Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Face Ritual Before Going To Bed : Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask

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Hello my lovely berry berry sundae! ❤ 

Do you have a "must-do" thing in your routine before the bed time? You do?
Me too! ❤ 

Well, I like to call it as a "Face Rituals" where before you go to bed and close you eyes for a sweet dream, you will put on something like face cream, essence and mask and on and on and on whatever it is *wooh that's mouthful hahaha*..So mine is, after cleansing, I will put on a toner, following by essence/ or moisturizer and then the facial mask and eye mask, (I need an eye mask because I have huge under eye dark circle because I don't sleep much as always)

So here, I'll be showing you guys one of my favorite face mask, it's a deep hydrating mask from Neutrogena!

I love this mask as it was't feel sticky and creamy like some others facial mask, it was't gellish nor greasy too, it was real good like a water. As it was like a watery essence you don't have to worry about the comedone problem anymore, this is a non-comedogenic type and won't clog your pores forever, that's the reason why I love it! ^_^ ❤ 

It's penetrates fastly into the skin too, after using it you will feel like the skin is breathing, comfortable and well moisturized, I do highly recommend it to people who have a bad dry skin.

Besides My Beauty Diary, Bio Essence and any others facial mask, I stick to this one more often for it's watery properties, this mask works really great on my dry skin. 

I have a normal skin actually , but sometimes it can be too dry depends on the weather and places that I go, such as working 8-10 hours in an air conditioned room and such. This really will strip away all the moisture from your skin. So in order to replenish the skin moisture back, I use a facial mask with the most watery content every night or every two night while sleeping or before sleeping.

So, what is your favorite facial mask? I hope you enjoy using a facial mask as I'm!....because now I've found a skin solution for me, which is an everyday using of a facial mask! ❤ 

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Love you guys to the max!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

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