Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hi my bubble bees!

1 more days to countdown for Eid!

Since Eid is approaching, I'm pretty sure that everyone wants to appear beautiful and attractive on the celebration day!
Therefore, today I would like to share something intriguing for you hair care!

Before I started to fully be a hijaber, I can alleged that I'm always dye my hair often like once in a 4-5 months, and finally my hair is already damaged caused by that overly hair coloring, it becomes so dry and very rough (totally change my smooth hair in before that). Sighed of searching some new range products from a good brand to firm and nourish my hair once again and endeavoring for some tips that can repair and fix the damage to my hair, but no light-bulb moment at all,..I've used Dove Intensive Care shampoo at first considering the good result it gave to me for its body wash series, everything looked good during the initial week of using it..and after a month flies hair condition turn into a pumpkin..
and it looks almost to Orang Utan then..Arghhhhh tensed.

Nevermind, I'm jotting this down today.

There was this day, when the fate was determined for me to stumble on these products on someone's blog that I don't really remember (remember..remember who you are~~ Arhhhh Lion King sangat!! LOL!)..and then I'm trully fell in love...for its PACKAGING (like how someone fall in love in the first sight I can say)

From my point of view, I think the packaging is kind of girly and princessy!
Yes they do!

I'm actually a girl that simply attracted to something that looks very adorable, as for instance, this Ma Chérie logo appear in a gold coated spiral around with a royal crown on top that looks very very posh in my girly point of view!

One thing that I'm really happy with it is the smell..which is soooooooo good! It's so fruity and smelled delicious! Whenever I have a problem to find a good products for my skin, hair or body, Japanese brand always get in the way, and certainly be my life saver. My big popping heart for a Japanese brand!

If you've ever read on my previous post before, I think I've been telling you girls all the time that Shiseido is my real favorite Japanese brand, Shiseido do have a lot of subsidiaries under it, for example, Majolica Majorca is Shiseido's, Aqua Label is Shiseido's, Za is Shiseido's, BareMinerals & Nars is also Shiseido's, and there's a lot lot more of its subsidiaries that I don't even remember!

Since Shiseido is my No. 1 favorite Japanese brand, hence choosing to try their Ma Chérie wasn't under my concern at all whether the product will give me a bad outcomes. So yes it was, I'm truly satisfied with it as for real! My rough frizzy dry Orang Utan hair that went haywire like almost a year before did became so smooth and silky! I'm not lying babe! you just gotta try yourself one, seriously!

Just about 2 weeks of using it I can feel that my hair is significantly make a tremendous change, it's feels so touchable, soft, smooth and smells so nice too!
And I do feels very comfortable with my hair every time I touched it, because it feels so well-moisturized!
The moisturizing effect not only working on the hair, but on my scalp as well, in short, everything about it was just so pleasant and deserves my 4/5 stars rating!

As for your kind info, I'm using a Moisture Feel range as above.
There's two range of Ma Chérie in-bath hair care, a Moisture Feel and an Air Feel.

Below is the photo of the ingredients of both Ma Chérie shampoo & conditioner:

Honestly, the thing that make me purchase something at first is the kawaii packaging!....hey I'm a girl ok..nothing can be a more effective traction to a girls instead of appearing adorable right. At least I can say I'm a normal girl who attracted to something seems adorable, and then take a risk to try them afterwards..LOL!

I bought the 200ml one, but you can absolutely find the bigger sized one as well.

  • Comes in a kawaii adorable pink bottle packaging
  • Have a pleasant fruity smell

  • So far I'm failed to find any

And oh! There're also another products of Ma Chérie besides just only shampoo & conditioner, like hair serum and etc. You gotta check yourself to find it out later ok!

Name: Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
Made in: Japan (Under Shiseido company)
Price: RM27 each
Where to buy: Guardian Malaysia
Net weight: 200ml

Would I re-purchase again? YES

How will I rate this? ❤❤❤❤

For more information please visit  Ma Chérie Malaysia :

Thanks for your read!
See you guys on my next post and..
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin girls!!

-Jia Jia-

Friday, 25 July 2014

Referring to the head, it's not something that I would really like to talk about, I've tried to just let this slip, but this time it reached up to my limits.

I have this friend (well I think now I can say I have no feeling to be her friend anymore), who being a friend to me like almost 5 years now and recently I've discovered that all this time she always talked dirty behind my back!

We've been a friend since I was in a highschool and I can't accept that in the amidst of her nasty taking over my back (for a years!) I'm always have a good impression on her, I'm always think she is a good friend, just that we're separated to a different course (because we got an offer to study at the same place) and then we rarely see each other and so we talked less, but still, I think she is my friend. Whenever I bumped into her in campus I'm always try to smile at her thinking that "oh she's the old friend of mine" (although I saw that she was like avoiding herself to me, like pretending she wasn't see me even if I just walk passing by her), until this day that god decided to reveal everything she did and say behind me.

Let's just call her NF.
How dirty can someone be, without me knowing and when I'm always think she's a good friend, she stab my back like this? nothing can be more pain than this. I began to notice that she was avoiding me during our semester 2, although she started to talk bad about me to others since before I started to study at the same place with her. Not just one person ever told me about this, a lot of people who know me and befriend with her. At least I should say thanks to them because if you guys did't spill this out, I'd still think she was a good friend, when she's actually an ugly 2 faced cunt!

I can accept it if someone else talking behind me, if I did't really know her or she wasn't such a good and close friend to me, but to imagine that someone who have all my trust did this to me, I'm totally feels dumfounded like I'm wholly fooled by her.

There's a time when I was still in the highschool, my good friend to me just told me (let's call her FR), NF told FR that she always help me (because at that time my family went bankrupt because my my dad's tender in his company got confiscated by her own sister and at that time my dad was already resigned from being a bank manager because he want to focus on his own company and we've been through a real hard time), and she told her that I'm being such a burden to her because she always help me, excuse me "my little friend", my close friend who being my friend since I was in form 2, who always in an up and down  life with me never said that although the fact she always there with me all the time, when you're just a new comer who came and made a fuss in the school just about 2 years of coming(at that time) dare to say something like this. Just what favor just you did to me during the 2 years in highschool?? the nasty talking??? the RM10, oh no..the RM24 that you lend me??? this what made you feel burden?? instead the fact I've covered you for all aspects since in highschool, till I'm being the one who have been called to a discipline room & counselor room because of what you did, and you put the blame on me and my close friend, FR..and oh, because of your pretty face people never believe this is all was your fault and all bad things was pushed to fall on my head and my friend. But still, I forget about those and still think you're my friend.

People are so true about me being an inside and outside blinded & idiot. Though you try to break me with my close friend, I'd still never see that you such an evil friend who just want to get someone to be with you during a happy and a good times only. If this is the true nature of you, and if this is the kind of friend you are, then no thanks. I'm better without you, I don't need such an ugly personality to be my friend, who just want to step on me and to stab my back while I was still thinking you're my friend.

The only reason I saw through you that you be this ugly because you think you're pretty, hot and everybody love and like you, you easily get some friends because you know how to be 2 faced, not like me, who always give a cold gaze to people, and always have a sour face, and an ugly that no one would want to approach. At least I'm thankful to be myself, the only one who really try to know me will understand how is me, instead of being alone inside like you, because you never have a close friend, you always changing friends because you know you can make more friends, until now, just count yourself, how many times do you change your friends? after you made a problem with all your previous friends and you keep changing friends like a girl changing clothes..You try to break my relationship with my close friend and you failed, and after that you try to break the relationship of another of my friends and you did it, and during the semester 1, you talked the bad things about her after you break her friendship with her friend?? how ugly can you be, don't you feel any ashamed?? Buay pai seh! (means don't feel ashamed)

During our semester 1, you talked nasty about me to your roomate,
And now you befriend with two friends from my class that I'm sure both of them also hate me (or maybe a little dislike me)..but I don't give you a fuck if you want to befriend to just anyone even if those particular person hate me, it's your fucking life and non of my business..but to learn that you talked bad things about me once again, to seriously something you've gone to far! just what the fuck did you want with my life? I've never talked even a bit  least of a bad things behind you, just what the fuck that you don't satisfy with me? I don't get it till now!

Thank you for being my "friend" for such a years, today I feel like I don't need a friend like you anymore after this shocking discoveries, continue with your drama, I know you can make more friends in future, then feel free & happy to stab their back like you stab me can freely change your friends like the things that you don't want, you can freely throw them and have a new one, if this is the kind of your friendship is, GO DIE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! people don't play with friendship!

I befriend with people because I want to know them, I want to learn them, if I don't like their certain behaviour, I'll tell them, if they don't want to listen I'll only hate bad side of them and I'll still befriend with them without need me to talking bad about them to others, if you don't like someone, dislike the only bad behaviour they have, not to dislike them on overall and to vend their bad stories to a third parties to be seen as a superior.
Once I see someone as my friend I'll never break the friendship, even if I hate them, they're still my friend, but today I want to declare you as someone who're not listed as my friend!
You've gone way too much than I can accept! Friendship is way more important than my life, I was the idiot who is willing to sacrifice for my friends, I must admit, because over the years the person who did much for me is my friends, not my family, because my family would rather ignore parents never want to understand me..I only have my friends..that's why I said friendship is the most precious thing I can afford to have.

If this is the kind of friendship you want to play with me, just GTFO of my life now!
I don't need a scum friend like you anymore.
Thank you so much for be my friend for such a years, and thank you so much for your nasty talking behind my back, today you opened my eyes about someone near and close to you is the one that probably stabbing your back without you can even imagine.

-Jia Jia-

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Captivated? hee..

What do you think about my new blog face? ^____^
I've been so deadly in love with it! it's just so kawaii and just precisely for what I wanted!
Yayy, thanks to for a cute design! 

I had appointed the other blog designer before and it's taking way too long, cause he has a technical problem that eventually made him to cancel the design that I've booked.

Never mind, today I nailed it anyway, greatest thanks to ShedaUchu
Her service is really good, she have a good interaction to her customer, in short, she's very easy to communicate with and working along with her is easy & time-effective. Whenever I want this or that I'll tell her for what exactly I wanted and she understood very well and then work immediately with it. I think this design only took her for 4 days, and after that all was just perfectly done, and I looooooove it! 
You girls can go to her blog to ask her to do any blog designs for only RM50, yes RM50! ^____^
(*She only help me with the design, not included with domain, I've registered the domain on my own.)

About the elements that appear on this blog, all of these reflecting to who I'am and what I love the most.
The Japanese word "きれいかおとコンパスがある" on my blog head literally means "There's a compass and a pretty face" and it's pronounced as "Kirei kao to compasu ga aru", another thing on my blog header is this word "可愛い" which is a combination of Japanese kanji & hiragana which means "Cute" and pronounced as "Kawaii". If you ask me why I put "There's a compass and a pretty face" on my blog header, it's because I love makeup, makeup is a true magical wand that even better than Harry Potter's because it's like a tools that beautify every women faces. I'm crazily in love with Sakura (Cherry blossom) too, because of its pretty soft pink color and the flower is indescribably beautiful and spell-binding! (I wish to touch and see Sakura before my eyes before I die!) that's why I named my blog as (means "The Pink Sakura") and have a full of sakuras on the header! In addition, I'm majoring into tourism industry, and compass is a symbol of it, hence I put the word "compasu" which mean "compass" in Japanese (The reason why it was in Japanese because I'm a Japanese.......tettt got ya..HAHAHAHA LOL! no la I'm just a Malaysian girl who deeply falling in love with Japan). I love Japanese pop cultures the most like Harajuku, Gyaru, Neo Girl, Otaku & etc. Skulls in my blog representing my Harajuku thought, and normally Gyaru images is full with lacey and pinky kind of things, thus made me chose my blog to be sprinkled with pink color. The reason why I love these Japanese pop cultures is, they are outrageous and completely breaking the rules of fashion over the world!

And why "when a lost girl seeking for beauty with a compass in her hand"?? 
Because even tho I'm a tourism student, I'm having a short memory problem that always baffling me in finding my way even if I was just passing by through the street that I usually walk through. For that reason, this is a combination of a lost girl + who love makeup + and a tourism student's blog.

I got the inspiration to have this design from my fave blogger idol, a famous blogger from Indo known as Stella Lee, (Thanks to her because she became my inspiration!) I love her writing skill, her blog and anything about her, she's so damn cute too! Head on to her blog at to know her & to read her blog! ^____^

Anyway guys! Raya is I'm gonna make haul of my recent shopping from Pinky Bears! I'm motivated to make this haul because who knows if there's still a girls outside there who still finding the beautiful & charming accessories to be worn during the special Hari Raya here you go, who knows it might contribute to some ideas!

This is such a first huge shopping for accessories that I made I guess...hehe

Let's see what exactly I have bought and how it's looks like!

Butterfly always seems so special to me, with the lace & little chain thingy very describing the merger of goth, fantasy & vintage/retro all together..immensely mystery & elegant in the same time.

 This one just slightly looks almost the same as the former one, just that this one exhibit the "Dark Princess" nature with the "V" cut on above, and the ring is a little different from the former wristlet.

If the previous lacey wristlet looks like a Dark Princess's, this lacey chained choker have no different then, I'd like to say it was such a pair of lacey wristlet & lacey chained choker that belong to a Dark Princess (smitten with too much fantasy game, excuse me please Hahahaha!) 

 If you don't really prefer the goth and mystery but vintage looks, you can possess this, to be infused in your girly & lovely collection. The coupled of white pearls and baby pink ribbon tied around the gold colored chain is just very captivating!

 Hands up for a punky Harajuku kind of style! I love this spiky metal wrist circlet, like what I have already mentioned, I'm a Harajuku fan! ^____^
Instead of appearing as a metal, it's still so light in weight and you will never feel like wearing it as a metal!

 Another vintage toy, I love the vintage style because when I was still a little girl I'm always play an online warrior game called Jin Online! all the materials, tools & equipments that all the warriors use and wear in the game looks so vintage, thus giving me the player a vibe of a warriors legacy! Forever loving this kind of style, the red ruby-like gemstone in the center seems so beautiful! ^____^

 Another Harajuku-like mix of colors bracelet that I love to use the most! If you think this is a little bit creepy, hahaha it's looks like a candy to me instead, a cute colorful skull candy indeed! 

Since I'm an obsessed fan of Anime series called "One Piece", anchor things like this ear cuff does relieved the craziness of my excessive fan loving act! (oh the chain looks so stylish too!) Hahaha...anyway "One Piece" is an Anime that tells a story about the pirate era!

Ever watched an evil queen in the movies? I'm so electrified by their rings! They're not wearing a ring that can fit to the finger, it's a nail ring, and only can be worn to the nail level! How cool is that???
I love this gold colored nail ring and the love shape hole in the center looks brilliant!

I have spent RM120 for all of these accessories above, thus Pinky Bears is being generous by giving me these 3 extra free gifts. Thanks Pinky Bears, Ureshii! ^____^
(Ureshii = I'm happy/happy in Japanese)

I'm so pumped up to have all of these into my accessories collection!
It's because I'm rarely find a website that offer such a kawaii accessories like this besides Pinky Bears! ^____^
(Please excuse my ugly fingers girls, I know my fingers looks like a crap because I have a big middle bone HAHAHA!)

What you waiting for girls? Go get them now!

Price range: Below RM20 each @ RM120 in total
Where to buy:

See you guys on my next post, and Happy Eid to all who celebrate it! 

-Jia Jia-

Hey girls!

About a couple of month ago, I've joined a Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense giveaway (well..whenever a giveaway hosted on any beauty blogger's blog, my face always stick in front out of the line first like, hey I'm gonna join this first! HAHA), this giveaway (called Lab Rat's giveaway, to find a person who can test out the product given to them in a specific period) was hosted on featuring Kiehl's Malaysia, and instead of being the winner, I just have received a fun sized sample to be tried (Yes they still sent out the 100pcs of sample sized tube for those who're not winning the giveaway), and I think that's great enough to give a golden opportunity to me who haven't tried any Kiehl's product before.

Kiehl's has been established for such a long time ago (about 160 years ago) since 1851, if you want to know about their brand development history then go ahead and read all about them here. ^____^

Protecting your skin is just like putting on a clothes, you wear the underwear & socks first before you putting on the other layers of dresses, shoes & do the skin protection, before you go out you need to at least wear some UV protection, especially before you apply some makeup (if you do). Long term sun exposure will faster the aging process in response to the dry skin & sun burn. I think it's unnecessary for me to brief you more about the effects of long term sun exposure, because I'm pretty sure everybody knows well about it.

This is the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense in a full size of 30ml

And this is the fun sized that I've got.

It comes in an adequate amount for a week period. (Just very appropriate to be a tester) ^____^
(I'm currently using Bioré UV Bright Face Milk, so this is a good chance for me to try the others)

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF PA+++ UVA contains 4 predominant ingredients that gives the prowess of it.
Glycerin that react to moisturize the skin, Tocopherol, a scientific name for Vitamin E, and I'm pretty sure everyone know the goodness of Vitamin E usage on skin, and photostable sun filters Mexoryl SX & Mexoryl XL. These ingredients are very important in protecting our skin against UVA and UVB rays, and thus suppress further aging.

who does not want a sunscreen that moisturize, slowing the aging process and in the same time protects you against the harmful sun rays?

The texture when blended on hand.

One thing about it that I should praise is the smell. It doesn't have that strong annoying sun screen scent that
usually most of the UV protector cream have. The cream is also very lightweight, easy to blend and not oily (thus making it perfect to be used under your makeup).
Some UV protector has that apparent white-cast formula that makes you looks nearly like a ghost either in photo or in sight. Bwueeeh I hate that... >____<
Luckily this one fit my preferences of UV protector! 

“You are inviting the signs of aging sooner than you have to and throwing your money away on cosmetic procedures if you neglect to use sunscreen,” said Dr. Adam Geyer, New York dermatologist and Kiehl’s consulting medical expert.

Walk under the sun and play with it, because you know you're ready! 

Name: Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF PA+++ UVA
Price: RM 140 @ $42.90
Where to buy: Kiehl's Store @
Net Weight : 30ml

For more info please visit:

Kiehl's Dermatologist Solution Malaysia

See you next time on my next post! 

-Jia Jia-

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Do you think that wearing a makeup is FAKE? If you ask me, my say is NO.
However, cakey makeup IS

Not a very long time ago, I've found out about this greatest "HG" makeup from a beauty video by Melodee, she's a Japanese and a FCI (FujiTV NY) Director & Reporter, Ballet Dancer and YouTube Artist. I love all her videos! ^____^
Check her out when you have a time!

She do recommended this stuff in one of her video that I ever watched (but not remember which one because she always upload a new videos up), hence I decided to go for it.
Wanna see how MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother work in creating a canvas-like skin? (yepp! I'm talking about a cakey makeup, ewww~ no more bad makeup days!-you better say bye now)

I've been using this nearly a year now, and this is the only stuff that can make the foundation and makeup go smooth on your face, that I swear by! I'm so glad that I have discovered about this, so that I'm gonna make a share about it today!

Let me bring you through a fleeting fantasy a moment, try to imagine you're with him under the beam of moonlight (romantically), then he was just about to reach out to you to give you a good night kiss..unfortunately when he realizes your uneven & cakey makeup it was like .. teettttt! TURNED OFF..and I know no one would want it.

The texture was just like a petroleum jelly, but comparatively lightweight on skin compared to petroleum jelly. Frankly, it does looks like a face powder in the first sight, but hey! NO IT'S NOT when you touch it. It is working by smoothing the skin surface as a base like a lubricants that assist the makeup to glides smoothly over the skin, so that the application of makeup will go seamlessly flawless, when I say flawless, I do mean the perfect makeup that certainly everyone dreams for.

I can say that if you apply it on your hands it'll not showing on the camera, because it's just a very colorless base visage, it's slightly greasy (but in the good way) because it's functioning in smoothing the skin surface, thus it can't be declared as oily. In the nut shell, it's just very pleasant to be used.

The rear view

This is close-up of it.


Before Makeup (As a base)

Creating a smooth base: Apply an adequate amount on clean skin, before applying a makeup using a clean triangle shape makeup sponge (that you can easily get from any drug store or cosmetic shop), after that you can start applying the liquid foundation using a foundation brush, and then set the powder on.

After Makeup (Retouch)

Fix uneven makeup caused by sweating: Take a clean triangle shape makeup sponge and apply the MAC skin smoother by using the sponge over the messy & uneven makeup to remove the cakey-ness and to create a smooth base again. Then go ahead and just apply your face powder on using a stippling brush.

So far, I have yet to find a very impressive product like this before, I mean, even on your bad days you can still come up with an evenly pretty makeup, with no spread that stuck in between your pores and acne indentations that visible as a blemishes on face. Well, can expect more from MAC!


  • Came from a renowned brand
  • Sleek & compact packaging to be brought around in your handbag
  • Easy to use & works well in creating a perfect base for makeup application

  • The smell, it does smells slightly like a stale milk

Name: M.A.C Prep + Prime Skin Smoother
Price: RM 150 @ $47.30
Where to buy: M.A.C Store (
Net Weight : 10g/0.35 US oz

See you guys on my next post! 

-Jia Jia-

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