Saturday, 10 May 2014

e.l.f Sudio Blush Review

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Hi my fluffy sweet cherry pink bon bon fuwa fuwa! ^_^

I've been longing to try e.l.f (eyes.lip.face) makeups!
And today yes, I owned one! *Yeepyyyoo! (I ever saw e.l.f makeups before, in a lot of beauty and makeup videos on Youtube and I wanted to own one for so long and now I did)-not to mention it was hard to get e.l.f stuff in Malaysia, yes there were an online seller who bring them all the way from the available country/place but I barely know any seller who sell them near my place until I got myself one now to start with from this nice seller on IG (it was a lucky stumbled upon) =) 

Actually for my taste, I love a bright pink or a sweet soft pink color on my cheeks (Oh yeah I'm a pinky ge-gurl!). However now seems like I rather go a lil bit nude, I mean something in nude coral or orangey colors, it looks so sexy on cheeks. I guess my taste now doing a lil bit changes since I'm entering my 20's age hahahaha LOL! I got bored with pinky colors on cheeks now, and feels like want to go in nude/coral colors.

So, after keep eyeing on this blusher, I decided to own one, as this is also my first time trying out an e.l.f makeup. Plus, the packaging looks so sleek, compact, and so cute!

This is e.l.f Studio Blush, in #Peachy Keen, a nude peachy coral color blusher 

Well don't know why but I think it have a cool and sleek packaging ever!

I really madly in love with the colors, I think this is the best colors to be spread on natural look! 

Ugh never thought I will be this madly in love with the sleek packaging again, 
btw the color itself is truly gorgeous too! 

Not really sure you can see but hope so, because the colors is pretty soft nude peachy coral like,
with some fine shimmers, it looks so natural that I'd loved it!
(surely a best grab ever for one who loves the natural makeup look!) 




-I did't seemed to found any-

e.l.f makeups wasn't that expensive too, I think anyone can own it as well-Just that it was hard to find in Malaysia though.
I wish to collect more e.l.f makeups for my collection after this, because I'm super duper in love with its packaging!!! ^_^

Oh, btw..if you want to have the e.l.f's makeups as well then don't hesitate to visit this shop on IG, @barebeautyshop, they sell the authentic e.l.f makeups and the Real Techniques's makeup brushes as well! (I can't wait to shopping more from them soon! 

This e.l.f makeup only cost me RM30 though, with postage it should be RM36.

So I wish you guys have a great week there,
Tsankyuu for dropping by on this boring blog hehehe,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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