Saturday, 3 May 2014

Veet Makeover Party At Posh! Nail Spa

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Hey chocolate fountain! ^_^

On April 19th ago, I was announced to be one of the ten winners to attend Veet exclusive makeover party at Posh! Nail Spa.
The most exciting thing is, Izara Aishah was there along the makeover day!! Waaahhh
It was my first time ever meeting her, she was captivating, humble and so youngster! 

Every time I see her face it always give me a thought of "OH MY ENGLISH!", which is comedic & an educational TV series that teach us Malaysian on how to speak a proper english! haha, I love her character as Azlin, a pretty faced and "keh-poh" girl in the school!

Want me to bring you to see what's inside during the event?

The intro speech by Izara, Leonard and the organizer.

Random shot during the pampering session
(I got myself a Medi and Pedi session, 
plus a hair-removing session on my arms and legs using Veet's depilatory cream!)

And some photos taken from Veet Malaysia's FB:

The bloggers (butterflies) from The Butterfly Project-Beauty Blogger Malaysia
who came to support the winners from the community
(how cute is this photo, look at their cute focus-faced!) ^_^ 

Because the event started at 10 AM, so the breakfast was provided there!
(the chit chat session with girls)

Girly chit chat session among winners and bloggers while having a breakfast 
and while waiting the turn to be called out to 
test the outfits they have provided for us.
(There're ten winners, we got our turn from them 
by sticking a no. of turn on our arm, I got no. 7~ wee~)

When I entered the photo shoot area I saw Izara sitting
on the sofa while doing her waxing by using Veet's stuff!
(Ain't her smile is cute enough?) ^_^ 

Claudine & Mieza (my dear blogger buddies) get close to her and having a chat, I think Izara is
so humble here =)

All the bloggers enjoying the pampering session, waxing using Veet stuffs and done a Medi & Pedi:

The winners pampering and makeover session:

See those goodies bags? *licking lips
(Well I love Veet's stuffs!) 

Lunch is also prepared there, because the event end at about 4 PM

We got ourselves a before and after makeover photos, so let's see all of them!

(Impressive isn't it? look at before and after makeover,
mine looks very crap before the makeover hahaha)

Not only that, the winners also given one goodie bag which containing some
Veet's stuffs! 

I would like to say thanks to Veet Malaysia & Singapore and Bridges Pr & Events for organizing such a great exclusive makeover, plus give me chance to meet beautiful Izara Aisyah, to be honest I never have an experience like this before, after this I will support Veet Malaysia all my heart!! ❤ (actually I'm a veet lover since the very beginning pun ehehe) - Check their FB out below to see more photos of the day!

And thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for attending the event as a bloggers to support the winners from the community, it was fun meeting with butterflies there, I hope will get an opportunity like this again in future, I'm truly a happy girl! 

(click this photo)

(click this photo)
Butterfly Badge A

Have a nice day guys,
Much Love,
Zai Jian!❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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