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Bag Of Love Jan 2014 Review

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Konbanwa minna-san! ^_^

On Feb 2014 ago I got a Bag of Love of Jan 2014 edition!
I'm so exited and this post are meant to be the reviewing session! >.<

Well currently I have some issue with my blog (I'm not going to tell the real details of the problem anyway)
The designer who promised to design my blog did't keep his promise, and now that the link of the blog has been taken out and when people hit my blog link they can't get there..while the designing process still did't finished yet too. Forget about this, now I have another initiative to still keep on writing, I have transfer all the data from Blogger to Wordpress, so I still can write =)
So don't be twisted if you have read my blog in Blogspot before and now you see they're all suddenly in Wordpress, because I have change the domain. This is only for a while, I love to write on Blogspot better actually..but while waiting for my blog in Blogspot to be finished I will use this domain for quite a while. I have an instinct telling me he might take longer..Geez

Alright, don't be affected by that issue anyway..Now let's open the bag and see what's inside shall we? =)
First of all, I love the bag itself! it looks just so cute, I love something cute because it bring me a youthful feeling hehe!

1. Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo & Moisturizing Treatment
(The Moisturizing Shampoo is retailed at RM 55 for 250ml while the Moisturizing Treatment(hair conditioner) is retailed at RM58 for 150ml)


I ever heard about this brand before, it was an infamous saloon brand for hair actually, but I still find it's not that bad. However it does not suit my hair the best, it is said to be moisturizing but I don't think it was that moisturizing. It's still not bad..but just still not reach the "HG" yet for my hair type, my current hair type is super dry! >.<
I need something truly and super mild and moisturizing, this shampoo is kinda a bit urm..strong I think?
Maybe this is not the one for my hair, I'm really a dry type person, all part of my body LOL!! my skin, my hair haha all is dry typed! But I still love the conditioner, it was great actually, maybe I just don't really a fan for their shampoo. The conditioner is great anyway! =)

2. Uber-Man Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect
(A cleanser for a guy and retailed at RM11.90 for full-sized)


The only full-sized item in the bag, and it was a cleanser for a man..*Claps for the unexpected "event"* LOL..Nah I mean I never expected to received such product for a guy Hahahaha!
But still appreciated it, I can give this to my dad or bro =)
I always saw and heard about this guy brand actually, just never bought one of course because I only shop for a girl's beauty brand, unless I wanted to buy something for my guy friend, bro or my dad.
This cleanser work in whitening, cell renewing, and tone the skin. It's non-tightening too. Actually, I gave it a shot at first, I have used it once to try what it will feels like and it was super minty and have a cooling sensation! >.<
I think this one is great for any sporty guy, it will leave you a fresh feeling after cleansing, especially after you return from doing an outdoor activities..wallah~ ^_^

3. King Of Masks's All In One Ocean Collagen Mask
(Retailed at RM5.90 per piece)


A Mask!! Like they know I'm such a Facial Masks Holic! ^_^
The new year surprise again haha, I must say I will never resist to use any kind of good facial masks, because I'm always use a mask on daily basis before I sleep everyday!
Thanks Bag of Love! =)

4. Alqvimia Body Sculptor Oil, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil & Shape Reducer Body Oil
(Body sculptor oil is retailed at RM370 for 150ml, Anti-cellulite body oil at RM290 for 150ml, and Shape reducer body oil at RM290 also for 150ml)


Another surprise that made me surprised! well this is kinda a long term of body oil for body care, you will never get the great result if you just use it for a several times, it must be consistent and long term. Just look at the retail price made me howled already hahaha..I know this brand after I read it on magazine, but never really buy one as it's expensive. But now got one in a sample-sized! *Yay! Haha =)
I'm just so in love with these three of body oil,...the cute & small sample-sized bottles just looks like the potion in my favorite game! LOL
The smell is sooo lemongrass-like! I love it! *Burst in Love!

4. Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set
(Full Size products range from RM69.90-RM79.90)


The most favorite items for me in the bag of Jan! I have always longing to try the Wonder pore freshner, which is a toner! I love a water consistence toner all the way! No gel-ish type, ack I hate it >.< ..So this one just so perfect as I'm having some problem with my pores, so the water based or consistence is just so perfect and suit my skin the best. (From right: Wonderpore Freshner, Aloe Moistful Soothing Gel, Wonderpore Clay Clear Total Pore Solution 7 in 1)

As I have a reddish skin, Aloe vera gel is just so great in calming the reddish and sensitive skin like mine, I use it after I exposed to the sun in a very long hours or after I applied some toner. Everything was adjustable to your skin care routine actually. Some might use it before heading to their bed, that was good too but before bed, I love to use facial masks better. =)

The clay mask, I use it after washing my face with a cleansing cream to wash my makeup away. It was great in shrinking all the makeup & gunks out from your pores, spread it on cleansed face and leave it for about 20 minutes before you rinse it out. I use it for once a week as I have a super dry skin, if you have a combination or oily skin type, you can use it for twice a week..Never use it for everyday! it will crazily drying up your skin! >.<

This is a vouchers, for the Mr.Lens one they provide you with a discount code, use it while doing a checkout in your online shopping. I got 2 vouchers of RM20 each.

And also a RM30 cash voucher for any a la carte Waxing Sevices! ^_^

As the bag is so cute, I think I can use it for anything too! ^_^
Thank you so much bag of Love and Butterfly Malaysia for this bag! Love you guys to the max!

To find out more about the Bag of Love, you guys can hit the links below and check them out! ^,^

Thanks for your drop by!
See ya in my next post,
Zai jian! ❤ ^^

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