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Japan Beauty Week Event

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Hola senorita, strawberry chocolate truffle!

On the 2nd March ago, I attended an event organized by a Japan Beauty Week!
It was too awesome and not too awesome..hahaha (Ehh naze??)
First of all, let me knock my head for a several times first *Dush Dush Dush!, for not attended it earlier!...It was too awesome that I must regret it for not being too awesome by attending on the last day!

From the picture above you can see clearly all the Japanese brands that participated in..
Which one do you love the most? Mine is Menard!! hahaha 

As I've arrived around 5.00 PM something, you can tell that I have missed a lot of the special stage program, well being busy is something that I hate because I have to miss something that I love like this event!

So here the only Stage event that I managed to watch is the one from KATE, and the representer is one of my adored famous makeup artist, Steven Sunny from MASS!! ❤  *Burst in Love!!

He is a Fashionista and and a famous makeup artist, I don't really know that much of his background, but I know he's ever worked in Tokyo and he was quite famous in Makeup and Fashion world, and one thing that I know is, he is my IDOL, ever!!

Before I caught him in the KATE's stage event, I went around to visit all the booth that participated first as it was the last date and I have no idea on when Japan Beauty Week will arrange such event again that I will be able to attend.

Lets open the album!! 

The first booth that I have stopped by is the Astalift!

While doing a skin test, I caught these two beautiful ladies, one in the dark blue shirt is a sporting auntie which have an incredibly nice skin instead of her 50 something ages, and the one who have a pale skin is the Astalift's staff.

Once they knew I'm a beauty blogger, they have me in the other section for skin analysis, hehe they're so nice and friendly here!

The table where I sat while doing a skin analysis.
If you see the form on the table, it was my skin analysis form, which is every skin condition that they spot from the skin analysis they will write it down on the form.
And too bad, I have a real dry skin! Omg, I should really use a plenty of moisturizer starting from now on..Dry skin is easily to get a premature wrinkles..ahhh YADA! I dont want to look so old already in this lovely 20 ages!

This is the device that they use for my skin analysis, they put it on my skin and wait for the *Beep* sound and see the result, this device have 5 options, well I don't clearly remember but every category for the skin analysis it have is, texture, suppleness and wrinkles etc, they will get the device close up to the skin and wait for the *Beep* and then write the result down on the form. This device is awesome that I even managed to see the 90% close up to the skin of mine to see if there's any blockage even inside the pores!!
(And I do have some T___T)

This Astalift's staff is the one that done the skin analysis on my skin, she's very friendly that I feel bad leaving without any picture, so here it is, me and Mrs. Alice! ^_^

The makeover session with my Fave Idol and Makeup Artist, Steven Sunny, he looked very nice here,
And the Model is Grace which is the one he makeover, There's too much thing I learnt more about makeup from him here, In this KATE's stage event, he have been collaborated with KATE, so all the makeup he was using is from KATE.

The unforgettable moment here is, he even praised me for doing a pretty eye makeup on my face,
While doing a makeover, he turn his face to me and said, "You did a pretty eye makeup here"

Can you guys imagined how incredibly happy I was at that time? the makeup artist that I adored the most giving me such a little compliment and I feel like flying already Ahahahaha!

I remembered a bit of his conversation with the host on that day which can make us woman inspired:

Steven: I'm quite disappointed to see the differences between Malaysia and Tokyo, while I was in Tokyo, you can see that people wearing many kind of makeup everyday and they did it very nicely and prettily, just so nicely and not overdone, but when you come to Malaysia, you can see many kind of people but you hardly see a beautiful woman (which is what I understand from here is, the one that did their makeup prettily and walk confidently everyday) In Tokyo, every ages is wearing makeup, every gender. But you will hardly find this in Malaysia.

Host: Sometimes they kinda scared to put on makeup because they say "I want a natural beauty", "My boyfriend doesn't like me to put on makeup"..

Steven: Hello?? are you Amber Chia? or Carmen Soo?? (I laughed hard on this) to claim in having a natural beauty, it doesn't mean to put on makeup to fake the beauty, it brings you a confidence, if your boyfriend say he doesn't like you with any makeup on, then compare, you sit next to a lady who wear a makeup prettily, of course he will look at the lady next to you and then you feel bad and want to compete, and you put on makeup to have your boyfriend look back at you, but it will turn out bad because you never put on makeup before and you did it just to compete and it was overdone, don't do anything for anybody, do it for yourself, if you're not wearing any makeup and you sit next to a lady who did their makeup prettily what will you feel? of course you will feel bad and ugly, so do anything because of yourself not anyone else"

One word please??...I---LOVE---HIM!
He's so inspiring!!!!!

He also kinda funny when he tried to put on some mascara on the Model, then he added:

Steven: This is mascara, if any lady doesn't have should't be considered as a lady hahahaha!

After the makeover done, he asked Grace to walk around to show off his art on her face to everybody there.

She walked in front of me and smile, doesn't she looked like a goddess here?? ❤ 
She's also very tall and pretty even without makeup!
(if only I have a DSLR camera, you will be shocked to see some gorgeous drawing on her eyelid that Steven Sunny drew using a KATE gel eyeliner)

And everybody was like having her picture *snap snap! ❤ 

My next stop, is MENARD!!

Okay, Say yes for the skin test again~ and this time a skin test at Menard booth! I got a goodies bag from Menard and some samples as well for Lisciare series that I love, And the stuff that looks like a clear film is somehow a sticker to be put on the skin to take the skin samples and it will be inserted in that peach envelope together with the skin analysis form and then will be sent out to their Menard lab in Japan! Awesome? I started to know about Menard from one of my fave Indo beauty blogger, 
Stella Lee, check her out, she's very famous in Indo!! ❤ 

She is May, a Menard's staff and she's having a real beautiful skin ever! she's friendly and pretty too, She told me even everybody here in Japan Beauty Week representing their own brands in each booth but all of them is using Menard! oh ow famous and great Menard is, I did't know it before! >.<

My skin sample! 

And will be inserted in this envelop and then..all the way to Japan! (Menard's lab)
After this I will collect the result which is will be expected to be arrived in next month, next month I will share again what's my current skin condition based on the skin test! yahoo!~ ❤ ❤ 

 This is Lisciare's foaming face wash and it was such a magic that a small pea sized can create this foam and it was just like a cake's icing cream! *Yummy ❤ 
You know, when choosing a safe and non-harsh facial wash that can even protect the skin while cleansing is a foam wash that can create a huge foam like this. Our skin consist of a millions pores and a foam have a small particles that can cleanse throughout inside the pores while protecting the skin.

A little bit explanation about their products here, I chose to hear more about Lisciare, as I think this series kinda suitable for my dry skin. It was so moisturizing too once they put it on my hand!, not feeling any taut, but well moisturized even after cleansing!
(Because they knew I'm a beauty blogger, they gave me their business card for any launching invitation) 
oh Lovee! 

After that I make a next stop at the Hada Labo's counter, as my current skincare face wash was now from HL, stop by is a must! ^_^

And I got this cute sample, a cute little sized of their famous Hyaluronic Lotion which can lock up the moisture in your skin for every drop! Oh Lovee!

Let's see what samples that I managed to collect during this event! ^_^ ❤ 

The Astalift's Lunamer series samples.

KATE's brand new stuff, a Powderless Liquid For Cover samples, using this one, you don't need to put on the powder anymore, because once the liquid foundation dry, it will turn to a powder as well! This is a new technology and idea! Awesomeness overloaded!!

The goodies bag itself looks so elegant already! ❤ 

This is Menard's samples that I got, A Lisciare series with Beauness!

I got a huge pamphlets and even a facial saloon voucher!! yeayy, I'm gonna try this absolutely! 

The two sheets of KOSE' 's facial masks!
Happy up to the sky!!

Attending this event makes my heart fluttered and excited so much that I managed to know more about Japanese Beauty world, their favorite skincare, skincare tricks & techniques and makeup style, and I'm also be able to meet my favorite icon in the beauty world, I'm so thankful that they organised such event! 

Thank You Japan Beauty Week! ❤ 

This is the Harajuku makeup that I have on me on the Japan Beauty Week event, I'm so glad to put
on this look, as this is what made my fave Makeup Artist complimented me! Oh Lovee up to the sky!! ❤ ❤ 

Thanks minna-san for reading,
I hope you guys will be inspired too,
Please leave a comment if you guys want to ask anything,
See you guys in my next post,
Zai Jian!! ❤ ^^

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