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Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make-Up Brush Set Review

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Hello dear vanilla chocolate strawberry almond yam ice creams fellow!

Owh, it's too hot ya today that I feels like want to eat all the ice creams that exist in this world! hehe

A few months ago, I've joined a giveaway hosted on this blog that belong to my dear butterfly friend featuring Natta Cosme..........and yayyy! I have won! haha (I should update about this in a long time ago actually but being busy is very annoying, so I have to leave this post stored in my draft quite long in matter, today I'll write about it..haha)

The host of this giveaway is writer is both the sisters, Liyana & Syafiqah, and yes they're both are pretty =)

I've won this Cerro Qreen makeup brushes and they're so damn cute, and I love it!!

Looking at those kawaii chibi (kawaii= cute/chibi= small in Japanese) toy sized make me realizes that this makeup brush is convenient to be brought around when you go out, it's very travel-friendly!

All these babies coming in a case provided.

I love the print of "Cerro Qreen" on the pouch!
The floral button also looks so feminine and sleek!

They came in 7 types of small and different brush..

There are 1 pcs of powder/blush brush, 3 pcs different sizes of eye blender brush, 1 pcs of eye smudger sponge, 1 pcs of lip brush, and 1 pcs of eyebrow setter.

The powder/blush bristles is quite dense and did its job perfectly, despite of its affordable price.
Every time I set my powder with it the smooth looks that I want is achieved, so I think it's not bad at all 
and I've been really liking it!
Sometimes, when buying the makeup brush you need to look at several aspects to ensure that the brush you will have is capable in giving you the perfect touch. The first thing was their bristles, find the soft and dense one for a smooth application, and the second thing that I like about this brush is the metal connector which is long enough to hold the handle & the bristles together from falling apart. The quality is not bad and I like it!

This is the trio-gang of the eye blender brush, from the big onee-chan to the smaller imouto-chan (onee-chan= big sister/imouto-chan= little sister in Japanese) Hehehe
They're also dense and did a great job for the eyes part! 

These 3 are the lip brush, eye smudger sponge and the brow setter.
I did't really use the eye smudger sponge, but if you want to create a sexy smokey eye, it's advisable to use it! 

The lip brush is perfect if you want to blend the lipstick to make it looks neat and pretty, and to avoid smudgy application especially if your lipstick point is in round surface.
The brow setter is to use to set your brow to make them appear more neatly. Eyebrow setting is very important in promoting your face frame.

So far I'm really happy with the gift, thanks to them for giving me this! 

Name: Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set (Black/7pcs)
Price: RM29.52
Place to buy:
*comes in pink, purple, black & blue color
If you interested with this brushes, then head on to Natta Cosme's website below. There're more beauty stuff waiting for you too!

And if you want to know more about skincare, beauty and cosmetics, check my friend's blog out, you'll find more vast view about beauty on their blog!

See you guys on my next post!
❤❤ XOXO ❤❤

-Jia Jia-

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