Saturday, 22 February 2014

"Delicious Feet"- The Buterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers Chapter 7:Caterpillars Day Out (Fish Spa)


Hey Sweet Cherry Pie Cheese cake!!

Today I've been invited to join a treat at Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa at Pavilion KL!
It was awesome that it was my first to join this event ever in my blogging period (Lol, actually I'm just a new blogger, I started to blog a year ago hahahaha!)

I'm so happy in the first place, meeting with a familiar faces and famous beauty bloggers to have as a friend is great! (too bad I'm a bit shy and awkward meeting new people and I don't really good in approaching new people, plus, I don't really good in making friends!) Oh my bad don't you think? Hurm..
So My main intention is to get some friends who can be my blogger friend ever, besides enjoying the relaxing fish spa..hehe

Date      :  22 Feb 201
Timing   : Session A = 1.00 -1.30pm
                Session B = 1.30- 2.00pm (And I was in a Session B)

Blogging is the most exciting thing to be done as we can share to the world about our life and passions, just having a friend who can bring the passions together is enough and made my world already.....but seems like blogging alone wasn't that great without a blogger friends, so I'm hoping to get some friends there, and I do, Thank you again The Butterfly Project, Worthybook, and Bag Of Love for making my day!

So, I call these guys a Vampire (I mean the Garra Rufa Fishes)-quite weird for the name actually haha, because they was like eating my foot..I can feel their teeth as well as they they keep scraping my skin around my foot and the first place, I go like *YAAAA!! (I was so surprised to feel the sucking feeling on my foot all of sudden after I put my foot in the water)....then it started to feels's so ticklish and bring a laughter..hahaha..

This is all the moments I got at the spa, meeting new people, and also my favorite Beauty & Lifestyle blogger, Tammy Lim! (Tammy was so friendly and funny, she's very humble and nice too =) )
They're all so nice and friendly, and I'm a bit awkward here because they were all so friendly, instead of shy me >.<

First of all, when I'm entering the spa, a spa's technician tell me to wash the foot at the rinsing station to make them clean, you don't want to be a fish murderer with your nasty nasty Ms.foot don't you? A fish mysterious murderer..Lol.
Then you will need to spray something called "Enzyme"..well I dont know what this enzyme functioning for, but I think it's either two, whether to sterilize or to make your dead skin cells easier to come off. 
However the enzyme smell is a bit of unpleasant. 

 Garra rufa fishes (click to know about these fishes), these guys is truly a hungry vampire, once I place my foot in the water, they come attacking like a soldier in a war zone hahaha...anyway, let mama treat you guys a lunch ok~ ^_^

Not only that I got a fish spa treat, they even gave me some free coupons
I'm truly appreciate this! ^_^ ❤ 

The moments with all the lovely butterflies! ^_^ 

With the founder of The Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers
Mamasan Tammy❤ ❤ ❤ 

Also with an important person in this community, Mrs.Illya Arifin =)

After the spa session over I go to wash my legs back, as I feel a bit uncomfortable here..harharhar

In front of Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa! ^_^

Opsies, my bad suddenly Yin come out..hahaha...the blurry vision of this friend of mine. Lol

Well, the conclusion here, I felt so refreshed, relaxed and stress-free after this spa session, and I like how my foot feels, it feels more lighter, and nice.
Good job little Garra rufa guys! ahahaha

Because I feel so great in mood today, I did a Dolly Gyaru makeup look!

So far, I feel really good about it, Although it was my first time joining this site, I've given a chance to attend such great and wonderful event! 
The greatest thanks to all parties that involved:

Check these guys out ok? ^_^

And also! I'm lucky to be chosen to receive this bag of love from Bag Of Love. Will make a review on what's inside the bag soon, so...stay tune!

Hope you guys will try this fish spa too for those haven't yet as it was hella awesome!
What say you? hehe,
See you soon in my next post,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^


  1. Wow, really cool! Love your blog! Nice to know you :)

    1. Thank you thank you !! *Double huuggs* ^_^
      I'm so happy to know you too, your blog is great too btw. <3 ^_^

  2. Jalan2 tetibe jumpe ur a butterfly xpena jumpe u pown...ur gorgeous..nice entry BTW!!

    1. Hi Syafiqah! TQ singgah blog I yang x seberapa ni! *Hugg* ^_^ U pun gorgeous sngat! =) I dah tengok blog you, terbaik r..lawa gila tau..done following =)


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