Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hey gurls!

It's been a long time huh? guess what?
Today I'm going to share something great! This have got to be something related with an eyewears. I've given an opportunity to shop from Mr. Lens by The Butterfly Project, it was really great as a new experience because usually I just bought everything related to an eyewears from Glasses Online, oh if you haven't seen my previous post about them before then click here, it will take you there. =)
(I will leave the link of the website on the bottom so please keep reading to the end ^_^ )

Mr. Lens is Swiss base company that sells and ship major brands contact lenses all over the world. They provide many choices of color contact lenses conveniently, efficiently and most special thing is with free delivery within Klang Valley!. They ship pretty fast too! it was like I shop from them today and then tomorrow I already given a tracking no through email. How fast is that huh? *wink

Alright, now I'll show you how to do an online shopping from Mr. Lens:

1. Head on to their website

2. When you got there, it should look like this. Choose the category you wish to purchase from on the page tabs and the left side, like glasses, colored lenses and etc, but this time I'll pick a colored lenses for example.

3. Ok, once you are there, choose any lenses that you like and click on it, it will bring you to another page.

4. You will need to choose the color you want, your power and etc, and add it to your cart.

5. If you want to add another thing in your cart, then you should click "continue shopping", otherwise if you wish to proceed on paying then click "checkout", or if you want to change the quantity click on the box of "Qty.", (if you want to create your contact lens passport, check "create contact lens passport" box, and the "checkout" will be changed to "passport" and click on it right away, you will be led to another page).

6. Contact lens passport is very useful for people with a different power on both eyes,
you can save the power and no need to choose for a same power when you buy a lens,
you can order from them here, it will come in a credit card-like form.

7. After you hit "checkout", you will be on this page, you will need to edit your shipping address,
and add a comment for your order if you want (in case if you want to purchase it as a gift or etc), and if you have a redeem code you may insert it as well, at least you can save a little bit of money, then hit "checkout" again.

8. Choose your payment method, I chose "MEPS CASH" because I want to use my online payment through CIMB Clicks.

9. Tick everything you need to tick and hit "Confirm Order" (you still can edit your address any time you want before they ship, as per suggestion, I will say you need to check your address before making a payment to avoid any inconveniences).

10. After that you will be on this page, then click payment option.

11. I chose CIMB Clicks.

12. The payment option is changed now.

13. Check the box of T&C and hit pay online and you will be led to another page of your online banking website to pay it. Done.
(This is so convenient because it'll be too hard if you need to go to your Online Banking page on your own and come back to submit the payment confirmation again on the website isn't it?)

It may seems like a lot to do but actually it's not. I showed you in detail so that it's looks like complicated.
The reason I go in detail because some of you might never really shop lens online so I hope it will do a little bit help =)

Why You Must Shop From Mr. Lens? 

  • Reasonable price compared than other online re-seller 
  • Free delivery within Klang Valley
  • Fast shipping & reliable (tracking no. also provided)
  • Provide a lot range of contact lenses & eyewears to choose from many brand
  • Only sell an authentic contact lenses & eyewears
  • Get rewarded if you recommend to your friend

I've received my order in 2 days after. I bought 2 contacts which is from ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black, and ColorVue 3 Tones in Green. Yeah I love big eyes because it gives me a Kawaii Dolly look ok..bwahahaha 

1. ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black

2. ColorVue 3 Tones in Green

This is how the real stuff looks like:

Mr. Lens daisukiii!! they even inserted the lollipops as a surprise! ^_^ 

They actually came in the plastic wrap like this.

ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black 

ColorVue 3 Tones in Green

Each of them cost at RM123.00, plus shipping cost for RM6.00 (Because I shipped to my home in Terengganu) However because I used The Butterfly Project voucher code, it's free for me..yeehoo! =P so I just paid for the shipping cost! ^_^
Tsankyuuuuu so much again really, The Butterfly Project, I'm a happy mappy gegurl =) 
Just check the Mr. Lens's website for more great offer! ^_^

(click this photo)

Butterfly Badge A

See you guys again,
Thank you so much for dropping by,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Hello fellas!

Well today might be something different to share about, it's not related to beauty and makeup, but yeah I still wanted to share it with you guys.
I have made up my mind to share it with you guys because I believe I might not be the only one who have these problem, well I'm not going to share the entire story of what made me upset lately but perhaps a little of it enough to share, I don't want to feel alone like I'm the only person who face these kind of stuff, I'm pretty sure there're a lots of people do too.

Well, I might looks like the happy and playful girl on the outside, but nobody knows what happened to me in my life, and perhaps nobody ever imagined that I have those kind of problem.

First of all, I'm not prefect. Nobody is. I do cry and I do laugh. People have their own depression and self-consciousness. So did I.

From my past life, I mean I ever once had the baddest depression in my secondary where my parents can't and don't want to understand me. I knew people ever tell me, during that period teenagers tend to hit their puberty and get confused on their  life and have some sort of depression..maybe I did too, and parents sometimes don't want to understand and listen to us, they just keep scolding and blaming us like "this is your fault" and "that is your fault", and "everything is your fault". I do have those experience too, sometimes, I cried and feels like running away from home and feels like committing suicide, but luckily my friends were there for me, indeed friendship is priceless. That is the reason why I love my friends than myself, they were there for me, when I share about my depression they are there to listen to me, and wipe off my tears and said "it's ok, your life gonna be ok, you're a strong girl", "Don't be sad, god will be with you if you keep on living and have a strong desire to make your life better". I will never had any strength to keep on and get my knees up again if my friends never said those powerful building words to me.

Now it seems like I'm once hitting the same problem, where my parents seems like refusing to listen me, and keep blaming me on everything. I do have a problem with my parents, I don't know if it really me or them who don't want to understand each other, I think that no matter of what I wanna say, they refuse to listen, and at last keep blaming me, I feels like the life is too dark for me?

I never come in the super rich family, and wasn't born to be friendly, pretty and well-loved by others, I have a self-conscious, I do afraid of losing the ones I love, like friends and family but sometimes I feels like the world is being unfair to my life. It's not like I'm not grateful of what I have, but I'm being a little of jealous to people who have everything, lovable, the good and cozy life. I know I'm not the pretty faced, and I'm not smart as my brothers and sisters, who always get a good result in their test and exam, and I'm not the lovable person. I have a lot of insecurities.

I do believe everybody have their own insecurities too, so that's why I'm sharing, to let you know we're not alone. Everybody have their own problem and depression.

And for me, these past weeks is really troublesome, I've gone under a great depression for this year 2014 in these past 3 weeks. It's about the money, family, my goal in life, like everything. Sometimes if I feel like I can't take it anymore I will sit alone in my room, just sit in a stealth mood for a while, recalling something good to make me feel lucky that I'm alive, and tell myself "this is nothing, I will live my life like nothing bad ever happened" but sometimes, we can't face the problem alone, we need a partner to share, and at last I will share it with my close buddies and cry and feels a little better. If we hold the sadness and depression inside, where do you think it will flows to? at last we will need to tells somebody, so tell and share it to your friends, if you just think to take it alone, you will be in great depression and thinking of ending your life, that wasn't a good idea. That's why I love and appreciate my friends, because all the time they will be there for me. If they can't do something to give a hand, at least they listening, that's even more helping than anything.

I can't make my life beautiful in my teenagers life, I can't have anything that I want and longed for but I will try to be a successful person and have whatever I want in my future life. So that people will never look down on me again. Remember, anything that make you feels down, depressed and sad, share it with your friends, don't keep them inside you alone, you are never be alone, you have friends even if your parents don't want to listen. I believe every parents love their child, just that they don't know how to understand you, so share it with your friends, don't be like me who ever thought of committing suicide. Suicide is never a good solution or a way out of problem. If you don't have a friend to listen, you can share it with me, although I might not be able to help, I will listen and to it and you're not alone, we're not alone.

Live your beautiful life,
May you all find the happiness in life,

-Jia Jia-

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi my yummy croquette! ^_^

Urm I think it's a little bit late for me to write this entry, but I still want to share about it. Well, as you already know (I mean if you've read my previous entries before) I love Bag of Love because it is always full of surprise for every monthly subscription, each month have their own edition, the content of the Bag Of Love will be kept as a secret until you receive it in front of your door.

Therefore, this time I want to share about the special items that came in the bag for this edition of the March-April.

Looking at the bag itself just enough to make me smile already, before I unzip this cute little bag.

And ..after the unzipping..Tadaaa!

This is all the items that came in the bag.

Let's go in detail! ^_^

Philosophy Hope in A Jar Moisturizer
(Full Size, 60ml at RM140)

I love the packaging although it was just at a fun sized (this is a sample sized), this moisturizer feel so smooth on skin too, it's penetrate into the skin very fast and never leave an uneasy feeling on skin.
(I just don't really like the smell, but it doesn't really bother me though)

CK One Red for Her Body Wash
(Full Size, 200ml at RM75)

As expected from CK (Calvin Klein), they're always strong scented even for woman's stuff, 
but I still love it, and it comes in a clear gelish form. I think it's really convenient to use because
the strong smell was just like giving a different feeling in the shower, and it's kinda awesome! ^_^

Covo HD BB Cream SPF50PA+++
(Full Size, 30ml at RM89)

Never though it could be this cute small sized, this one is really great to be featured in the photos,
as it's claimed to be a HD Pic BB cream typed.
The texture made it very easy to be blended, and I think it's very good to give you a satin finish.

Human Nature Overnight Elixir
(Full Size, 30ml at RM129.90)

I love this Overnight Elixir, you just need to put a few drops on face before heading off to bed, 
then see the result after you woken up the next day, glowing, revitalizing and moisturizing skin
is yours. However I have to say that the smell is kinda like..urm..Lemon grass?
well it's made up by 9 Active Oil Nutritives, Nonetheless, if you have an oily skin I did't really recommend it.
If you have a dry/normal skin, maybe should giving it a try? =)
(*Every of its product sold will be channeled to the poor and homeless in Philippines, directly and sustainably)

Miacare Acne Patch for Day 12's
(at RM9.50)

Having a puss acne, and feel very down at the moment to see and hanging around with some buddies?
Try this, place it onto the acne like 12hrs, and let it absorbs all the puss and soon it will cleared up and leave your skin no scars. Remember! poking or touching your acne will make it worse as the bacteria will transferred to the other area on your face if you touch it using the fingers that you just used to touch your acne! So if you use this patch and stick it on the acne, it will absorb all the puss out and kill the acne faster, and soon it'll be healed.

*This acne patch is similar to Nexcare acne patch-you can find it in Watson if you're from Malaysia, I normally use from Nexcare brand and never tried acne patch from Miacare, so this is great encounter as it came as one of the items in the bag =)

Uberman Hydrating Mist
(Full Size at RM16.90)

Ok, I'm quite surprise to see there's a men stuff here! and it was in full sized!
This is a facial mist to hydrate the skin, after cleansing. Normally after cleansing your face, some natural oil in the skin is cleansed away during cleansing, making your skin a little bit dry, to restore back all the moisture you need something like moisturizing cream, or maybe a facial mist. This facial mist infused with a moisturizing properties to make your skin moisture sustained, it's a men stuff and yes it has a men scent.
(Given to my lil bro who loves skin care as well =) )

Dove Hair Intense Repair Conditioner
(Full Size at RM9.90

My current hair stuff that I used is definitely Dove! I love Dove because it's very moisturizing, either a body wash or hair stuff! 
I have used a smooth and silky conditioner before, and now that my hair is a little bit damaged, this new full sized tube will suit my hair the best at this moment! The conditioner will be used after shampooing, apply from middle of hairs to end, because the hair start to be damaged from middle to the end, where the keratin and moisture seems to be lesser especially if you have a long hair, keratin provides strength & resistance, while moisture will make the hair elastic and flexible, thus making the conditioner one of your must in daily hair care because they can help to keep the moisture. If you want to higher the keratin percentage, you need to eat healthily, consume more protein sources like fish, chicken, meat, cheese, beans and eggs, because keratin is an amino acid (protein) relatives.

Mask Of Love by Unico
(Full Size at RM19.90)

The first Bag Of Love very own product, the Mask of love, this is the full sized one. It's so Kawaii deshou?
This mask is to soothes and hydrates the skin, it's Bio Cellulose Mask with Phyto H.A + Cactus + Honey!
I really can't wait to try it soon! ^_^ 
I think this is the stuff that make me thrilled to try out! =)

Some Useful Vouchers

I got these vouchers too all along in the bag! This voucher is really important, it was a voucher for 10% off for my next Fashion Couture Box subscription, and COVO discount voucher for 20% off! 

It was awesome that I thrilled for having this month edition! ^_^
Thanks Bag Of Love for everyhting! =)

(click this photo)

Thanks for dropping by,
Have a nice week minna-san!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hi my fluffy sweet cherry pink bon bon fuwa fuwa! ^_^

I've been longing to try e.l.f (eyes.lip.face) makeups!
And today yes, I owned one! *Yeepyyyoo! (I ever saw e.l.f makeups before, in a lot of beauty and makeup videos on Youtube and I wanted to own one for so long and now I did)-not to mention it was hard to get e.l.f stuff in Malaysia, yes there were an online seller who bring them all the way from the available country/place but I barely know any seller who sell them near my place until I got myself one now to start with from this nice seller on IG (it was a lucky stumbled upon) =) 

Actually for my taste, I love a bright pink or a sweet soft pink color on my cheeks (Oh yeah I'm a pinky ge-gurl!). However now seems like I rather go a lil bit nude, I mean something in nude coral or orangey colors, it looks so sexy on cheeks. I guess my taste now doing a lil bit changes since I'm entering my 20's age hahahaha LOL! I got bored with pinky colors on cheeks now, and feels like want to go in nude/coral colors.

So, after keep eyeing on this blusher, I decided to own one, as this is also my first time trying out an e.l.f makeup. Plus, the packaging looks so sleek, compact, and so cute!

This is e.l.f Studio Blush, in #Peachy Keen, a nude peachy coral color blusher 

Well don't know why but I think it have a cool and sleek packaging ever!

I really madly in love with the colors, I think this is the best colors to be spread on natural look! 

Ugh never thought I will be this madly in love with the sleek packaging again, 
btw the color itself is truly gorgeous too! 

Not really sure you can see but hope so, because the colors is pretty soft nude peachy coral like,
with some fine shimmers, it looks so natural that I'd loved it!
(surely a best grab ever for one who loves the natural makeup look!) 




-I did't seemed to found any-

e.l.f makeups wasn't that expensive too, I think anyone can own it as well-Just that it was hard to find in Malaysia though.
I wish to collect more e.l.f makeups for my collection after this, because I'm super duper in love with its packaging!!! ^_^

Oh, btw..if you want to have the e.l.f's makeups as well then don't hesitate to visit this shop on IG, @barebeautyshop, they sell the authentic e.l.f makeups and the Real Techniques's makeup brushes as well! (I can't wait to shopping more from them soon! 

This e.l.f makeup only cost me RM30 though, with postage it should be RM36.

So I wish you guys have a great week there,
Tsankyuu for dropping by on this boring blog hehehe,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

My strawberry crepes!! Hello!! ^_^

Haven't you wondering having an easy-to-find-and-make-natural-stuff that you can use in your skin regime?
No?? me too. Well at first la.....got ya hahahaha.

Now in this post I'm gonna share some tips, the tips that I've been practicing after discovered it from Bubz's video!
Well, actually I'm always wondering too if green tea can be an antioxidants in our body, they must be a good stuff to be used on skin too isn't it? but then after I found the Bubz's video of the Tea bag Face Scrub I'm kinda thrilled to try it too!!

so here is it! Tadaah!
Do you know that a dry ground green tea leaves can be a good scrubber, not just to removes the dead skin cells, but to reduce the appearance of blemishes, acne and scars as well?
If you did't know what the heck antioxidant is, then click here to read more about the importance of antioxidants in our bodies.

If you want to know how I make it, here is it:
  1. Dry a used green tea bag (the fewer you use the tea bag, the more goodness still remains in the leaves).
  2. After it was completely dried, tear the bag and take all the dry ground green tea leaves and keep it in a small tight container, like a fun-sized glass jar.
  3. Used as you please, but for a daily use in skin regime, I love to mix it with my cleanser, and scrubbing it on my skin while cleansing. (it's too mild and gentle and yes you can use everyday, but if you think it's to much to be used everyday *although it's not*, then use it like once in two days or thrice a week, whatever you wish to fit your own skin regime)
  4. If you don't want to use it with your cleanser, then I'll suggest to use it by mixing it with honey and scrub it on together, or maybe with a teaspoon of lemon juice, and etc to fit your skin need. (Lemon is good to heal a scars on skin and it was a natural whitening agent! while honey keep the skin well moisturized)

This one is the ground green tea leaves mixed with my cleanser, first of all you must have a pea-sized of your own cleanser, and mix it around with an enough amount of dry ground green tea leaves and lather it up with water.

Just cleanse you face as usual, and scrub you skin gently with those ground leaves.
if you need to use facial cleansing brush or sponge, go ahead..there would't be any problem, that's why I said it is so simple, just do it like what you did as usual in cleansing.

This one without a cleanser mixing, but with some lemon juice and I put it on the skin and 
scrub it on until the ground leaves seems like drying, then rinse it off with a lukewarm water.

Easy isn't?

Why we must waste the things we can use for a beauty and skin care tricks? if you're creative enough and know what the goodness of stuff, you can grab it and use it in your skin regime without need you to spend a money, it's saving and eco! With such simple steps, you will make your skin all in one which is more brighter, blemish-free and dead skin cells well exfoliated while cleansing..and no wasting a-uh!..❤ =P

Now I feel like want to experimenting more on green tea's goodness, I think we can use it in many ways.
Next time I'll post something good about green tea again if I found another trick for skin care and health =P

Don't forget to try!
Have a nice day ahead,
❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hey chocolate fountain! ^_^

On April 19th ago, I was announced to be one of the ten winners to attend Veet exclusive makeover party at Posh! Nail Spa.
The most exciting thing is, Izara Aishah was there along the makeover day!! Waaahhh
It was my first time ever meeting her, she was captivating, humble and so youngster! 

Every time I see her face it always give me a thought of "OH MY ENGLISH!", which is comedic & an educational TV series that teach us Malaysian on how to speak a proper english! haha, I love her character as Azlin, a pretty faced and "keh-poh" girl in the school!

Want me to bring you to see what's inside during the event?

The intro speech by Izara, Leonard and the organizer.

Random shot during the pampering session
(I got myself a Medi and Pedi session, 
plus a hair-removing session on my arms and legs using Veet's depilatory cream!)

And some photos taken from Veet Malaysia's FB:

The bloggers (butterflies) from The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger Malaysia
who came to support the winners from the community
(how cute is this photo, look at their cute focus-faced!) ^_^ 

Because the event started at 10 AM, so the breakfast was provided there!
(the chit chat session with girls)

Girly chit chat session among winners and bloggers while having a breakfast 
and while waiting the turn to be called out to 
test the outfits they have provided for us.
(There're ten winners, we got our turn from them 
by sticking a no. of turn on our arm, I got no. 7~ wee~)

When I entered the photo shoot area I saw Izara sitting
on the sofa while doing her waxing by using Veet's stuff!
(Ain't her smile is cute enough?) ^_^ 

Claudine & Mieza (my dear blogger buddies) get close to her and having a chat, I think Izara is
so humble here =)

All the bloggers enjoying the pampering session, waxing using Veet stuffs and done a Medi & Pedi:

The winners pampering and makeover session:

See those goodies bags? *licking lips
(Well I love Veet's stuffs!) 

Lunch is also prepared there, because the event end at about 4 PM

We got ourselves a before and after makeover photos, so let's see all of them!

(Impressive isn't it? look at before and after makeover,
mine looks very crap before the makeover hahaha)

Not only that, the winners also given one goodie bag which containing some
Veet's stuffs! 

I would like to say thanks to Veet Malaysia & Singapore and Bridges Pr & Events for organizing such a great exclusive makeover, plus give me chance to meet beautiful Izara Aisyah, to be honest I never have an experience like this before, after this I will support Veet Malaysia all my heart!! ❤ (actually I'm a veet lover since the very beginning pun ehehe) - Check their FB out below to see more photos of the day!

And thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for attending the event as a bloggers to support the winners from the community, it was fun meeting with butterflies there, I hope will get an opportunity like this again in future, I'm truly a happy girl! 

(click this photo)

(click this photo)
Butterfly Badge A

Have a nice day guys,
Much Love,
Zai Jian!❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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