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Bag Of Love May/June Edition

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Hi my pumpkin cake!

It's now 2 weeks of Ramadhan! and yes I was excited for Eid already!!! *Konon kan~ Haha

Haizz..not to mention the life in Pasir Gudang bring me to a dead body because it was super hot here, fatiguing, plus with the full time everyday classes with no time off more than 1 hour..aiyahh

Anyway girls, I have something to share with you girls today, I have subscribed to a previous May/June Bag Of Love! Yayy yayy! of course I'm going to review it with you girls now! (though it's July now, no matter! hahahaha) =P

What's about it for this month yeah?

This time Bag Of Love really made me surprised with the surprise that I should't be surprised! HAHAHAHA
Because I never imagined that this time the Bag Of Love will be this fun sized and cute like this:


If you look at it carefully, you will see that it's only a bit bigger than my palm size (Yes it should have been bigger than this! LOL!),
and I considered is as small, because the previous Bag Of Love that I had was a bit bigger!
But I'm still so happy once I opened the bag! ^_^

Shall we see what's inside? 

This is all the stuff that came inside the bag!
I will bring you girls to a details below, so please read till the end of this entry alrighttt~~~ 

As you girls know, Bag of Love only giving a sample sized products, I think that they aiming to introduce us girls to the latest beauty products which are now in a market!

With only as low as RM39.90, you can try a variety of beauty products which are considered expensive and prestigious all together in just one bag! Thus, indirectly you can recognize and given the opportunity to try a products from a luxury brand that you may not have ever tried before. Below is the details of the products that I got for this May/June edition of Bag Of Love! ^_^

1. Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence, 30ml for RM139

I've been a fan of HA-based products in such a long time now, it's just because I have a super super super dry skin!
I hate my dry skin, the only option to get rid of this roughy and tauty feeling on my skin is to use something sticky, or I better say something like HA, because HA was sticky and amazingly moisturized my skin very well till the deep down surface! Every time after I used something with HA, my skin is well moisturized even after 2 days skipping it! No doubt about it being my life saver!

And if you ask me, yes, this HA Hydrating Essence from Neogence is sticky looks like a glue, and even stickier than my fave Hada Labo Super HA Moisturizing Lotion! It's an essence, in the eyes I can tell that the concentration of HA used in this products is more than my Hada Labo one! ^_^

How to use: After toner, you can apply it on your face & neck alone (by tapping it on around), or apply it with a moisturizer afterwards.

2. Wella Professionals Repair Shampoo, 250ml for RM55 & Repair Mask, 250ml for RM58

Wella in the house again!
Wella is an infamous saloon brand for hair care, however on my part I'm not gonna say that it's not a great hair care brand,
Just that I've found that Wella just don't fix my hair problem, it's a bit harsh for my hair, I think that was because of my sensitive hair, not the brand.
This is their Repair Shampoo & Repair Hair Mask.

3. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDP Couture, 50ml for RM356

Guerlain anyone girls?
I've never thought of this coming in the bag this time!
This Guerlain La petite robe noire couture perfume have a mingled scents of fresh flowers and sweetness of its own elements, what I can say is,
the smell is amazing!
Thanks Bag Of Love! ^_^

4. Definite Eye Smudger Brush, RM69

Incidentally, I would like to gather more makeup brushes, thus giving this time a great joy for me! 

What can I say is, I have a lot of eye blender brush, but a very few eye smudger brush , hence, I hope I can collect more makeup brushes especially eye brushes to be counted into my mini makeup brush collection.
This Definite eye smudger brush is quite dense, and capable of providing the Smoky effect that you want when you fading out your eyeshadow in a rotation motion.

5. Novexpert The Repulp Mask, 50ml for RM149

Well, a new arrival that I had never experienced, or even try. My heart fluttered in excitement as if I'm sailing to hunt for the treasures in the deep ocean floor .. that's how it feels like..
This mask meet the needs of all skin types, and it is believed to give an essential protection for stressed skin, subject to cold, sun, pollution, dryness and etc.
In essence, if you want a Baby-Soft skin in 10 minutes, then try this mask!

How to use: Apply to the well cleansed face and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off.

6. Derma Master Gold Eye Mask, RM30 per Sheet

This eye mask is claimed to have a nutritious elements. It can hydrate quickly, flatten delicate skin around the eyes, accelerate metabolism and smoothening the skin around they eyes, make skin elastic again, diminish ederma, black eyes (can I say panda eyes? HAHAH) and lines around the eyes effectively, leaving your eyes sparkling. And oh!, this is seems to be from a Korean brand! ^3^

How to use: You just need to apply this right under your eyes area and chill for 15 minutes, then remove it.

But why it looks like tamago??? (tamago=egg in Japanese) it's only lure me to a hunger especially during this fasting month! matter, I'll use it this looks so nutritious too of course! (for my thirsty eyes ok!)

7. Givenchy Clean It All Make-Off Emulsion, 200ml for RM137 

This is the product that I vaguely acknowledge, Givenchy is known for their palatial products, either a makeup or a skin care line, this product is an impeccable of cleansing..especially to remove an excess makeup on face... because I have an extremely sensitive skin, I'm worried to try any makeup cleanser because I may experience some rashes...but I must admit..this product is perfect for makeup cleansing and gentle towards skin..not only the makeup but this product can also remove the excessive oil that can clog your pores up!

How to use: Massage over face with gentle, circular motion and remove excess product with cotton or rinse with water.

Some of the vouchers included:

I got Derma Master voucher for their Korean Bio Aqua Peel worth RM360 and the Plincco RM20 cash voucher to spend when I shop from them or their brand partners!
Yeayy, Thanks to Bag Of Love for all of these! ^_^ 

Do you wish to have all of these kind of famous products too next time?
Then subscribe today! ^,~ 

See you next time on my next post!

-Jia Jia-

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