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Wonderbox Experience! - What Say me? ❤


Hello my sweet pinky pinky macaroons!

In my recent post, (Well if you read the previous post about Wonderbox, I mean), I probably saying that I will try all the stuff that coming in the box and make a review about that, and now this is it! (BTW, sorry for being late, I got a tons of stuff to do for my practical internship such as report etc..ehehe 

If you stumbled on this post without reading the previous one, I think it is not great at all, because you might asking what the heck did I blabber here hahaha. So here is where you can get to my previous post about the Wonderbox. Just to note you if you want to know exactly what is the product's name here, you can check that out on the previous post as well. It'll be more detailed.

First of all, I would like to tell you about this one.
Well, have you ever heard about Yves Rocher before? 
It was a France's brand.
The left picture showing on how does the cleanser looks like. It has some tiny beads (the orange thingy if you can see), however the beads isn't harsh on skin at all like many other products that I have used before. Actually my skin is pretty sensitive, normally I would't use any products that has a beads in it. But this one is amazing and super different, the small beads really feels soft and not rough at all-that's why you can use it everyday! It does work so great on oily skin and can unclog the pores, plus removing the dead skin cells! I'm highly recommend it to you guys who's having a problem with the pores. However if you're having a dry skin, DO NOT try this. It's not recommended at all. But if you choose to use it like once a day or thrice a week then there you go. You don't have to use anything everyday if it doesn't suit you skin, adjustment to your daily skin care really is the matter that you must concern.

For instance, you're having a super dirty skin, as you keep sweating every time you step out from your house, you might want to scrubs your skin thrice a week, but those who have a normal skin might just having it like 2 times a week. Make an adjustment based on your skin condition. Remember it very well. You know your skin the best! =) 

The Right one is a toner, doesn't really seems like a real toner huh? it was more to lotion because the consistency was't in a liquidy form like most of the toners does, you can see from the picture above that the consistency was like a bit gellish and it has a greenish color,  Well, not all toners in a liquidy form to be actual, but most of them is yes out of all. The toner working to reduce the appearance of pores. I don't have a problem with a visible pores-I have quite fine pores, I just have a problem with a clogged pore, it was like when you squeeze all the gunk out, then you'll see how much it was-but you did't see anything if you did't squeeze that out. That's more like my skin. So, both of these stuff is absolutely suitable for oily skin, these stuff is really skin friendly too, it did't harsh at all on skin for your kind information.

This healthy drink is actually a supplement to keep your skin at the youthful level, well at least it will slower the time of aging. I tried this and I've been really liking it as it have a great taste, however if you burp after drinking it, too bad the smell is yuckk! Because it has a salmon essential in it, so it smelled a bit fishy I must say (fishy??)
When you drink it in one shot, it taste real good because the apple taste and smell cover it very well, but when you start to burp, the smell was like OH-MY-GAWD.
However, something that I found about this drink is, you will go to toilet often.
I think it does kick out all the bad stuff out from the body, so that's why you will go to toilet often. I was like running to toilet about 3 times a day for each bottle that I drank. The secret to the youthful skin=Toxin free
So don't drink if you're not ready to run to reach the toilet. Harharhar 

This a cleansing water from Dr. Nano, I'm just so in love with this quite a while, with its awesome ingredients, and the cleansing style was way different from our regular ritual in cleansing, you just need to spray this on facial cotton pad and there you go to swipe it all over your face to cleanse!
It's come in a liquidy from. ^_^

So, Let's open the mascara topic now, if you're wearing mascara what the function do you seek?
Is it a thick eyelashes, curly or both?
I like it both. And what say me for this mascara??.....................
It's rare to see me dislike any makeup actually, but this one is real crap. don't buy it.
I'm always write an honest opinion, maybe others was different, everyone have stuff that they like and dislike, and for this one, I'll never recommend it to anyone. It's really like a black carbon like what it said, but it was not a waterproof mascara, plus, it falls like a real carbon after it dried. I mean it will fall off  in a bit of pieces if you blinking to much your eyes will looks like a real hot mess-it was all because it was transferred to the lower lash line. I was familiar with the brand, it was super affordable anyway. However the eyeshadows of this brand is real good. Maybe I just don't like the Mascara. However for those who want a non-waterproof mascara, you can try if you want, but it was not recommended at all.

Sanitizer!! You know, sanitizer is one of must have stuff in my bag! I'm always bring it to anywhere that I go if I'm bringing my handbag, because hands always touch a lot of things and it will affect our skin if we touch it after that-transferring the bacteria and this is one of the cause of having acne. So I can say that I'm a bit of scared with bacteria. Hahahaha.
This one smells so good too, I'm always loving a sanitizer that has a fruity scent! 

Since this is for men, I did give it to my dad instead of using it. As I'm having a super sensitive skin, I think that the men's face stuff did't suit my skin at all in the first place, so I gave it to my dad,
For more about this series, check this Nugeno Men's series out.

So that's about it,
Thank you for reading,
I'm happy for having you guys!
Don't forget to keep in touch with this humble blog for more!
See you next time on my next post,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^


  1. Awesome review! Honesty is important right? :)

    1. Thank you for having a visit here! *Huugg* :) actually when we telling about something it should be honest so that people will never wrongly choose yeah, it's a piece of honesty! ^_^


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