from our regular ritual in cleansing, you just need to spray this on facial cotton pad and there you go to swipe it all over your face to cleanse!
It's come in a liquidy from. ^_^

So, Let's open the mascara topic now, if you're wearing mascara what the function do you seek?
Is it a thick eyelashes, curly or both?
I like it both. And what say me for this mascara??.....................
It's rare to see me dislike any makeup actually, but this one is real crap. don't buy it.
I'm always write an honest opinion, maybe others was different, everyone have stuff that they like and dislike, and for this one, I'll never recommend it to anyone. It's really like a black carbon like what it said, but it was not a waterproof mascara, plus, it falls like a real carbon after it dried. I mean it will fall off  in a bit of pieces if you blinking to much your eyes will looks like a real hot mess-it was all because it was transferred to the lower lash line. I was familiar with the brand, it was super affordable anyway. However the eyeshadows of this brand is real good. Maybe I just don't like the Mascara. However for those who want a non-waterproof mascara, you can try if you want, but it was not recommended at all.

Sanitizer!! You know, sanitizer is one of must have stuff in my bag! I'm always bring it to anywhere that I go if I'm bringing my handbag, because hands always touch a lot of things and it will affect our skin if we touch it after that-transferring the bacteria and this is one of the cause of having acne. So I can say that I'm a bit of scared with bacteria. Hahahaha.
This one smells so good too, I'm always loving a sanitizer that has a fruity scent! 

Since this is for men, I did give it to my dad instead of using it. As I'm having a super sensitive skin, I think that the men's face stuff did't suit my skin at all in the first place, so I gave it to my dad,
For more about this series, check this Nugeno Men's series out.

So that's about it,
Thank you for reading,
I'm happy for having you guys!
Don't forget to keep in touch with this humble blog for more!
See you next time on my next post,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hey Sweet Cherry Pie Cheese cake!!

Today I've been invited to join a treat at Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa at Pavilion KL!
It was awesome that it was my first to join this event ever in my blogging period (Lol, actually I'm just a new blogger, I started to blog a year ago hahahaha!)

I'm so happy in the first place, meeting with a familiar faces and famous beauty bloggers to have as a friend is great! (too bad I'm a bit shy and awkward meeting new people and I don't really good in approaching new people, plus, I don't really good in making friends!) Oh my bad don't you think? Hurm..
So My main intention is to get some friends who can be my blogger friend ever, besides enjoying the relaxing fish spa..hehe

Date      :  22 Feb 201
Timing   : Session A = 1.00 -1.30pm
                Session B = 1.30- 2.00pm (And I was in a Session B)

Blogging is the most exciting thing to be done as we can share to the world about our life and passions, just having a friend who can bring the passions together is enough and made my world already.....but seems like blogging alone wasn't that great without a blogger friends, so I'm hoping to get some friends there, and I do, Thank you again The Butterfly Project, Worthybook, and Bag Of Love for making my day!

So, I call these guys a Vampire (I mean the Garra Rufa Fishes)-quite weird for the name actually haha, because they was like eating my foot..I can feel their teeth as well as they they keep scraping my skin around my foot and the first place, I go like *YAAAA!! (I was so surprised to feel the sucking feeling on my foot all of sudden after I put my foot in the water)....then it started to feels's so ticklish and bring a laughter..hahaha..

This is all the moments I got at the spa, meeting new people, and also my favorite Beauty & Lifestyle blogger, Tammy Lim! (Tammy was so friendly and funny, she's very humble and nice too =) )
They're all so nice and friendly, and I'm a bit awkward here because they were all so friendly, instead of shy me >.<

First of all, when I'm entering the spa, a spa's technician tell me to wash the foot at the rinsing station to make them clean, you don't want to be a fish murderer with your nasty nasty Ms.foot don't you? A fish mysterious murderer..Lol.
Then you will need to spray something called "Enzyme"..well I dont know what this enzyme functioning for, but I think it's either two, whether to sterilize or to make your dead skin cells easier to come off. 
However the enzyme smell is a bit of unpleasant. 

 Garra rufa fishes (click to know about these fishes), these guys is truly a hungry vampire, once I place my foot in the water, they come attacking like a soldier in a war zone hahaha...anyway, let mama treat you guys a lunch ok~ ^_^

Not only that I got a fish spa treat, they even gave me some free coupons
I'm truly appreciate this! ^_^ ❤ 

The moments with all the lovely butterflies! ^_^ 

With the founder of The Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers
Mamasan Tammy❤ ❤ ❤ 

Also with an important person in this community, Mrs.Illya Arifin =)

After the spa session over I go to wash my legs back, as I feel a bit uncomfortable here..harharhar

In front of Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa! ^_^

Opsies, my bad suddenly Yin come out..hahaha...the blurry vision of this friend of mine. Lol

Well, the conclusion here, I felt so refreshed, relaxed and stress-free after this spa session, and I like how my foot feels, it feels more lighter, and nice.
Good job little Garra rufa guys! ahahaha

Because I feel so great in mood today, I did a Dolly Gyaru makeup look!

So far, I feel really good about it, Although it was my first time joining this site, I've given a chance to attend such great and wonderful event! 
The greatest thanks to all parties that involved:

Check these guys out ok? ^_^

And also! I'm lucky to be chosen to receive this bag of love from Bag Of Love. Will make a review on what's inside the bag soon, so...stay tune!

Hope you guys will try this fish spa too for those haven't yet as it was hella awesome!
What say you? hehe,
See you soon in my next post,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hi hi bunny bunny rice cookie jellyfish!!-(Jellyfish??)


Today I'm gonna show you what's inside the box of the Wonderbox..hurm..sounds weird to say "Wonderbox Box"..ahaha..anyway..for you guys who did't know what "Wonderbox" it is, I'll explain that below so please keep reading! =)

Wonderbox is an amazing beauty box that will comes in the mail to your door upon subscription and it's really fun because every single months it have its own products edition, which is, if we did subscribe for it (of course you gonna pay) the things in the box will remain secret until it comes to your door. I love surprise!
And with the products provided you can create a look and make a video regarding the makeup tutorial or something like that if you're a beauty blogger and youtuber. But if you just would like to subscribe without uploading any video tutorial or blog post about it, it's totally fine, just do what you want with the products inside the box whether to use it or anything that you please.(not only products, they give you some free & cash voucher for facial treatment, hair cut, weight loss treatment & etc regarding beauty too).

This is the products that included in this edition:
-2pcs of Total Image Apple Stem Cell+Salmon & Silk Peptide
-2pcs sample sized of Yves Rocher Pure System Clarifying Toner (Pore Minimizer)
-2pcs sample sized of Yves Rocher Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (For Clean Pore)
-Bloop Germ Blaster Sanitizer
-Dr.Nano 2 in 1 Cleansing Water (sample sized)
-Essense Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Triple Action Skin Cleanse & Renew Gel
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Double Action Oil Control Cleansing & Shaving Foam
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Ultra Bright Action White Deep Cleanser

And this is my first Youtube video ever to show you guys on what's inside the box (unboxing)
I just started a channel on Youtube so I'm hoping that you guys will give me a piece of support by watching my channel, I hope to upload more and more videos regarding beauty stuff too!
Please check that out on my channel and if you like it please give me a big Thumbs up! ^_^
If you guys want to see the actual stuff from the box you can just check that out from the pictures below =)
After using all the stuff in this box I will once again make a review about it so that you guys will have an Idea on what is the best product of the month in the box and also give you some idea on a new products that you might not acknowledge yet before. =)

Since this is the products for men, I gave it to my dad..hehe

And this is all the vouchers and the products description card which is also included in the box:

Wohoo! also the Dr.Nano's voucher for a free trial facial!

And this is the bloop sanitizer's sticker.
So that's about it! I hope to subscribe more another edition of the box again after this.

Updated: If you guys want to know "What Say Me" about all the products here, you can have a look here.

I hope you guys enjoy this entry!
If you do have anything to say about this box,
Or you just want to ask something regarding this box edition,
Just leave a comment down below,
Hope to see you again next time,
Bye Bye,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^
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