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Sneek Peak Of My Photo Shoot Day! @ Bag Of Love | Chlei Photography | My Makeup Academy

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Yo chocolate caramel waffle! ^=^

Well, let me say sorry to begin with, because I think I haven't put my fingers on PC's keyboard to go typing for quite a while back then, probably because I was facing the final week for this semester, and life always get in the way all the time, oh well what to say life as a student..thank god I'm done with this semester, finally!

Okay, I just want to share some experience about my recent photo shooting, though it was not my first time because before this I also have a few experiences with photo shoot for a local boutique.

Just a little difference is, this is the second time I attended a photo shoot session done in a studio, and most of all I love the photographer, Lei because of his kindness and tolerance level towards us, his models of the day (although I'm actually not really a model bwahahaha!), not to mention he is a lil bit of crazy (I mean he is super sporting okay~ lol, so you won't step in the set area like a shivering drown rat, especially when you realized a huge camera lens facing right before your face..oh gosh how scared and super shy I am towards camera!) At least with some good tolerances showed by the photographer doing a lil bit of easiness in feel. (I'm not a model but from my past experiences, I realized and must tell you guys, modeling is not an easy job, AT ALL!), especially for an unphotogenic girl like me, honestly.

You can always pay him a visit if you want to use his service. Make sure to check his website and contact him first before you go and just barge in like a robber (I will leave you his studio & website address and FB in the end of this post, so please keep reading to the end ^_^ ), the photo shooting session may not be so affordable for some people to be reminded. -Not even me, plus I'm still a student ehehehehe

For this photo shoot session, Chlei Photography has collaborated with My Makeup Academy, and it was hosted by Bag Of Love. (Thanks a million stars to Bag Of Love for this opportunity given to me! ❤ ^_^ )

Also, I was with my three other dearest fellows, dear Sandii and Joody & her sister-in-law, Cat (Joody gave this photo shoot session as a present to her pretty sister-in-law, Cat), we're all together on set =)

Chlei Photography 

What I know about Chlei photography is they have already experience like about ten years in photo shooting, from a simple to professional shoot. Whether it was for a Modeling profile, Artistic collection or a Wedding collection, Product & Styling, Food & Beverage, Fashion & Beauty, Event and etc.

Plus, the photographer is super nice, this is what make people including me feel comfortable during photo shoot, (because I'm too introvert)
Last time, in my last photo shoot, the photographer is a bit..urm....cold? made me the #coldfaced+camerashyqueen even more uncomfortable, frozen, shaking and feel so shy standing in front of the camera-and lastly end up just being a "statue" lol shit mang hahahaha, seriously, if you want to make your photos turn out really well, you must overcome that awkwardness and be photogenic, to make it happen..photographer play an important role, if you did't feel comfortable with the photographer in the first place, or based on what Malay said "Tak Sebulu", then how to work together to make a nice photos during the photo shoot?

Even though I was still be a lil bit cold and camera shy during the photo shoot with Lei, he guide me to be more relax and comfortable with the camera, that's just nice rather than my last photo shoot, when the photographer scold me "Can you just chill? it's hard la if you keep showing the nervousness-kind-of body move!" *feel like slapping off his face seriously.

Please take note that I'm not writing this post with an intent to promote Chlei Photography or got myself paid to do so *because a normal people when they read a post that tell about the speciality or a goodness of stuffs they will said "oh must be a paid post bla bla bla" and this kind of person is so jerk in my opinion, I just would like tell you the professionality of the photo shoot they give, and about the experience that I got (and if you interested to use his service that should be good for yourself, I'm just sharing my honest experience here to be clearly)

Below is some photos I take from Chlei Photography's album, all of them are owned by Chlei Photography and copyrighted to them:

Food Shoot

Artistic Shoot

Model Shoot

Product & Styling Shoot

Portrait & Personality Shoot

Here is some of the photos shot by Lei, for myself:

For these images, the first two photos above is my style which I want to make it a lil bit of Harajuku, like adapting "Harajuku Accent" in my own style, and the last photo is my own colorful style to express myself.

(sorry if you think my face is a bit cold, I was born that way-I mean..I don't know why my face cannot smile prettily in photos, although I do smile a lot in reality, it just won't appear in photo..haih I'm born to be unphotogenic LOL!...maybe a lil bit training will make me smile nicely in photo, remember practice makes PERFECT! LOL!)

And here some photos of my dear friends who came on that day too!! Dun dun dun! 

How pretty she is isn't she! This is Cat, told ya she's pretty, 
I thought she was an actress for a sec hahaha!
(Vintage & Oriental look suit her features really good!) ^_^

 Below is 2 photos of another of my dear friend, Sandii!
(I do really think she looks cute like a "nihon jin" (Japanese), then when
we having a girly chit chat she really told me people ever mistaken her as a 
Japanese before, hahaha I thought I'm the only one who see her as a Japanese girl =) )

Greatest thanks to May from My Makeup Academy, Mimi from Bag of Love and Lei from Chlei Photography for that amazing day, together with my friendly friends who came together, Sandii, Joody & Cat. =)

Mimi from Bag Of Love (She's the founder of Bag Of Love) is seriously stunning like a Korean Idol, no joke. She really reminds me of Bae Su Ji, a member of Kpop girl group, Miss A    
She also came on that day, and yes she's so tall and pretty! (and she's very very friendly =) )
Below is her photos taken from Chlei Photography =)

One more, I don't really remember the pretty girl who did my makeup on that day (she was with May together in My Makeup Academy), but luckily I asked her name, she was Elaine and she's pretty and younger than me! (I hope to befriend with her so much! ) =)  

Some moments while the photo shoot is running and while the makeover!

During my makeover.. 

Cat's picture, I wanna laugh at myself at the moment, because at that time,
I already done my first photo shoot and have nothing to do, while waiting for my turn
I just linger around, get in the photographer's way and snap some photos of Cat 
because I think she's very very captivating..

Visit Chlei Photography's website if you decided to have a relax and "santai" photo shoot, or maybe any photo shoots that you wished for like product & styling, event, wedding and etc (seriously Lei is very nice in person =) )-you can check the packages price that he offered on his website for photo shoot.
Well at least you won't feel like a statue like my previous shoot when you standing in front of the camera  ❤ ^,~

Please pay a visit at Bag Of Love's facebook page too if you would like, who know you will fall in love with them and be one of their monthly subscriber (like me hehe) for their superb bags which have a lot of beauty and cosmetic products!^_^ if you don't know what's Bag Of Love is all about, then head on to their website or you can check my previous post about them here =)  

And, if you want to use a professional makeup service by My Makeup Academy, you can contact May through her email below, in case if you want to use their makeup service for bridal or anything else, they have a vast experience in doing a simple to professional makeup look for bridal, magazines, photo shooting and etc.

(click this photo)

His studio address:
No. 18B, Jalan Kenari 1, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya.

(click this photo)

My Makeup Academy:

Disclaimer: All the photos above is a copyrighted photos unless stated, all right is reserved, and this is not a promoting post or anything similar to, it was just a sharing post, don't misunderstand me if I gave all the information there, it was just in case if all of you guys keen to know about them and then you can contact them directly without need me to do so. =) 

I think I'm gonna stop just here,
Thanks guys for dropping by,
Have a nice day ahead!
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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