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Fashion Culture Box June Edition: Colors Of The World (Harajuku Girls X Kpop Mania Box)

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Hey my chocolate pie guuurlss!!!

Oh how long have I been away? I think it's more than 2 weeks! (I must punish myself for leaving my blog all covered in the dust!) *coughing
I'm pretty busy with new semester because the assignments keep coming in loaded and loaded..though the studies was just started about 3 weeks ago!

At last..I couldn't even have a nap on evening..aishhh this student life, nonetheless must bear it because I'm now already in semester 5 (uh-hum, a senior =P ) and I have one more sem to go, sem 6!

Alright girls, frankly speaking I never really subscribe to any Fashion Culture box before, though I saw a lot of my blogger friends already laid their hands out on one for every month edition, but I never really thought to subscribe because I think that I can buy each of those accessories at my fave shop anytime I want, so that I can only own the only stuff I want, instead of giving them a chance for making me having some of the extra accessories that I did't need in the box.

However, the last month edition gave me an urge to own them, just because of their themes, the last month's theme is "Colors Of The World" and there's a three box offered for us to choose from, Viva La Brasil, Harajuku Girls, and Kpop Mania!

Well because now everyone was hit by the Fifa 2014 wave at Brazil, so that's why the "Viva La Brasil" box were there I guess..but I was tempted to own the "Harajuku Girls" and "Kpop Mania" one, because I love Harajuku, and I'm amazed by the Kpop fashion (though I'm not a Kpop fanatic) I decided to own both of these..and shall we look at what I got?

Because they did't put any label to differentiate which one is Kpop, which one is Harajuku, so I differentiate them using my own fashion instinct (oh yeah) and fashion sense..ehehehe
Since the Kpop & Harajuku fashion sometimes blended was hard to guess....sometimes Kpop fashion looks like Harajuku and vice-versa...
Kpop and Harajuku fashion is defined in many terms, kawaii, punk, goth, kei, elegant, and etc. I better say, Kpop fashion is more to cute and innocent look, sometimes a bit punky rock...while Harajuku is more to colorful and a mix of a freak but cute fashion..with a load load of accessories.

So should I say , the first box is Harajuku, and the second is Kpop? looks like so, and maybe the first box is Kpop, and the second goes to Harajuku...however..because Fashion Culture said that this time, the Harajuku fashion they invented is the lolita and kawaii it must be in pinky colors and full with lacey stuff. So I better say, the first box is Kpop Mania, and the second is Harajuku Girls.

Let's see what's inside!

I love the triple set of the rings, it's actually really resembles to a Harajuku fashion,..but seems like Fashion Culture put them in Kpop Mania's box..So maybe a fashion bender I guess? sometimes both Harajuku & Kpop doesn't really differ, they borrow each others fashion to be exact. The fashion style and accent resembles each others...and holy CAP..I love that "Trukfit" cap! if it's comes with some spiky studs, I'll probably scream in excitement =D

Pop my heart once I see all of these pinky stuff came inside the Harajuku Girls box! I really love the lacey bow hair pin(I can use it with my Hijab to make a kawaii style ^_^) , and also the ring with the chain, it's so exotic, and kawaii in the same time!!...the accessories that came inside the box is more to a Kawaii Lolita fashion, rather than a color mix Harajuku kind.

You girls can also have more exquisite accessories and jewelries from Fashion Culture box by subscribing to them every month for RM58/box, they offer a really really cute and unique accessories for every month editions, with a different themes. I regret for not subscribing to their box earlier.

Don't forget to check them out girls! Their box are usually running out very fast, so you better hurry, now it's already in July, so let's see what they got for ya in this month boxes, shall us girls? ^,~
If I wasn't mistaken, this month's edition featuring a music themes, which is "Inspired By Music", and they also give you 3 boxes under the theme to choose from! Hurry go grab yours! ^_^

Thanks for dropping by,
Bye Bye,

-Jia Jia-

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