Wednesday, 18 June 2014

5K Shopping Spree On "What's In Your bag?"!!

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Hello Strawberry shortcakes! 

I got a very great news to be shared with everyone here! If you're a shopping crazy then this might blow you into a Daboom!!

I've discovered about this from Tammy on her blog,

First of all girls, let me introduce you about this campaign, this "What's in your bag?" campaign is run as for the launching of the new KLIA2! They will give you a RM5K credit and you can shop to anything you want from fashion, electronic and gift idea..add stuff in your cart for a total RM5K and checkout, and you nail it if you're chosen as the winner and you can have all those items that you chose in your cart!

So, what's KLIA2?

"The KLIA2 is built to be Malaysia's Next Generation Hub - International Airport Hub - that allows seamless connectivity for both local and international low-cost plus full-service carriers.

The KLIA2 is built to cater for the explosive growth in low cost travel. It is designed to cater 45 million passengers a year, replacing the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) once it's ready. It is built with bigger capacity and superior facilities.

The new KLIA2 terminal is measured to be at least 257,000 sqm, with 60 gates, 8 remote stands, 80 aerobridges, plus a retail space of 32,000 sqm to accommodate 225 retail outlets.

Costing around 4 billion Malaysia Ringgit, the KLIA2 was scheduled to be opened in 28 June,2013. But due to construction delay, the new KLIA2 terminal is now being scheduled to be opened on 2 May 2014."

The simplest thing to do of course to head on to the website HERE.

1. Register and wait for the email that will be sent to your email for activation.
2. You will have to hit the link of the activation that "what's in your bag" have sent in the email, and you will be led to the website automatically and they will ask you to create your password.
3. Once everything is done, you will see on the upper right of the website that you have RM5K credit, and you can now start shopping by adding anything that you would like to have from fashion, electronic & gift idea within that given 5K amount!
4. Done choosing? then hit checkout, and let's see if you have the luck to win all of those stuff! 

This is what I have chose on "What's in your bag?" 

How I wish to really have all of these!!

Anyway, attack now if you're a shopping crazy!
Better be lucky girls!
buh byebye buh! ^_^ ❤

-Jia Jia-

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