Saturday, 15 February 2014

Wonderbox January 2014 Edition-Unboxing

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Hi hi bunny bunny rice cookie jellyfish!!-(Jellyfish??)


Today I'm gonna show you what's inside the box of the Wonderbox..hurm..sounds weird to say "Wonderbox Box"..ahaha..anyway..for you guys who did't know what "Wonderbox" it is, I'll explain that below so please keep reading! =)

Wonderbox is an amazing beauty box that will comes in the mail to your door upon subscription and it's really fun because every single months it have its own products edition, which is, if we did subscribe for it (of course you gonna pay) the things in the box will remain secret until it comes to your door. I love surprise!
And with the products provided you can create a look and make a video regarding the makeup tutorial or something like that if you're a beauty blogger and youtuber. But if you just would like to subscribe without uploading any video tutorial or blog post about it, it's totally fine, just do what you want with the products inside the box whether to use it or anything that you please.(not only products, they give you some free & cash voucher for facial treatment, hair cut, weight loss treatment & etc regarding beauty too).

This is the products that included in this edition:
-2pcs of Total Image Apple Stem Cell+Salmon & Silk Peptide
-2pcs sample sized of Yves Rocher Pure System Clarifying Toner (Pore Minimizer)
-2pcs sample sized of Yves Rocher Pure System Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (For Clean Pore)
-Bloop Germ Blaster Sanitizer
-Dr.Nano 2 in 1 Cleansing Water (sample sized)
-Essense Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Triple Action Skin Cleanse & Renew Gel
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Double Action Oil Control Cleansing & Shaving Foam
-Bio Essence Nugeno Men Ultra Bright Action White Deep Cleanser

And this is my first Youtube video ever to show you guys on what's inside the box (unboxing)
I just started a channel on Youtube so I'm hoping that you guys will give me a piece of support by watching my channel, I hope to upload more and more videos regarding beauty stuff too!
Please check that out on my channel and if you like it please give me a big Thumbs up! ^_^
If you guys want to see the actual stuff from the box you can just check that out from the pictures below =)
After using all the stuff in this box I will once again make a review about it so that you guys will have an Idea on what is the best product of the month in the box and also give you some idea on a new products that you might not acknowledge yet before. =)

Since this is the products for men, I gave it to my dad..hehe

And this is all the vouchers and the products description card which is also included in the box:

Wohoo! also the Dr.Nano's voucher for a free trial facial!

And this is the bloop sanitizer's sticker.
So that's about it! I hope to subscribe more another edition of the box again after this.

Updated: If you guys want to know "What Say Me" about all the products here, you can have a look here.

I hope you guys enjoy this entry!
If you do have anything to say about this box,
Or you just want to ask something regarding this box edition,
Just leave a comment down below,
Hope to see you again next time,
Bye Bye,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

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