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MyTeksi App Malaysia: Stop The Taxi No More, The Taxi Will Come Get You Instead!

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Hello, minty teddy macaroons! 

I think it has been a while since I shut myself from the whole community (including FB/IG) and friends from 2 weeks ago, well obviously I have quite a lot of obstacles and problems in my life recently, well it's a personal and family things that I refuse to tell you guys, it's kind of a little bit privacy but it hurts me and give me a lot of pressure. Most importantly this things dragged me into a great depression and hard time, I might say the hardest time ever in the year 2014. I hope these bunch of things that keep troubling me will end very soon from now. Hopefully.

Let put these thing aside, I have something which is I believe will make at least a helpful share today.
If you're a student like myself (I mean I don't have a license, and obviously public transports become some sort of trend in my life), you will probably dying waiting to ride on any transport, whether it's a bus, subway or whatsoever, it does take a lot of time waiting like forever. Let's say you have an occasion early in the morning, and you're waiting a bus, not to mention you will waste at least a half an hour to catch the bus/train/, bus/train not always be punctual on time, they can be very late and too early...moreover if you're a Malaysian, believe me...waiting a taxi isn't a fan-doing-stuff ya, sometimes you wait for them like a years and when they pass by before you, and you are about to wave your hands and make it stop suddenly you realize that they're not picking you up because there's another passenger riding..and it was like "Hell yeah huh???"

And also..another case if you're waiting with a bunch of people (ok, let's call them jerky people) and you guys trying to stop and get a taxi, this is what try to stop the taxi..but suddenly when the taxi is about to pull over someone called as "anonymous" (let's call them jerky people again) step forward and get into the taxi first, instead the fact that "hey this is mine! I stopped it first are you blind??"..but hey, they won't listen and the taxi just drive straight away..and indeed it was like "Hell yeahhhhhh????!!" - (and this indeed happened to me a plenty of times! duh~)

So, I think this app which is available for all Malaysian who use either a tab or smartphone is gonna be something pop in assisting and guiding you to get your taxi in a very easiest way! And most importantly, nobody gonna steal away your taxi again when you're the one who is hardworkingly put an effort to try to get them! This is it, introducing you Malaysian...*drum rolls*

Jeng!!!! MyTeksi App!! Stop taxi no more! Waiting forever to get a taxi no more! Someone steal your taxi away no more! no more no more no more! (I've got enough already)
Just book your taxi and wait for them to pick you up anywhere, anytime!

This app is amazing, if you ask me why:

1. Nobody will steal away your taxi anymore! Never! (I've got enough already!)
2. No need to spend an hours try to stop a taxi anymore, especially in an area which a taxi rarely pass by
3. Just sit and wait calmly & happily (and don't forget to smile..ngee) after you booked because your taxi is the one after you!
4. Minutes is showing on app on how long you should wait for the taxi to come once the booking is confirmed and assigned, but normally it's just within 10 minutes (depends on which area you waited)
5. Distance and charge is estimated, so you will know how far is the place and how much to pay (with extra RM2 for the gov tax I believe)
6. The taxi's plate no and the driver's name will appear on the app, after your booking is assigned by any taxi's driver who want to pick you up

This is how you can use the app:

This is how it should looks like once you open the app on your smartphone,
and to begin tap on "TO" to select what point to drop off.
(Once you open the app, you will be able to see how much taxi is around the area, if it was none ("0"),
then sorry to say you have no hope to get one dear..
but if it was available quite in numbers, you can move on to
the next step)

Once you tap on "TO", it should looks like this.

Let's say I wanna go to KL Sogo, then type KL Sogo..
then there will be a lot of points(place) to drop off popping on..simply choose which point(place) you wanna drop off.

Now it was all set up..
Choose what taxi you would like to have, either the Budget one or the Executive one.
If you think you have a lot of money to throw away, go ahead and choose Executive..
and that "GrabCar" is still unavailable..and I still don't know what kind of taxi it is.
Done choosing? tap next.
(You should be able to see the distance and charge estimated on the left side of your screen, it's based on the distance and what kind of taxi that you chose) 

Then it should looks like this, and if you're fine with everything,
Just go ahead and tap "Confirm Booking".
Remember when you use this app, RM2 will be charged and added to your taxi's fee as a gov tax.

The app then will try to locate the taxi who want accept the booking and pick you up.
Sometimes, when all of the taxi is already booked or when there's no taxi that want to pick you up at your point,
the app will give you something like this..

Hah! The app also have such manner, look at that depressed figure..bwahahaha!
Ok let's be serious, if the app is fail to look for any taxi's driver for you, just tap "Try Again" over and over again,
until you get one.

Ah that happy jumping figure then!..Buahahahahaha!!! (not to mention the figure is jumping like people who have a seizures illness)
Ok let's be double serious,...this is how it looks like when the app is successfully located a taxi's driver that assigned to your will show the taxi's plate no and how far is this taxi from you.
Then tap "What's Next?"

Then something like this will showing up, and it will state the taxi driver's name, plate no, and when will he's tracking the taxi, usually once the the taxi's driver assigned to your booking, they will instantly give you a call.
There's a cancel booking option and you can cancel at anytime you want before the taxi arrive, or maybe call the driver to let them know where you are waiting. (Let's say you're wearing a blue tee, and the person next to you also wearing a blue tee, the only different is that you're wearing a yanks trouser, so to make it easier for the taxi's driver to spot which one is you then, you can call him and let him know.."today I wear a yanks!")

Easy isn't it? 

Once you get in the taxi, you can use the app's function like sending your friends your location through Fb/Wechat/Whatsapp to let them know where are your location right now, all the details like taxi's plate no, driver's name and your current location while on the taxi will be sent to your friends and family, so that they'll know where are you, it's for safety purpose...though in fact when you use MyTeksi App..everyone who use the app will already see the taxi around them on the MyTeksi's map.

My ratings on MyTeksi App?


That's it guys, hope it will at least help, and sorry for my freak rambling parts, just expressing my pressure and fight them back.

Have a lovely days,
Zai Jian! ❤ ^^

-Jia Jia-

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