Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lets Become The "Mrs.Lens" !

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Hey gurls!

It's been a long time huh? guess what?
Today I'm going to share something great! This have got to be something related with an eyewears. I've given an opportunity to shop from Mr. Lens by The Butterfly Project, it was really great as a new experience because usually I just bought everything related to an eyewears from Glasses Online, oh if you haven't seen my previous post about them before then click here, it will take you there. =)
(I will leave the link of the website on the bottom so please keep reading to the end ^_^ )

Mr. Lens is Swiss base company that sells and ship major brands contact lenses all over the world. They provide many choices of color contact lenses conveniently, efficiently and most special thing is with free delivery within Klang Valley!. They ship pretty fast too! it was like I shop from them today and then tomorrow I already given a tracking no through email. How fast is that huh? *wink

Alright, now I'll show you how to do an online shopping from Mr. Lens:

1. Head on to their website

2. When you got there, it should look like this. Choose the category you wish to purchase from on the page tabs and the left side, like glasses, colored lenses and etc, but this time I'll pick a colored lenses for example.

3. Ok, once you are there, choose any lenses that you like and click on it, it will bring you to another page.

4. You will need to choose the color you want, your power and etc, and add it to your cart.

5. If you want to add another thing in your cart, then you should click "continue shopping", otherwise if you wish to proceed on paying then click "checkout", or if you want to change the quantity click on the box of "Qty.", (if you want to create your contact lens passport, check "create contact lens passport" box, and the "checkout" will be changed to "passport" and click on it right away, you will be led to another page).

6. Contact lens passport is very useful for people with a different power on both eyes,
you can save the power and no need to choose for a same power when you buy a lens,
you can order from them here, it will come in a credit card-like form.

7. After you hit "checkout", you will be on this page, you will need to edit your shipping address,
and add a comment for your order if you want (in case if you want to purchase it as a gift or etc), and if you have a redeem code you may insert it as well, at least you can save a little bit of money, then hit "checkout" again.

8. Choose your payment method, I chose "MEPS CASH" because I want to use my online payment through CIMB Clicks.

9. Tick everything you need to tick and hit "Confirm Order" (you still can edit your address any time you want before they ship, as per suggestion, I will say you need to check your address before making a payment to avoid any inconveniences).

10. After that you will be on this page, then click payment option.

11. I chose CIMB Clicks.

12. The payment option is changed now.

13. Check the box of T&C and hit pay online and you will be led to another page of your online banking website to pay it. Done.
(This is so convenient because it'll be too hard if you need to go to your Online Banking page on your own and come back to submit the payment confirmation again on the website isn't it?)

It may seems like a lot to do but actually it's not. I showed you in detail so that it's looks like complicated.
The reason I go in detail because some of you might never really shop lens online so I hope it will do a little bit help =)

Why You Must Shop From Mr. Lens? 

  • Reasonable price compared than other online re-seller 
  • Free delivery within Klang Valley
  • Fast shipping & reliable (tracking no. also provided)
  • Provide a lot range of contact lenses & eyewears to choose from many brand
  • Only sell an authentic contact lenses & eyewears
  • Get rewarded if you recommend to your friend

I've received my order in 2 days after. I bought 2 contacts which is from ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black, and ColorVue 3 Tones in Green. Yeah I love big eyes because it gives me a Kawaii Dolly look ok..bwahahaha 

1. ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black

2. ColorVue 3 Tones in Green

This is how the real stuff looks like:

Mr. Lens daisukiii!! they even inserted the lollipops as a surprise! ^_^ 

They actually came in the plastic wrap like this.

ColorVue Big Eyes in Dolly Black 

ColorVue 3 Tones in Green

Each of them cost at RM123.00, plus shipping cost for RM6.00 (Because I shipped to my home in Terengganu) However because I used The Butterfly Project voucher code, it's free for me..yeehoo! =P so I just paid for the shipping cost! ^_^
Tsankyuuuuu so much again really, The Butterfly Project, I'm a happy mappy gegurl =) 
Just check the Mr. Lens's website for more great offer! ^_^

(click this photo)

Butterfly Badge A

See you guys again,
Thank you so much for dropping by,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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