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Bag Of Love March-April Edition

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Hi my yummy croquette! ^_^

Urm I think it's a little bit late for me to write this entry, but I still want to share about it. Well, as you already know (I mean if you've read my previous entries before) I love Bag of Love because it is always full of surprise for every monthly subscription, each month have their own edition, the content of the Bag Of Love will be kept as a secret until you receive it in front of your door.

Therefore, this time I want to share about the special items that came in the bag for this edition of the March-April.

Looking at the bag itself just enough to make me smile already, before I unzip this cute little bag.

And ..after the unzipping..Tadaaa!

This is all the items that came in the bag.

Let's go in detail! ^_^

Philosophy Hope in A Jar Moisturizer
(Full Size, 60ml at RM140)

I love the packaging although it was just at a fun sized (this is a sample sized), this moisturizer feel so smooth on skin too, it's penetrate into the skin very fast and never leave an uneasy feeling on skin.
(I just don't really like the smell, but it doesn't really bother me though)

CK One Red for Her Body Wash
(Full Size, 200ml at RM75)

As expected from CK (Calvin Klein), they're always strong scented even for woman's stuff, 
but I still love it, and it comes in a clear gelish form. I think it's really convenient to use because
the strong smell was just like giving a different feeling in the shower, and it's kinda awesome! ^_^

Covo HD BB Cream SPF50PA+++
(Full Size, 30ml at RM89)

Never though it could be this cute small sized, this one is really great to be featured in the photos,
as it's claimed to be a HD Pic BB cream typed.
The texture made it very easy to be blended, and I think it's very good to give you a satin finish.

Human Nature Overnight Elixir
(Full Size, 30ml at RM129.90)

I love this Overnight Elixir, you just need to put a few drops on face before heading off to bed, 
then see the result after you woken up the next day, glowing, revitalizing and moisturizing skin
is yours. However I have to say that the smell is kinda like..urm..Lemon grass?
well it's made up by 9 Active Oil Nutritives, Nonetheless, if you have an oily skin I did't really recommend it.
If you have a dry/normal skin, maybe should giving it a try? =)
(*Every of its product sold will be channeled to the poor and homeless in Philippines, directly and sustainably)

Miacare Acne Patch for Day 12's
(at RM9.50)

Having a puss acne, and feel very down at the moment to see and hanging around with some buddies?
Try this, place it onto the acne like 12hrs, and let it absorbs all the puss and soon it will cleared up and leave your skin no scars. Remember! poking or touching your acne will make it worse as the bacteria will transferred to the other area on your face if you touch it using the fingers that you just used to touch your acne! So if you use this patch and stick it on the acne, it will absorb all the puss out and kill the acne faster, and soon it'll be healed.

*This acne patch is similar to Nexcare acne patch-you can find it in Watson if you're from Malaysia, I normally use from Nexcare brand and never tried acne patch from Miacare, so this is great encounter as it came as one of the items in the bag =)

Uberman Hydrating Mist
(Full Size at RM16.90)

Ok, I'm quite surprise to see there's a men stuff here! and it was in full sized!
This is a facial mist to hydrate the skin, after cleansing. Normally after cleansing your face, some natural oil in the skin is cleansed away during cleansing, making your skin a little bit dry, to restore back all the moisture you need something like moisturizing cream, or maybe a facial mist. This facial mist infused with a moisturizing properties to make your skin moisture sustained, it's a men stuff and yes it has a men scent.
(Given to my lil bro who loves skin care as well =) )

Dove Hair Intense Repair Conditioner
(Full Size at RM9.90

My current hair stuff that I used is definitely Dove! I love Dove because it's very moisturizing, either a body wash or hair stuff! 
I have used a smooth and silky conditioner before, and now that my hair is a little bit damaged, this new full sized tube will suit my hair the best at this moment! The conditioner will be used after shampooing, apply from middle of hairs to end, because the hair start to be damaged from middle to the end, where the keratin and moisture seems to be lesser especially if you have a long hair, keratin provides strength & resistance, while moisture will make the hair elastic and flexible, thus making the conditioner one of your must in daily hair care because they can help to keep the moisture. If you want to higher the keratin percentage, you need to eat healthily, consume more protein sources like fish, chicken, meat, cheese, beans and eggs, because keratin is an amino acid (protein) relatives.

Mask Of Love by Unico
(Full Size at RM19.90)

The first Bag Of Love very own product, the Mask of love, this is the full sized one. It's so Kawaii deshou?
This mask is to soothes and hydrates the skin, it's Bio Cellulose Mask with Phyto H.A + Cactus + Honey!
I really can't wait to try it soon! ^_^ 
I think this is the stuff that make me thrilled to try out! =)

Some Useful Vouchers

I got these vouchers too all along in the bag! This voucher is really important, it was a voucher for 10% off for my next Fashion Couture Box subscription, and COVO discount voucher for 20% off! 

It was awesome that I thrilled for having this month edition! ^_^
Thanks Bag Of Love for everyhting! =)

(click this photo)

Thanks for dropping by,
Have a nice week minna-san!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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